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2005-11-29 Low-profile connector from AVX targets portable electronics
AVX has developed a low-profile, board-to-board connector designed specifically for miniature and handheld portable equipment. Designated the 5805 series, the connector offers a 0.4mm pitch and a 1mm stacking height.
2007-12-05 Lit-up power-rated switches target industrial apps
Several families of power-rated illuminated switches for industrial applications have been launched by NKK Switches Inc.
2006-06-02 Lighting device offers high performance, long life
Dominant Semiconductors' RGB SPNovaLED offers high-performance lighting and a long lifetime.
2007-01-01 LEDs offer high intensity, power efficiency
Lumex has expanded its high-power LED portfolio with three surface-mount packages and 34 product variants that combine high levels of illumination with low power consumption.
2009-04-24 LEDs boast 90lm/W luminous efficacy
Osram Opto Semiconductors has released the Advanced Power TopLED Plus optimized LED designed particularly for architectural and sales lighting.
2011-10-25 LED sol'n reduces lighting system cost, complexity
Bridgelux has announced the release of its newest LED solution, the Bridgelux Micro SM4, which aims to address the demands for 20C40 watt replacement lamp market.
2007-11-29 LED shines 70% brighter than previous parts
Cree Inc. announced commercial availability of green XLamp XR-E LEDs that are 70 percent brighter than the company's previous green power LEDs.
2007-05-14 LED package delivers high luminance, wide viewing angle
TT electronics Optek Technology has developed a full color SMT LED package that offers high luminance, a long operating lifespan and wide viewing angle.
2011-05-31 LED modules touted as fluorescent replacements
Vishay has released its three cool white LED modules assembled with 6 or 12 high-bright LEDs for commercial, industrial, automotive and residential lightning applications.
2008-06-05 LED modules earmark exceptional thermal performance, color options
Optek Technology offers a complete series of 1W single-LED assemblies on metal-core PCBs
2009-12-21 LED lighting brightens the holidays
The holiday season is turning into the coming-out party for the use of LEDs for general illumination, paving the way for double-digit sales growth in 2009 and a near doubling in market revenue by 2013.
2014-08-29 LED light engine pumps 100 lumens per watt
The device from Seoul Semiconductor features Acrich3 IC technology that, when operated in power compensation mode, can adapt to variations in the line-voltage.
2009-03-25 LED design goes interactive
Cree Inc. launched the Product Characterization Tool (PCT), an interactive LED design tool that simplifies the task of translating nominal LED performance to real-world conditions.
2011-05-18 LED concept gives off 'Brilliant-Mix' warm light
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors unveils their 'Brilliant Mix' concept that offer warm white light with high luminous efficacy (110lm/W) and CRI of more than 90.
2009-05-19 LED backlighting strips promise high intensity, reliability
TT electronics Optek Technology has developed a new family of visible LED backlighting strips that offer high intensity, reliable and cost-effective backlighting solution.
2010-12-17 Laser etches finer lines for smaller ICs
An intense 13.5nm extreme UV light source that can etch finer features reduces semiconductor feature size by an order of magnitude, according to researchers from Purdue University who have developed the laser.
2013-03-08 Laird's PowerCycler features ultrafast thermal cycling
The Laird PowerCycler is capable of producing upto a 25C per second temperature ramp in a 50?L sample, which is five times faster than standard cyclers.
2004-02-02 Labsphere module combines radiometer, spectrograph
Labsphere has developed the OmniLED measurement system that combines a radiometer, spectrograph, and a selection of optical heads to offer fast, repeatable, NIST-traceable LED measurement.
2014-04-21 KAIST Wi-Power system transfers energy over a 5m range
The Dipole Coil Resonance System has two magnetic dipole coils, one induces a magnetic field and another receives electric power. It has a low Q factor of 100 and operates at a frequency of 100kHz.
2007-11-12 iSuppli: Backlights drive LED market leap
The backlighting of small-screen LCD displays and of keypads in mobile devices remains the single largest application market for LEDs, and will account for more than 25 percent of total LED market revenue in 2007.
2002-05-06 IR ships active clamp reset MOSFETs
International Rectifier has released the IRF6126 and IRF6217 p-channel HEXFET power MOSFETs designed specifically for active clamp reset circuits in 48V isolated dc/dc converters using forward converter, flyback, or similar topologies.
2010-05-18 IR LED with integrated lens boasts 650mW/sr intensity
Osram Opto Semiconductors has unveiled the IR LED SFH 4236 with an integrated lens that exceeds the radiant intensity of the standard IR Dragon SFH 4232 by more than a factor of three.
2006-01-05 IR LED with 850nm wavelength
The new IR LED from Dominant Semiconductors emits wide-angle IR light with a wavelength 850nm and delivers a typical radiant power of 45mW/sr at 500mA.
2004-10-01 IP-TV pushes silicon, software encoded
Emerging IP-TV brings networking and A/V processing together, placing new requirements on silicon and software on devices.
2009-02-18 Inventing the future
The semiconductor revolution has reinvented and transformed entire industries, like computing and communications. Doing the same in the energy, automotive, health care and environmental industries will have equally profound and positive consequences.
2002-03-01 Integration trends in programmable logic
This news article illustrates the integration issues of programmable logic devices with other system functionality to drive PLDs in ASIC applications.
2013-05-27 Improving thermal analysis of LEDs
Here's a straightforward alternative to estimate the amount of heat generated by an LED based on Luminous Efficacy of Radiation.
2010-11-29 IMC-Hall, contactless current sensor is custom programmable
Melexis' MLX91206 is a customer programmable monolithic Sensor IC offering the Triaxis Hall technology. The MLX91206 allows the user to construct small, economical current sensor solutions with quick response times.
2007-11-28 Illuminated tactile switch touts 'see-hear-touch' effect
C&K Components has developed a compact top-actuated illuminated tactile switch which features a high-brightness single or bi-color integrated LED for backlight illumination.
2014-05-21 IBM, FujiFilm max out tape storage at 85.9Gbit/in2
The milestone was achieved with a FujiFilm double-coated tape, through the development of the following critical technologies: write field head, servo control, and signal-processing algorithms.
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