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2004-12-15 Spectrum analyzer spans time, frequency, modulation domains simultaneously
Tektronix's new RSA3408A spectrum analyzer debuts at a time when RF systems are racing up the curve in complexity and scope.
2014-02-06 Implementing FSK modulation, demodulation
Learn about logic level implementation of binary FSK modulator and demodulator using a phase-locked loop device.
2010-01-20 High quality, all-digital RF frequency modulation generation with the ADSP-2181 DSP and the AD9850 direct digital synthesizer
This application note describes the implementation of a high quality all-digital FM RF generator for use with audio frequency input signals
2000-06-16 Frequency modulation on L4981B
This application note demonstrates the L4981B PFC controller as a useful device to solve the EMI problems using the frequency modulation technique, which allows spreading the noise spectrum over a wider range, reducing in this way the peak of the associated energy.
2010-08-04 X-band signal generator offers phase-continuous linear frequency sweeping
Vaunix introduced an X-band signal generator to their Lab Brick product line. The Lab Brick signal generators have compact size, low power consumption, and USB compatibility.
2006-11-21 Wireless transceivers offer wide frequency range
The operating frequency of AMI Semiconductor's AMIS-53050 wireless transceiver can be programmed from 300MHz to 960MHz at data rates up to 128Kbps; its AMIS-52150 operates from 300MHz to 768MHz at data rates up to 16Kbps
2005-06-02 VCSEL with 12.5Gbps modulation
Panasonic announced the development of its 850nm AlGaAs/GaAs Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser capable of high speed 12.5Gbps modulation at an operating current of 8mA
2003-08-29 Using Two-Point Modulation to reduce Synthesizer Problems when Designing DC_Coupled GMSK Modulators
This application note discusses the problems encountered when designing GMSK modulators with respect to the characteristics of PLL frequency synthesizers, and illustrates how two-point modulation can be used to solve them.
2001-09-06 Using two-point modulation to reduce synthesizer problems when designing dc-coupled GMSK modulators
This application note discusses the problems encountered when designing GMSK modulators with respect to the characteristics of PLL frequency synthesizers and illustrates how two-point modulation can be used to solve them.
2012-07-04 Transponder tips low frequency for RFID apps
Atmel's ATA5577M1330C-PP low-frequency RFID transponder features a unique analog front end register that enables analog behavior to be tuned in a closed and sealed transponder for easier design and production
2002-09-06 Tektronix analysis package has frequency-mask triggering
The WCA11A signal analysis software package from Tektronix Inc. provides fault finding features and test automation to the company's WCA380 wireless communication analyzer.
2005-10-26 RF generators get better radar pulse-modulation performance
Anritsu is adding pulse modulation enhancements to its existing MG3690B signal generators. The MG3690Bs provide guaranteed 21dBm signals (at 20GHz), with -94dBc/Hz phase-noise (at 1kHz offset), while typically switching at 5ms/point
2008-12-09 Quantance, efficient radio frequency transmit circuits
There is no doubt that obtaining funding for a semiconductor startup in this economy is anything but easy. But not all is lost, as Quantance demonstrates.
2010-05-24 Power amps support complex modulation schemes
Anadigics Inc. has launched new power amplifiers that support complex modulation schemes, such as those used in W-CDMA, HSDPA and LTE air interfaces
2009-01-26 Polyphase modulation using a FPGA for high-speed applications
This application note reviews and analyzes a polyphase modulation scheme that generates high-frequency intermediate frequency (IF) carrier signals in digital IF modems using an Altera FPGA.
2004-06-16 Linear IC allows voltage conversion at high frequency mode
Linear Tech introduced a 2-phase dc-dc synchronous controller for converting a high input voltage to low output voltages at a high switching frequency
2002-01-25 LeCroy power tester performs modulation and line power analysis
Aside from performing standard power measurements, the PS354 also tests harmonic distortion against standardized templates for class A to D equipment.
2011-05-03 LDMOS transistors cover full frequency for wireless stations
Freescale introduces LDMOS power transistors that can cover full frequency bands, allowing high efficiency and wide bandwidth for network operators
2009-01-16 Implementing OFDM modulation for wireless communications
This application note discusses various implementation schemes for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) modulation and demodulation.
2006-03-23 I/Q modulation generator provides 300MHz memory clock
Rohde & Schwarz announced the R&S AFQ100A I/Q modulation generator, which provides a memory clock of 300MHz combined with a memory depth of up to 1Gsample
2010-10-19 Frequency counter series is LXI Class C-compliant
Agilent releases series of RF and universal frequency counter/timer series compliant with LXI Class C
2010-01-28 Frequency converter delivers 3000VA sine-wave output
Absopulse offers AC/AC frequency converter systems that use MPU-controlled, high-frequency PWM technology to deliver 3-phase, 3000VA continuous sine-wave output power, from a 3-phase input
2002-01-07 Elantec modulation oscillators cut noise, improve read performance of OPUs
The EL6202C, EL6203C, EL6204C and EL6205C low-power, low-noise laser modulation oscillators are targeted at optical storage drives found in PCs and DVD players
2013-01-17 Efficient FSK/PSK modulation with multi-channel DDS
Find out how two synchronised DDS channels can implement a zero-crossing FSK or PSK modulator.
2011-07-04 Clock generators boast widest frequency range
IDT's family of low-power spread spectrum clock generators boasts of supporting the industry's widest frequency range in just a small 2 x 2mm package
2011-11-22 Cable load generator boats 47-1002MHz frequency range
The Rohde & Schwarz CLG can simulate a cable TV network with all channels fully loaded with analog and digital TV signals.
2009-05-11 Boost regulator touts 1.2MHz switching frequency
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX17075 boost regulator with integrated charge pumps, switch control and a high-current op amp.
2006-02-24 Amp handles modulation levels up to 64 QAM
Mimix Broadband announced the XP1003 GaAs MMIC power amp optimized for linear operation. This device is well suited for modulation levels up to 64 QAM and has a typical third-order intercept point of 34dBm
1999-12-15 A comparison of frequency hopping and direct sequence spread spectrum modulation for IEEE 802.11 applications at 2.4GHz
This application note analyzes an approach to determining the performance tradeoffs of the IEEE 802.11 WLAN as a global standard for wireless local area networks for the network engineer. It also discusses the comparison of frequency hopping and direct sequence spread spectrum modulation for the IEEE 802.11 for frequencies of 2.4GHz.
2010-10-28 3-state class-D modulation powers audio codecs
Apogee Technology's 3-state class-D modulation technology powers IDT's new family of PC audio codecs
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