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What is a hands-free kit?
A set of accessories, such as a headset with microphone, that allows you to talk on the phone without having to hold the handset.
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2005-12-07 Casio uses Semitool's Raider tool for Pb-free electroplating apps
Semitool announced the delivery of a follow-on order for Semitool's electroplating Raider tool by Japan-based Casio Micronics Co. Ltd. Casio will use the Raider for advanced Pb-free electroplating applications.
2015-04-06 Carbon nanobud films offer haze-free reading on touch screens
Canatu is offering reflection and haze-free viewing with its new ultra-thin Carbon NanoBud conductive film. The CNB film is flexible and durable enough for use with touch sensors.
2008-01-28 Camera IP ensures frown-free photos
FotoNation has announced the availability of licensing for "SmileCheck," a new technology to detect smiles in portrait photos taken by digital cameras and camera phones.
2004-05-11 California Micro Devices pushes lead-free products
California Micro Devices is offering lead-free packaging options for its products starting with its ESD protection arrays.
2007-07-17 Broadcom offers free IC license for public safety
Following a ruling on a controversial patent dispute case, Broadcom announced it is willing to grant free licenses for its patented wireless chip technology to state and local public safety users.
2002-03-06 Bourns offer lead-free resettable fuses
Bourns has announced that it will be offering its Multifuse polymeric PTC battery strap devices in lead-free packaging, as a response to the call for more environment-friendly PTC devices.
2009-04-07 Bluetooth headset is microphone-free
SMK has developed a full-duplex system microphone-free Bluetooth headset featuring an earphone unit that functions both as an earphone when listening and as a microphone when talking.
2014-09-05 Bluetooth haptic dev't kit comes with a free app
TI's Haptic Bluetooth Kit lets designers create haptic sequences and LED patterns for tactile feedback, notifications and alerts from a pre-licensed library of more than a hundred distinct haptic effects.
2011-09-01 Benefits, drawbacks of lock-free programming for multicore
Read about the caveats of doing resource sharing without locks in the hardware of multicore SoCs, as well as in the software of some multicore operating systems.
2007-10-04 Be free of power lines with PoE interface controllers
PoE interface controllers may be used as a substitute for AC power lines in many networked powered devices. This is possible using PoE powered device interface controllers from STMicroelectronics.
2013-06-28 Battery-free temp sensors based on RFID tags
Read about the development of full passive UHF sensor tags that can communicate to over a metre without the need of batteries.
2014-11-03 Battery-free RFID sensors boost data centre efficiency
The data centre infrastructure management solution from EPC Solutions Taiwan features RFID sensor tags that do not require batteries to monitor temperature, pressure and humidity of equipment remotely.
2003-01-21 AVX to convert SMT tantalum caps to lead-free technology
AVX Corp. has announced that it will complete conversion of its commercial line of surface mount tantalum capacitors to lead-free technology in the first six months of 2003.
2009-01-21 Atmel MPUs come with free Windows support package
Atmel Corp. has announced the availability of Microsoft Windows Embedded Board Support Packages (BSPs) for its AT91SAM9 ARM926EJ-S-based embedded MPUs.
2002-06-05 ATC chip inductors offer lead free terminations
The WL series of HF wire-wound chip inductors from American Technical Ceramic Corp. is available in inductance values ranging from 1nH to 1.25H.
2006-06-02 Assembling high-Pb DS2761 flip-chips in a Pb-Free assembly flow
This application note details the Pb-free assembly process used for DS2761 flip-chip die, and the reliability stresses encountered after the assembly.
2005-06-08 Assembling high-lead (Pb) DS2502 flip-chips in a Pb-free assembly flow
This app note details the Pb-free assembly process used, and the reliability stresses encountered after the assembly.
2008-08-25 ARM offers free download of SoC Designer v7.1
ARM announces the availability of SoC Designer version 7.1 that provides several new benefits and enhancements from previous generations.
2004-04-30 Aries SOIC adapters provide hassle-free upgrades
Aries has released new SOIC adapters that cost-effectively provide an upgrade from older Aromat HB2E relays to surface mount TXSS relays.
2002-09-17 Aries lead-free adapter rolls out
A high-temperature, lead-free adapter from Aries Electronics lets users upgrade to SOJ or SOIC devices from DIP components with no PCB rework or redesign.
2014-02-19 Apple's Flexible Displays patent reveals future bezel-free devices
Apple has filed a patent that reduces the border on the display of a device.
2002-11-04 Ansoft offers free 2D field solver
Ansoft Corp. has released a free subset of its commercial field solver, Maxwell 2D.
2007-06-07 Another iPhone clone? Smart phones get free ride on hype
Just weeks before the iPhone's anticipated debut, a slew of smart phones stormed the market with features that could match the much-touted device that took Apple Inc. two years to develop.
2007-09-11 American Arium rolls Pb-free JTAG emulators
American Arium has introduced three Pb-free JTAG emulators designed to comply with the EU's RoHS directive.
2006-12-21 AMD goes 'green' with Pb-free bumping tech
Advanced Micro Devices has entered into an agreement to license Amkor Technology's Pb-free electroplated wafer bumping technology.
2002-09-30 Altera launches free embedded process IP cores
Altera Corp. has launched its royalty-free Embedded Processor Portfolio, collecting more than 100 embedded processor IP cores targeting typical microcontroller and embedded processor applications.
2015-04-08 Altera delivers UBM-free WLCSP
Altera, together with TSMC, designed an ultra-thin, UBM-free wafer-level chip scale package for Altera's MAX 10 field programmable gate arrays.
2006-03-31 Aldec offers 90-day free access to Riviera Verilog simulator
Aldec announced full simulation support in Riviera for the open-source UltraSPARC T1 from Sun Microsystems.
2012-07-27 AIM solder paste is lead- and halogen-free
Product is designed specifically for alloys such as SN100C and SAC0307.
2005-08-05 Agilent, Speedline partner on lead-free research experiments
Agilent Technologies Inc. and Speedline Technologies Inc. are collaborating in the lead-free process development and characterization of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs).
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