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2002-03-05 IBM will steer PowerPC into mobile mart
IBM intends to take its PowerPC processor architecture to the mobile sector and into "head-to-head competition with Intel" and that company's Xscale processor, John Kelly III, senior vice president of IBM's Technology Group, said last week.
2007-04-04 Huawei completes WiMAX trials in Japan
Huawei Technologies announced it has successfully completed two trials of its end-to-end mobile WiMAX solution for Reinan Cable Network Co. Ltd and Beam Planning Corp. in Japan.
2014-11-06 How to turn fabless runts into world's largest vendors
In the early 1990s, semiconductor companies that didn't own their own fabs were considered runts. Today at least five of them rank among the world's largest chip vendors. Some of the credit for the shift goes to the sector's trade group, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary soon.
2012-08-28 How to optimize low-current and high-resistance measurements (Part 2)
Learn how to determine the offset current of a low-current measurement system, and understand the sources of measurement error in such systems.
2015-01-30 How open OS transforms network lifecycle management
Linux-based network OS software is altering network economics and fuelling innovation for switches, just as it has done for servers. This article explains how.
2003-08-15 Hong Yuen PCB has 0.8mm thickness
Hong Yuen Electronics Ltd has developed a multilayer PCB that is bonding and SMT applicable, is made from FR4 base laminate materials, and features dry film.
2003-08-07 Hong Yuen multilayer PCB offers 406-by-460mm board size
The gold-plated multilayer PCB 4 from Hong Yuen Electronics Ltd is made from FR4 base laminate materials.
2003-06-27 Hong Yuen multi-layer PCB has 406-by-610mm board size
Hong Yuen Electronics Ltd has released a series of multi-layer PCBs that is made from FR-4 base laminate materials and comes photo-imageable solder mask.
2009-10-05 Highly-efficient LEDs offer up to 367lm
The performance provided by Cree's new LEDs reduce the required number of LEDs, size and cost of LED fixtures.
2007-11-19 High-efficiency motor control solutions aim at HVACs
This article describes a simple and low cost motor drive based on an inverter topology and specifically designed for the energy efficient permanent magnet motor.
2009-01-14 High-brightness LED touts low thermal resistance
Optek Technology has developed a star-shaped red/green/blue/amber LED assembly by integrating four 1W LED die into a single assembly for solid-state lighting applications.
2009-03-27 High hopes dim for Russia contract manufacturing
Seen as a promising emerging market with massive growth potential, Russia is now facing a cessation of new investment, along with shutdowns in existing facilities, delays in new ones and questions about the widespread use of counterfeit products, according to iSuppli Corp.
2005-03-08 High brightness LED platform targets all types of auto apps
Agilent and Lumileds rolled out the first three products in their new Envisium mid-power family of LEDs for exterior and interior automotive apps.
2004-06-09 Hengdian magnetic material meets global standards
Hengdian Group DMEGC Co. Ltd announced that the technology of its soft magnetic materials DMR4KDC, DMR4KBQ and DMR2KP is at par with those of its foreign counterparts.
2010-05-19 Hall-effect transducer suits battery monitoring apps
Micronas has released the CUR 3105 that targets applications for electric and hybrid cars such as battery monitoring as well as DC/DC converters, start-stop-systems and metering systems.
2012-07-04 Grasp the science behind color mixing
Know the algorithms that are useful in managing LED output in the color space.
2013-12-12 Grasp shielding, guarding in high impedance apps
Find out how ground loops and poor or nonexistent electrostatic shielding can cause error or noise currents to flow in the device under test.
2010-01-20 German OLED project gears for second phase
BASF, Osram, Philips and Aixtron are to receive funding for the joint project TOPAS 2012, the second phase of the OLED 2015 initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany.
2009-12-28 Forecast: Good, bad signs for 2010 electronics biz
2009 started off bad, but the year currently seeing some positive signs. Heading into 2010, there are both good and bad signs in the marketplace.
2011-06-29 Firmware eases motor drive design
STMicroelectronics introduces the STM32 FOC PMSM SDK v3.0 motor-control firmware library that supports the STM32 Value Line series and the STM32 Performance Line High-Density series.
2008-07-02 Find the right balance for multiple LED strings
There are many LED lighting applications for individual LEDs as well as multiple LEDs. The multiple LEDs can be placed in series, in a single string, or in two or more parallel strings. With multiple parallel strings, some current balancing techniques may be required to allow for LED parameter variations
2005-12-27 Filter connectors available with dual flange
Sabritec's new filter connectors provide EMI/RFI filtering typically for military and commercial aerospace applications.
2005-09-19 Ferrites ideal for transformers
TDK Electronics introduced a low loss ferrite material that targets the market for switching power supplies, adapters for notebook PCs and CCFL LCD backlights.
2010-08-19 FCI, CESP sign polymer collar tech agreement
FlipChip International has announced the signing of a patent license agreement with Cookson Electronics covering the application of polymer collar technology to enhance the drop-shock and thermal cycling reliability of area array packages, particularly wafer level packages used for handheld devices.
2007-06-01 Fast-diode MOSFETs incurrent commutation
A MOSFET with a fast-recover diode can improve the body diode performance in a three-phase inverter topology providing six-step current commutation.
2010-08-06 Facility provides customized precision testing for LED design
OPTEK Technology’s LED test facility provides OEMs 100 percent color temperature/intensity binning.
2013-09-30 Exploring light sources for all projector sizes
Powerful compact light sources are necessary to ensure that image quality keeps pace with this process of miniaturisation.
2014-12-22 Experimental methods for PCB design and manufacturing
EMS providers are being called upon to take on the task of design of experiments, also known as experimental designs, requiring them to work with OEMS to do the necessary research and development.
2013-05-22 Enhance functional safety in embedded designs
Find out how to increase functional safety in networked embedded designs.
2015-01-20 Enhance device reliability through PCB cleanliness
High level of cleaning eliminates failures caused by board contamination. Products are less susceptible to corrosion-induced failures, thus reducing the need for maintenance or repair.
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