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What is a hands-free kit?
A set of accessories, such as a headset with microphone, that allows you to talk on the phone without having to hold the handset.
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2012-06-15 MCU program gives designers free software, samples
Energy Micro offers designers free development software and MCUs targeting smart metering, building automation, security systems, portable health and fitness equipment and smart accessories.
2003-03-12 Maxim video amps enable glitch-free video switching
The MAX4023 to MAX4026 2:1 mux amplifiers feature a switching glitch of 20mVpp and channel switching times of 25ns.
2006-11-06 Matsushita plasma displays now Pb-free
Matsushita Electric Industrial announced that it has eliminated lead from all its plasma display panels, making it the first panel maker to comply with new environmental guidelines.
2003-05-20 Matsushita completes switch to lead-free solder for PCBs
Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd has completed a switchover to the use of lead-free solder for PCBs used in its Panasonic and National brand products.
2005-05-20 Mainland China accelerates adoption of lead-free manufacturing
With the RoHS and WEEE regulations scheduled to take effect in July next year, makers of electronic components across mainland China are stepping up the adoption of lead-free manufacturing.
2007-01-30 Macraigor announces free Eclipse-compliant debugger
Macraigor Systems has announced the immediate availability of a free Eclipse-compliant embedded debugging solution with sample Eclipse projects that run on many standard evaluation boards.
2004-04-14 M/A-COM lead-free SPDT GaAs switch targets WLAN apps
M/A-COM has announced a new lead-free low-loss SPDT GaAs switch.
2004-08-31 LSI Logic offers lead-free chip products
In preparing for a global initiative to rid lead and other hazardous materials from electronic products, LSI Logic is meeting customer demands by offering chip products with lead-free packaging.
2007-08-03 Low-cost satellite TV tuner suits DVB-S, free-to-air apps
The MAX2120 satellite TV tuner is suitable for DVB-S and free-to-air applications in which low cost and ease of use are key requirements.
2002-12-26 Littelfuse SMD fuses are lead-free
The company has introduced the 467 series of SlimLine Fast-Acting SMD fuses, which features lead-free fusing element and terminations.
2002-09-26 Littelfuse lead-free SMD fuses trips at 0.2s
The 466 series of surface-mount fuses from Littelfuse can cut off current flow to a circuit in as little as 0.2s at 300 percent its rated current, and is targeted for use in surface-mount devices, PCs, and office equipment.
2010-06-16 LED drivers deliver flicker-free TRIAC dimming
Power Integrations has released two new families of power-factor-corrected LED driver ICs that deliver flicker-free monotonic TRIAC dimming.
2006-11-14 LED drivers address mercury-free requirement
Maxim said its new MAX16807-MAX16810 LED drivers are the first fully integrated, high-brightness devices that address industry needs for mercury-free, high-contrast lighting in displays.
2012-05-07 LED array holder touts solder-free connection
Molex's thermoplastic LED array holders provide solderless screw-down compression contacts to power LEDs, taking away the need for hand soldering or SMT equipment.
2001-06-07 Lead-free soldering for the attachment of ?BGA packages
This application note will focus on review of alternative solder alloy compositions, furnish recommendations for solder process development, and review environmental testing requirements, comparing eutectic solder to lead-free solder on a 46 I/O ?BGA package.
2002-11-11 Lead-free SMT capacitors minimize dc leakage
AVX Corp. has launched a family of niobium oxide capacitors that claim to solve a number of problems inherent in metal capacitors.
2005-09-22 Lead-free rules hit yields, European packagers, says analyst
European requirements for lead-free wafer bumping and packaging are hitting manufacturing yields and also hitting assembly companies in Europe as the far-east copes better with changes, according to research company Frost & Sullivan.
2006-09-29 Lattice offers free reference design for FPGAs
Lattice Semiconductor announced the availability of a free display interface reference design that illustrates how to use the pre-engineered I/O components within its low cost LatticeECP2 and new LatticeECP2M FPGA families.
2006-08-21 Laird Tech rolls out beryllium-free EMI solution
Laird Technologies has introduced the Recyclable Clean Copper range of environmentally friendly, copper-based shielding gaskets that offer a beryllium-free EMI solution.
2003-03-28 Kyocera develops lead-free thermal print heads
Kyocera Corp. has developed lead-free thermal print heads to comply with worldwide lead-free electronics standards.
2002-03-20 Kyocera develops lead-free solution
Kyocera Corp. has developed a solution that enables lead-free manufacturing in its semiconductor components business, particularly in electroless plating for ceramic packages.
2002-02-22 Kyma ships free-standing, single-crystal GaN substrate
The company has shipped what is claimed to be the world's first single-crystal 50.8mm GaN wafer for use as a base material in communications and semiconductor products.
2007-03-23 Kit enhances voice quality in hands-free apps
Zarlink Semiconductor expanded its family of voice processing solutions with the ZL38005, a device enabling high-quality voice in hands-free communication systems.
2004-05-07 K-Micro offers lead-free options on ASIC packages
Kawasaki Microelectronics has announced that it is offering environmentally friendly, lead-free options on its entire line of ASIC packages.
2003-01-03 JMC rolls noise-free dc fans
JMC Products has introduced its latest ultra quiet dc fan designs that features Panther fan technology. The product is said to operate at a higher frequency level than traditional fans. It is claimed to produce noise levels above the audible range for human hearing.
2008-04-18 Jaxtr offers free SMS service across 38 countries
Online communications company Jaxtr announced a new service that allows members to send free SMS to anyone worldwide, whether or not the recipient is a jaxtr member.
2015-07-23 Issues facing free-space optical test
Optical links may soon complement WiFi in some situations, with higher data rates, security and RFI resistance, but are engineers ready for the world of advanced optical test and measurement?
2004-10-08 iRoC offers free web-based tool to assess soft errors
iRoC Technologies has introduced a web-based tool that assesses the soft-error risk of chip designs.
2003-11-19 IR moves on towards lead-free packaging
International Rectifier has announced the initiation of the next phase in its product conversion program for lead-free finish packages.
2016-04-27 IoT platform enables fuss-free wireless industrial sensing
Based on SmartMesh IPTM embedded networking, MicroPNP uses IoT technologies to allow zero-configuration wireless sensing and actuation at a lower cost than traditional wired solutions.
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