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What is a hands-free kit?
A set of accessories, such as a headset with microphone, that allows you to talk on the phone without having to hold the handset.
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2004-03-15 Engineer offers free obfuscator, layout scanner
Inspired by a user request in the E-Mail Synopsys Users Group (ESNUG), an engineer working in Singapore developed a Verilog source-code obfuscator, a GDSII layout viewer, and a layout scanner that calculates wire length.
2010-07-06 Energy-efficient LED enables flicker-free brightness
ZMD AG is entering the LED market with the release of its first energy-efficient LED driver ICs that can achieve up to 95% efficiency.
2010-09-23 Enea offers free multi-core Linux support
Enea offers customers free annual Linux support with multi-core processor line
2007-03-16 Encirq offers free data management tool
Encirq Corp. announced in January a free downloadable version of its DeviceSQL software development framework, along with tutorial materials
2002-01-02 EMS provider Nagano Oki begins mass production of lead-free soldered boards
Nagano Oki Electric Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of Oki Electric Ind. Co. Ltd involved in the EMS business, has commenced volume production of lead-free soldered boards.
2011-09-01 Emission multiplexer promises interrupt-free transmission
The redundancy solution from Rohde & Schwarz gives ATSC Mobile DTV transmitter networks better protection from faults and outages.
2002-07-02 Embedded Linux quandary: What price for a free OS?
The law of supply and demand will face a curious test over the next few years, as embedded Linux vendors search for a way to make engineers pay for an OS that appeals to users largely because it's free.
2010-11-05 Element14 portal gives out free kits
Element 14 is giving away toolkits as part of its launch in Asia Pacific.
2006-09-01 EDA startup offers free verification planning tool
Verification-focused EDA startup Jasper Design Automation is making available a free tool for tracking the progress of verification plans.
2006-10-24 DVD writer breaks free of the PC
By eliminating the sometimes cumbersome PC in the media-gathering and DVD-writing process, and by accommodating the vast array of storage card formats, Sony is shooting for simplicity. The irony, of course, is just how much engineering complexity can go into serving the 'simple' objective.
2006-02-01 Dual barrier strips free up board space
Tyco Electronics has introduced a line of high-rise, dual-barrier strips for PC-board mounted apps. The unique high-rise design allows for space-saving dual-level wire entry on congested PC-boards.
2003-03-24 Display Werks LCD breaks free from VGA cables
The company has announced the availability of its XC series of LCD flat panel displays designed specifically for the digital signage market.
2008-08-28 Disc capacitors exceed halogen-free standards
Holy Stone has released a family of halogen-free leaded ceramic and disc capacitors. These include the RDC and AXC series of epoxy-coated radial and axial MLCCs and the SDC and HDC series of safety certified and commercial disc capacitors.
2008-11-20 Digital media processor packs royalty-free H.264 codec
Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced the TMS320DM357, low-cost, ARM-based processor that includes a royalty-free H.264 codec at D1 resolution for video compression.
2005-06-21 Determining the free-running frequency for QR systems
This app note details how to evaluate the switching frequency at a given operating point and thus gives the designer the necessary insight to dimension his system.
2006-06-05 DEK concludes research on lead-free pastes
DEK said it concluded research into screen printing for 0201 surface-mount technology components using SnPb and SAC solder pastes.
2006-09-28 Cypress to hold free seminars on PSoC Express software
Cypress will present seminars for designers interested to learn its PSoC Express code-free, visual development software. The seminars will be held in China, Japan, India, Taiwan and South Korea.
2006-04-26 Cyan offers free TCP/IP stack
Cyan Technology has announced a TCP/IP stack available as a free download.
2009-01-23 Crystal-free optical nav ICs fit tilt wheels
Apexone Microelectronic has released what it claims to be the first crystal-less tilt USB or PS2 optical navigation SOC to support Window Vista tilt wheel functions.
2006-11-01 CPU maker touts 'carbon-free' processor
Taipei-based Via Technologies Inc. is marketing its latest low-power processor as "carbon-free."
2011-05-19 cPacket offers free real-time timestamping solution
cPacket's new software will help data center operations, high-frequency trading platforms and application developers achieve real-time accurate timestamping in high-speed networks, at no cost.
2005-11-02 Converter offers increased compatibility with Pb-free processes
Ericsson Power Modules' revised PKR DC/DC converter promises reduced cost and increased compatibility with Pb-free soldering processes.
2012-05-16 Controller drives flicker-free LED dimming
Texas Instruments' LM3447 AC/DC LED controller has a dimmer detect, a phase decoder, and adjustable hold current circuits, for constant power regulation and flicker-free dimming operation.
2002-02-25 Controlled environment enclosure for low temperature wafer probing in a moisture-free environment
This application note discusses the features of the Temptronic Corporation controlled environment enclosure.
2009-02-27 Connectors free up space for components
AVX Corp. has developed a series of low-profile board-to-board connectors that feature a small form factor of 3mm stacking height with a 0.4mm pitch contact.
2003-03-26 Conexant sets Mindspeed free, girds for more layoffs
Conexant Systems took the next step in making its networking IC subsidiary, Mindspeed Technologies, a standalone operation, announcing that the company would operate independently beginning this summer.
2008-04-11 Compiler has free 'Lite' mode for PSoC Designer, Express
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. and HI-TECH Software have released version 9.61 of the HI-TECH C PRO compiler for the PSoC Mixed-Signal Array family.
2008-07-31 Coming soon: Lens-free lasers
Focusing semiconductor lasers usually require bulky optical lenses acting as a collimator, but researchers have recently demonstrated a plasmonic collimator that utilizes grooves etched directly into the laser facet.
2010-05-20 China-ASEAN free trade drives export growth
Despite general uncertainty in global trading, China manufacturers have one positive development: the China and ASEAN Free Trade Area eliminated import tariffs for most articles between the countries.
2002-06-25 Catalyst Semiconductor rolls out lead-free packages
Catalyst Semiconductor Inc., an EEPROM memory supplier, has launched its environmentally safe lead-free package initiative.
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