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2012-09-03 China LED market to gain from subsidy policies
According to LEDinside, the winning bidders' product cost and price are much lower than those of the last bidding process, which indicates Chinese LED lighting products are improving.
2008-01-10 Can TI regain baseband dominance?
Going into 2008, the big question is whether TI can regain lost momentum in baseband chips or whether it will continue to decline.
2003-05-02 C&D inductors handle 8.1A of current
C&D Technologies (NCL) Ltd has introduced two series of surface-mount inductors that offer current ratings up to 8.1A.
2009-04-30 Board-to-board connector flaunts ultraslim form
AVX Corp. has launched the 5802 series, claimed to be the smallest 0.4mm pitch board-to-board connector series featuring an ultraslim form factor of 0.8mm stacking height and 3.2mm width, including tails.
2003-05-28 BivarOpto LEDs have high current drive capabilities
BivarOpto has released the Solaris SM series of surface-mount LEDs that is suitable for use in automotive and outdoor display apps.
2004-01-27 BivarOpto LED lamp features multiple lens design
BivarOpto has introduced its Inifinite 1 LED lamp that features an all-in-one LED-based lighting alternative for incandescent spot and flood lamps.
2003-05-20 BivarOpto announces ultraviolet LED product groups
BivarOpto has introduced a line of ultraviolet LED devices for applications requiring narrower bandwidth performance.
2014-07-15 Big-name firms reign over their channel processes
Last year has witnessed several high-tech companies adopt a robust revenue management solution, triggered by a number of factors including a need for visibility and to keep pace with fierce competition.
2013-08-13 Benefits of integrated signal, power isolation
Know how integrated signal and power isolation provides robust and compact measurement and control.
2002-03-19 Beijing Flight BoDe to expand investments in magnetics
Beijing Flight BoDe Electronic Component Co. Ltd aims to become the sole manufacturer of amorphous and microcrystalline ferrite and metallic magnetic powder core in mainland China.
2006-11-23 Avago intros 'smallest' 0.5W high-brightness LEDs
Avago has introduced a series of half-watt (0.5W), high-brightness red-orange and amber LEDs in an automotive-industry-standard PLCC-4 SMT package.
2005-12-20 Auto LED touts high brightness, rugged design
Osram Opto Semiconductors launched the newest addition to its Golden DRAGON family of LEDs specifically for automotive daytime running lights.
2007-08-14 Audi cars 'first' to use LED headlights
Audi has received a special permission from the E.U. traffic administration to deploy pure LED lights in production cars, making it the first carmaker to use LED headlights.
2002-09-18 Assemblon component mounter features 9?m accuracy
The D-9, a new flip chip placement system from Assemblon BV, provides a placement throughput of 2,700 flip-chips per hour with 9?m at 3 sigma.
2014-04-24 Applications of hall-effect rotary-position sensors
Hall-effect rotary-position sensors are designed to measure the angle position of a moving element by utilising a magnetic field instead of mechanical brushes or dials.
2010-07-30 Analysis: a rebuttal of Micron's paper on phase-change memory
Former editor-in-chief of Electronic Engineering Ronald Neale questions the views of Micron's Greg Atwood on phase-change memory.
2010-01-13 An EDA company's take on 2010 growth sectors
P.V. Srinivas at Mentor Graphics takes you for a spin of crystal ball gazing, predicting growth sectors for 2010 and processes that will feed enabling technologies into electronics products.
2012-10-05 Altera moves from Cu to optical backplanes
Improving the I/O bandwidth to support 28Gb/s backplane links and a new DSP architecture that focuses on the bandwidth are key elements of the 20nm products that Altera will launch next year.
2008-11-17 Aim for compact, high-efficiency AC/DC supplies
Like most electronics systems, power supplies continue to get smaller. These systems leave room for added functions and processing power and the supply fits existing physical formats to avoid the cost of redesign.
2006-07-31 AC process streamlines Pb-free flip-chip assembly
Henkel's NCP materials provide an alternative to traditional, mechanical soldering by bonding bumps to the substrate through a Pb-free compatible thermal compression process.
2009-05-27 A peek inside Microsoft's BlueTrack mouse
The latest mouse from Microsoft Corp. offers a window on new techniques in pointing and the durability of the device as one of the primary user-interface technologies.
2014-09-16 3D printing machine manufactures solid wood products
4 AXYZ developed a technology to bring forth the first 3D printing machine that would allow production of things such as doors, windows, chair components and even cabinets.
2013-06-12 3D Hall sensor offers precision position measurement
A new generation of Hall sensors is making the process of measuring the position of machine parts and products even more precise and free of interference.
2009-05-18 1W compact WLED offers low thermal resistance
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. added to its Little Star family a new, automotive-qualified 1W white LED (WLED) that combines high brightness with a compact package outline. The Little Star VLMW711U2U3XV offers a low thermal resistance and high luminous intensity for a wide range of applications.
2015-04-15 16bit magnetic sensor enables complex 3D sensor systems
The 30mm MLX90393 programmable magnetic sensor provides a platform for testing human machine interfaces and enables complex 3D sensing systems in joysticks or rotary knobs.
2013-04-24 129lm/W chip-on-board LED package unveiled
The LC013/26/40B series from Samsung features a compact light emitting surface (LES) aimed at high performance indoor and outdoor lighting, and ideally suited for spotlight applications.
2006-03-01 'Special' lens reduces cost of LEDs
Vishay's new red LEDs feature one of the world's brightest AllnGaP on GaAs technologies, and are constructed with a special oval lens that reduces the number and cost of LEDs required in automotive and other lighting applications.
2009-05-07 'First' red-green-blue-white multichip LED debuts
Cree Inc. has expanded its high-power color LED product offerings with what it claims is the first multichip MC-E LED with red, green, blue and white chipsall in a single package.
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