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2004-08-09 Wuxi Xuyang germanium diodes withstand 0.5A surge current
Wuxi Xuyang released its 1N60P point-contact germanium diodes that feature a reverse voltage of 20V to 45V, and minimum forward current of 4mA to 150mA.
2004-01-21 Vishay Schottky rectifiers handle 3A current load
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released a series of high-current-density Schottky rectifiers that provide high efficiency and space savings with high forward current ratings.
2011-04-25 Ultrafast avalanche rectifiers with capability current up to 4A
Vishay has released ultrafast avalanche rectifiers with the capability current up to 4A
2011-06-23 TMBS rectifiers offer current ratings of 10C60A
Vishay Intertechnology unveils 12 45V Trench MOS Barrier Schottky rectifiers in three power package options.
2006-03-24 Schottky diodes double surge-current capability
Infineon has launched its second-generation Schottky diodes based on SiC technology.
2002-03-12 Photron laser chip has 15mA threshold current
The MQW-DFB laser chip provides a selectable wavelength between 1,530nm and 1,580nm, and threshold current of 15mA, with an output power of 10mW at 1.5V operating voltage
2003-03-12 IR standard-recovery diodes improve surge current capability
International Rectifier has introduced a new family of standard-recovery diodes in a stud-mount DO-5 plastic-cap package.
2004-12-10 Hongli LEDs with 20mA forward current
Shenzhen Hongli Opto-electronic recently announced the availability of its new series of LEDs that are available in white, blue, green, yellow or red.
2010-12-20 Driving HB-LED at high forward current
Learn about the evaluation board designed to provide a constant current in the range of 10A to 60A
2005-06-16 Diodes support up to 10A current in less than 100mm? packages
Toshiba America Electronic Components released its new L-Flat surface mount packages for high-power rectifier diodes, which utilize a lead-clamp structure to reduce mounting area by 50 percent or more.
2003-05-28 BivarOpto LEDs have high current drive capabilities
BivarOpto has released the Solaris SM series of surface-mount LEDs that is suitable for use in automotive and outdoor display apps.
2003-09-08 Vishay rectifiers offer low forward voltage drop
A series of 150V high-barrier-height Schottky rectifiers offering a low forward voltage drop and leakage current under high-temperature operating conditions was released by Vishay Intertechnology Inc.
2009-11-16 TVS offers 200A forward surge current
The new transient voltage suppressor from Vishay Intertechnology offers a 27 percent smaller footprint than SMC devices.
2005-02-10 ST Schottky diodes provide low VF, leakage current
ST rolled out a series of 150V Schottky diodes engineered for use in the secondary rectification of fly-back power supplies in DVD players, STBs, TVs and Hi-Fi's.
2011-01-25 Rectifiers up solar cell junction box current density
Vishay Intertechnology rolls four 45V TMBS trench MOS barrier Schottky rectifiers packaged in SMPC and axial-leaded packages that are aimed at solar bypass apps.
2009-04-17 Rectifiers boast ultralow forward voltage drops
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released two new Schottky rectifiers with ultralow forward voltage drops of 0.35 V at + 85C and 0.4 V at + 25C
2008-03-27 Powering and dimming high-brightness LEDs with the LM3405 constant-current buck regulator
This article describes a few of the many application solutions for the LM3405 LED driver.
2006-07-25 Power Forward Initiative invites EDA companies
The Power Forward Initiative announced its plan to invite a limited number of EDA companies to participate in the Initiative
2010-02-16 Overvoltage protectors operate at 30?A quiescent current
Maxim Integrated Products' MAX16914/MAX16915 overvoltage-protection controllers suit automotive and industrial systems that must tolerate high-voltage transient and fault conditions.
2004-02-18 Oncque switches feature 1.2V forward voltage
The RBS3105 roll ball switches from Oncque are housed in high insulation plastic material that are free from electric conduction and rusting.
2005-02-15 National buck regulator controller eyes high-current apps
National rolled out an adjustable 200kHz to 500kHz dual-channel, voltage-mode-controlled, high-speed synchronous buck regulator controller engineered for high-current apps
2007-12-19 Monolithic two-switch forward DC/DC regulator rolls
National Semiconductor has introduced the industry's first high-voltage, monolithic two-switch forward DC/DC regulator for power supply designs
2009-01-16 LM3402/LM3404 fast dimming and true constant LED current evaluation board
This evaluation board demonstrates the enhanced thermal performance, fast dimming and true constant LED capabilities of the LM3402 and LM3404 devices.
2002-12-26 Linear Tech voltage monitor has triple current control feature
The LTC4214 -12V Hot Swap controller from Linear Technology Corp. features triple current control via a timed circuit breaker
2005-08-15 Linear Tech LED driver can drive up to 17 LED current sources
Linear Technology announced a fully integrated, 850kHz, low noise, high efficiency 1x/1.5x/2x charge pump multi-display LED driver.
2016-02-10 Linear Tech controller yields load current-monitoring output
The LTC4236 regulates a 15mV forward voltage drop across the ideal diode MOSFETs to prevent DC reverse current, while ensuring smooth current transfer during supply switch-over.
2006-01-17 Linear Tech announces DC/DC converter for high-current LEDs
Linear Technology unveiled a synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter designed for driving a single, high-current, white LED at up to 1A from a single Li-ion battery input
2003-05-14 IR Schottky diodes offer low forward voltage
International Rectifier has introduced new 15V and 20V Schottky diodes for server and telecom power systems.
2002-04-17 IR Schottky diodes double current density
Packaged in a D-61 casing, the CNQ series of 110A Schottky diodes from International Rectifiers are claimed to offer twice the current density over competing devices in SOT-227 or TO-247 packages
2002-11-08 IR MOSFET-Schottky device delivers 40 percent more current
The IRF7335D1 Dual FETKY device co-packages two n-channel MOSFETs and a Schottky diode in a single SO-14 package, while delivering up to 11A of current - 40 percent more than the company's previous IRF7901D1 device
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