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2007-02-02 Fluid heating tech rolls for windshield washers
TT electronics IRC WAFT is providing vehicle design engineers with an instant heating technology for automotive and transportation windshield washer applications.
2004-10-29 New substrate provides 'instant on' heat for auto apps
TT Electronics developed a tubular aluminum substrate resistive technology that delivers tightly controlled instant on heat with greater than 95 percent efficiency.
2008-01-25 LED assembly cuts power draw in medical equipment
DDP has developed a low-profile LED light source that provides task lighting in a surgical fluid and blanket warmer designed to keep these materials at a consistent temperature
2013-09-03 Nordson EFD debuts exchangeable dispensing valve
The PICO xMOD valve system can produce deposits as small as 2nano liters with exceptional deposit accuracy and superior process control.
2007-09-16 High-power video projection with liquid-cooled HB LEDs
High-power/brightness LEDs are an increasingly attractive solution for projection applications due to their enhanced color range, high performance over the life of the end product and lower cost of ownership than current arc lamp technology.
2013-07-24 Dispense pump tweaked for easy jetting
The NCM5000 pump from GPD Global uses a reliable, high-speed pneumatic solenoid to drive the jetting action and boasts a continuous frequency of up to 300Hz.
2011-09-06 Custom LCD, LED cut costs, boost performance
Recent technological advancements in optoelectronics have radically redefined industry notions about the inherent benefits and drawbacks of custom versus standard technologies.
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