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2007-09-03 LED driver has on-chip oscillator for brightness control
Allegro MicroSystems Inc. has introduced a three-channel constant-current LED driver with an on-chip oscillator for programmable brightness control
2009-05-06 ISL97656 SEPIC for 3Vin to 12Vin to 3.3Vout at 1A application
The ISL97656 is a selectable 640kHz or 1.2MHz constant switching frequency, high efficiency boost regulator for 2.3Vin to 5.5Vin applications.
2015-04-13 High-voltage IC technology for bias supply design
Here's a look at some of the key requirements and challenges in designing off-line, non-isolated bias supplies, and how high-voltage IC technology can help simplify such designs.
2013-09-19 High-resolution PWM generation using DSC
Read about the implementation of a high-resolution frequency and duty cycle PWM generation using Freescale digital signal controllers
2008-11-04 FAQs: RF design
RF is the wireless transmission of data by analog / digital radio signals at a particular frequency. It maintains a two-way, online radio connection between a mobile terminal and the stationed host terminal
2012-09-18 Eval board for TPS92551 450mA 60V LED driver micro-module
Learn about the TPS92551, a constant current buck LED driver micro-module that drives maximum 450mA LED current up to 16 LEDs in a single string
2012-09-19 Eval board for TPS92550 450mA 36V LED driver micro-module
Here's a discussion on TPS92550 constant current buck LED driver micro-module that drives maximum 450mA LED current up to 10 LEDs in a single string
2013-01-17 Efficient FSK/PSK modulation with multi-channel DDS
Find out how two synchronised DDS channels can implement a zero-crossing FSK or PSK modulator.
2007-05-11 Direct step down from 60V for this controller
Linear Tech's LTC3812-5 is a high input voltage synchronous step-down switching regulator controller that directly steps down voltages from 60V to output voltages ranging from 0.8V to 93 percent of Vin.
2011-12-16 Capacitive sensing for specific apps (Part 1)
Learn about subtleties of this increasingly popular "button" user interface.
2005-08-15 Build a differential circuit for OC-18 clock- and data-recovery
The key is understanding the tradeoffs associated with the potential modulation schemes.
2009-02-27 Buck regulator promises high efficiency
Linear Technology has released the LTC3605 high efficiency, 4MHz synchronous buck regulator that uses a constant frequency controlled on-time, current mode architecture.
2010-05-10 Buck regulator delivers 3A continuous output current
Linear Technology has released the LTC3615 high-efficiency, 4MHz synchronous buck regulator that incorporates a constant frequency, current-mode architecture.
2007-05-18 Battery charger delivers up to 500W in extreme setups
Absopulse Electronics' BCP 300-500 series is a constant voltage/current battery charger designed for operation in military, marine, transportation, industrial plants, oilfields and other extreme environments
2002-05-02 54100A Series: Distance-to-fault
This application note describes how frequency domain reflectometry identifies the health of installed transmission even in the presence of external RF interference
2009-03-02 ADC claims highest SNR at over 500MHz
Texas Instruments Inc. has launched the ADS54R463 monolithic 12bit, 550MSps ADC, which provides more than 200MHz of signal bandwidth in applications where high resolution, accuracy and linearity are critical.
2008-05-19 WLED drivers backlight entry-level phone displays
AnalogicTech's AAT3103 constant frequency, charge-pump-based, current source WLED drivers are designed to backlight lower-cost LCD displays in entry-level cellphones.
2006-03-08 White LED driver integrates Schottky diode
Linear Technology announced the LT3491, a constant current white LED driver, which features an integrated Schottky diode on-chip
2005-02-23 Waysun ceramic filters operate to 2.8GHz
The new ceramic filters from Waysun Electronics operate within the 800MHz to 2.5Ghz frequency range and have a bandwidth of 6MHz to 200MHz
2010-01-11 Voltage regulator delivers up to 10A at 60C
A hysteretic constant on-time modulator with adaptive dead-time control and RDSon current sensing maximizes efficiency
2016-03-31 Ultralow DCR sensing makes for higher efficiency in LTC7130
The constant frequency peak current mode synchronous step-down DC/DC converter from Linear Technology also reduces switching jitter in low DCR applications.
2005-06-03 Tri-mode charge pump targets high volume cellphone market
Advanced Analogic Technologies introduced a high efficiency, low noise, constant frequency charge pump for white LED applications
2007-07-18 Tiny DC/DC converter powers up to seven WLEDs
TI's TPS60250 charge pump DC/DC converter drives up to five white LEDs for a main display and up to two white LEDs for a subdisplay with regulated constant current for uniform intensity
2007-06-25 TI unrolls high-power WLED driver IC
TI has rolled out a device based on an HF synchronous-boost topology with constant-current sink to drive single white LEDs
2012-12-07 Synchroniser with programmable MTBF capabilities
Here's a high frequency synchroniser circuit with programmable mean-time-between-failure capabilities well suited for high frequency clock gating and input signal synchronisation applications
2004-12-13 Switching regulator provides low noise, high efficiency
The MIC2203 from Micrel is a high efficiency 1MHz PWM synchronous buck switching regulator that features low noise constant frequency PWM operation.
2009-04-03 Step-up converter delivers low-noise output
Maxim Integrated Products has launched the MAX15031, a constant-frequency, PWM step-up converter designed for low-voltage systems that require a locally-generated high voltage.
2008-03-24 Step-down regulator ready for military apps
From Linear Technology Corp. comes the Military Plastic grade (MP-grade) version of the LTC3414, a high efficiency, 4MHz synchronous buck regulator using a constant frequency, current mode architecture.
2011-03-24 Step-down LED driver offers 10,000:1 true color PWM dimming
Linear Technology's LT3597 60V, 1MHz, step-down DC/DC converter operates as a three channel, constant current LED driver for backlighting LED billboards as well as industrial, automotive and medical displays
2008-04-22 Step-down converter steps up to power requirements
From Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. comes the AAT1153, a 1.2MHz constant frequency, current mode step-down converter that is capable of delivering up to 2A of output currents
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