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2014-07-23 Wearables market to gain from force illusion tech
Two Japanese researchers developed force display devices, called Traxion and Buru-Navi3, which exploit the fact that a vibrating object is perceived as either pulling or pushing when held.
2004-02-23 Visun Int'l magnet offers up to 14KOe coercive force
Visun Int'l Trade's TS-NdFeB magnet features a residual induction range of 10.9kg to 14.8kg and coercive force range from 10.3KOe to 14KOe.
2002-01-16 User demands force rethinking of net CPUs
Fundamental changes are coming in the way the Internet is used and how consumers access and navigate the Web.
2002-09-11 U.S. Air Force assigns Aculight for semiconductor R&D
Aculight Corp. has received an 18-month contract worth $2.3 million from the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory to investigate its new semiconductor and fiber laser technologies.
2004-01-23 Tyco tool features 5,000lb crimp force
Based on Tyco Electronics' Model G Terminator, the AMP-3K/40 and AMP-5K/40 products are designed for customers that require the increased output and quality of a semiautomatic machine at a competitive price.
2011-09-20 Telematics: A driving force in the auto market
Automakers must take into account the content and connectivity needs of their consumers.
2011-09-29 Task force to enhance 100Gbit/s Ethernet
The IEEE P802.3bj project aims to specify 100Gbit/s operations over backplanes to enable lower-cost, higher-density solutions.
2003-07-23 Talismanic tactiles feature 160gf operating force
The TS series of 12Vdc illuminated nylon tactile switches from Talismanic Electronic features an operating force of 160gf30gf.
2004-12-02 Tactile switches with 160gf250gf operating force
Switchtech's new devices have a contact resistance of 100 m?, stroke of 0.25mm and operating force of 160gf to 250gf.
2004-08-11 Switchtech switch offer 240gf center operating force
The 1500 series of operating switches from Switchtech is engineered for use in MP3 players, audio equipment, hands-free devices and PDAs.
2002-03-22 SUSS flip-chip bonder has up to 200kgf handling force
The FC259 flip-chip bonder features a handling force of 10gf, which is suitable for handling brittle substrates used for optoelectronic devices, but can be configured up to 200kgf for thermocompression processes.
2003-09-04 SoCs remains driving force of consumer electronics
Looking into the next 3-5 years, we see the further commercialization of electronics in China.
2004-03-10 SMK connector resistant to undesirable force
The 8P AV connector from SMK is intended to be a substitute for the previous S terminals and pin jacks or 2.5(?)mm jacks.
2011-04-07 See through force sensing material for touchscreens
The QTC Clear force sensing material developed by Peratech aims to replace current resistive touch screen technologies or enhance capacitive ones to create solutions with more features such as 3D input.
2002-03-26 Scanning probe/atomic force microscopy: Technology overview and update
This application note discusses AFM technology and its applications.
2002-09-12 Sanhuan NdFeB magnets have 11.4kOe coercive force
The company's N series of NdFeB magnets offers a coercive force ranging from 9.8kOe to 11.4kOe and a residual induction between 10.8kG to 14.2kG.
2015-04-14 Robots with adaptive grip enabled by optical force sensors
The optical force sensors from OptoForce have a very simple construction, consisting of a silicone dome covering a central LED and four light sensing elements measuring the light reflected by the dome.
2005-02-10 Piezo ceramic motor delivers 2N force in small 4mm assembly
New Scale Technologies released its newest Squiggle motor that is 50 percent smaller than its initial offering.
2004-08-12 Ningbo Sealake switches feature 0.5kg operating force
The newly-released DIP switches from Ningbo Sealake (Sunny) features a maximum operating force of 0.5kg and contact rating of 0.1A, 50Vdc.
2004-08-05 Motorola completes acquisition of Force Computers
Motorola Inc. has completed the acquisition of Force Computers from Solectron Corp.
2004-04-28 MoSys files suit to force Synopsys merger
As expected, Monolithic Systems Technology Inc. (MoSys) is seeking a shotgun wedding, having filed a breach of contract lawsuit Friday (April 23, 2004) against Synopsys Inc. for that company's last-minute termination of its acquisition of MoSys a week before.
2004-07-14 MoSys drops suit to force Synopsys merger
After three days of trial, attorneys from Synopsys and Monolithic System Technology (MoSys) decided they'd had enough - so they agreed Thursday night (July 8, 2004) to settle the lawsuit that MoSys had filed in an attempt to force a merger between the companies.
2009-08-26 Miniature connector requires zero force
ITT Interconnect Solutions has developed a miniature zero insertion force connector that is suited for portable medical equipment.
2007-11-30 Micron goes full force on solid-state drives
Micron Technology has entered the emerging solid-state drive (SSD) market with the introduction of its RealSSD family of products.
2012-01-16 Microchip: Human-to-machine interface leading force in technology
In today's highly interconnected world, every major economic event in every country now has global impact and implications.
2007-08-24 Matsushita forms task force for battery recalls
Matsushita Electric Industrial said it has set up a task force to handle large-scale free-of-charge replacements of defective mobile phone battery units made for Nokia.
2004-09-22 Mainland China a driving force in the global chip industry
The GlobalTronics 2004 Summit held in Singapore last Sept. 7 confirms the Asia-Pacific region will continue to experience growth in the semiconductor industry, and that mainland China will be the driving force in the sector.
2002-03-05 Kistler rotating cutting force dynamometer performs up to 25,000rpm
With speeds up to 25,000rpm, the company's rotating cutting force dynamometer is designed for theoretical and practical investigations in high-speed machining.
2004-08-05 JOYNet switches with 40gf to 150gf operating force
JOYNet has released its PLJ-K lever switches that feature an operating force between 40gf20 and 150gf50.
2004-08-04 JOYNet DIP switches with 1kgf operating force
The new end-stackable DIP switches from JOYNet come in four to eight positions with a stroke of 1mm.
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