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2002-02-28 Bivar UV LED boasts 500mcd luminous intensity
The UV LED series devices are claimed to be industry's first LEDs to offer a luminous intensity of 500mcd at 20mA and a stable wavelength of 400nm (typ.).
1998-10-01 Avoiding solder-ball formation
Solder balls occur in both wave and reflow soldering and can also occur if great care is not taken during hand soldering.
2002-05-09 Asymtek receives patents for co-axial air dispensing technique
Asymtek, a supplier of automated fluid dispensing systems, has received patents for the co-axial air process technique featured in its Century Selective Flux dispensing system.
2012-03-06 White LEDs boast brightness of 33,500mcd
Featuring luminous flux from 67.2-113.6lm, the 1W Little Star LEDs from Vishay are designed for a high current drive of up to 350mA.
2008-07-10 White LED achieves 90 lumens at 250mA
Toshiba America Electronic Components has developed the TL12W02-D, a high power, high brightness white LED that can provide a typical flux of 90 lumens when driven at only 250mA.
2015-09-01 Toshiba uncloaks high-power white LEDs
The company said the 4A5B type devices achieve a high luminous flux of 140lm (min) compared to the 130lm (min) of conventional general products of the TL1L4 series.
2013-12-10 Remote phosphor from Intematix targets LED lighting
The ChromaLit Linear is a remote phosphor offering uniform luminance over any length, high flux density and a sleek, white off-state finish.
2010-03-12 Opinion: How to survive mobile systems stampede
A flux of new mobile systems is thundering on the horizon. Two words of advice for system makers who want to survive itthink different.
2010-11-09 New wipe turns stencil "fluxophobic"
DEK's Nano-Pro Tek stencil surface wipe separates flux from apertures
2005-10-14 New LEDs from Dominant Semi
Dominant Semiconductors unveiled its Nova-1 Watt LED series that is designed for high current drive with a super high flux output. Housed in a compact package outline of 6-by-6-by-1.5mm, the members of the Nova-1 Watt series, with a 40 and 120 viewing angle, come with the option of accompanying LED lens.
2002-04-19 Lumileds white LED generates 120lm
Lumileds Lighting LLC has released the Luxeon 5W white LED that provides an output of up to 120lmfour times the luminous flux of the company's previous products, and up to 60 times the output of competing devices.
2010-02-17 LEDs make high-reliability alternatives to light bulbs
Toshiba Electronics Europe has introduced miniature high-power white LEDs with typical luminous flux up to 100 lumens as solid-state alternatives for wide variety of general lighting applications.
2005-04-27 LED lights up high intensity apps
The new 3W power LED from American Bright Optoelectronics features high flux density and high lumen output.
2003-01-17 Japan's chip conundrum takes downsizing pill
Japan's semiconductor industry is entering the new year with a state of flux in when almost every company is either approaching others or is being approached itself.
2004-06-24 Hui Yuan LEDs offer 10cd luminosity
Hui Yuan released its super-flux LEDs that feature luminous intensities ranging from 3cd to 10cd.
2008-09-01 FPGAs qualify for cars, low-power apps
With the entire semiconductor industry in a state of flux and established markets offering little growth, programmable logic (PL) suppliers are exploring new opportunities. One of the promising markets that FPGA and CPLD vendors have been looking into is the automotive sector.
2011-08-12 Forward converter includes active clamp reset
The LTC3765 and LTC3766 synchronous forward converter chipset from Linear Technology comes with active clamp reset and Direct Flux Limit.
2005-09-06 Cree raises bar on white LED brightness
Semiconductor supplier Cree Inc. has announced that its white XLamp 7090 Power LED under development demonstrated maximum luminous flux of 86 lumens and 70 lumens per watt at 350 milliamps.
2001-05-01 Cleaning up the flip-chip production act
Experiments carried out at Dexter Electronic Materials show that cleaning is beneficial even with no-clean flux and that compatibility of materials and cleaning agents is important.
2002-11-28 Bivar UV LED lasts 20,000h
BivarOpto has introduced an extended-life UV LED that provides a radiant flux of 12mW per chip at a typical wavelength of 400nm.
2009-07-03 3W LEDs light up solid-state apps
Miniature high-brightness LEDs can be driven to 700mA for high flux output performance.
2006-05-31 Yamato unveils N2 reflow oven for 200-300mm wafers
Yamato Works rolled out a nitrogen relfow oven for solder bump forming for 200-300mm wafers.
2013-10-04 Xicanto unveils low cost LM-79 test program for LEDs
The new LM-79 test service lowers testing costs by 50 per cent per luminaire, and reduces testing turn-around time to just 5 business days.
2005-06-01 Wide-input voltage SEPIC drives high-power white LEDs
What are the advantages white LEDs have over more conventional lighting?
2006-04-17 White-LED chips lit for efficiency race
Nichia has developed a white-LED chip with 100lumen/watt efficiency, with volume production expected this year.
2008-12-19 White LEDs with InGaN/TAG suit automotive apps
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has launched what it claims to be the first series of high-intensity white power SMD LEDs in the CLCC-2 flat ceramic package to offer InGaN/TAG on sapphire technology.
2007-03-09 White LEDs tout higher light-delivery efficiency
Since the GaN substrates and light-emitting layer in Panasonic's high-power white LEDs have the same refractive index, its light delivery efficiency is over 1.5 times that of conventional sapphire-based LED element.
2010-02-09 White LEDs provide 300K/W thermal resistance
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has developed power surface-mount white LEDs optimized to provide very low thermal resistance down to 300K/W and power dissipation up to 200mW.
2008-09-29 White LEDs enable optimum optical power
Vishay Intertechnology has released what it claimed as the industry's first high-intensity white power SMD LEDs in CLCC-6 and CLCC-6 flat ceramic packages to offer InGaN/TAG on sapphire technology for high optical power from 2,240mcd to 5,600mcd.
2008-07-28 White LEDs come in CLCC-2 flat ceramic package
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. claims the industry's first series of high-intensity white power SMD LEDs in the CLCC-2 flat ceramic package.
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