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2010-08-04 X-band signal generator offers phase-continuous linear frequency sweeping
Vaunix introduced an X-band signal generator to their Lab Brick product line. The Lab Brick signal generators have compact size, low power consumption, and USB compatibility.
2002-05-07 Impulse and frequency response measurement of a loudspeaker
This application note describes the procedure in measuring the impulse and frequency response of a loudspeaker
2010-10-19 Frequency counter series is LXI Class C-compliant
Agilent releases series of RF and universal frequency counter/timer series compliant with LXI Class C
2010-04-14 Waveform generator boasts high resolution at 4.2GSps
The Agilent 81180A AWG pushes the waveform envelope further into generator territory, with a sample clock ranging from 10MSps to 4.2GSps and with up to 12bit vertical resolution
2004-02-04 Tektronix MPEG test system includes high-resolution display
The AD953A MPEG test system from Tektronix allows convenient testing lab to lab or offsite.
2004-12-15 Spectrum analyzer spans time, frequency, modulation domains simultaneously
Tektronix's new RSA3408A spectrum analyzer debuts at a time when RF systems are racing up the curve in complexity and scope.
2006-02-01 Processor delivers 600MHz operating frequency
Renesas Technology Corp. announced the SH7785 microprocessor, which offers a maximum operating frequency of 600MHz
2006-01-17 Precision clock generator has 16-digit resolution
Stanford Research Systems' new square wave clock generator can be driven across an RS-232 serial line from a PC, or used in an automated suite using IEEE-488/GPIB control.
2010-04-15 Power meter includes frequency reading
Murata Power Solutions' new AC Power Meters models are now able to measure and display frequency in hertz (Hz) in addition to indicating true-rms AC volts (V), amps (A) and watts (W
2006-06-05 Optical encoder offers wide resolution range
Avago's new ultra-miniature transmissive optical encoder module is a good fit for industrial and motor control apps that require resolutions from 2,500 to 7,500 cycles-per-revolution.
2012-06-25 JTAG offers digital, analog, frequency measurement in one module
The JT 2149/DAF can be controlled through an interactive panel (virtual instrument) within JTAG ProVision as well as through Python scripts.
2005-05-10 High-speed ADC duo boasts true 16- and 14-bit resolution
Analog Devices is launching two high-resolution analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) with fast sampling rates that it claims achieve best-in-class SFDR and SNR specs
2013-09-19 High-resolution PWM generation using DSC
Read about the implementation of a high-resolution frequency and duty cycle PWM generation using Freescale digital signal controllers.
2011-09-29 Grasping noise, ENOB and effective resolution in ADC
Given the demand for higher resolution, designers must develop a better understanding of ADC noise, effective number of bits, effective resolution, and signal-to-noise ratio
2000-05-31 Frequency and Resolution Options for PWM Outputs
This application note discusses options in selecting the frequency and resolution of the PIC17C42's PWM outputs. This application brief also assumes that internal clock is used for the time-base, which is typically the preferred setup.
2010-10-05 First rugged handheld VNA covers frequency up to 20GHz
Anritsu Co. has just introduced their MS202x/3xC VNA Master series of handheld vector network analyzers (VNAs). These VNAs offer the performance and capabilities of numerous benchtop instruments in a single highly-portable analyzer.
2010-05-27 Extending ADC resolution/accuracy
When considering the resolution required for an ADC integrated in an MCU, embedded systems designers must balance cost and performance
2016-03-07 Efficient frequency analysis possible with new oscilloscopes
The RTO2000 sets a new standard in this class of oscilloscopes with one million waveforms per second, with the HD mode activating configurable low-pass filtering of the signal after the A/D converter.
2007-07-17 Digital TCXO delivers high frequency accuracy, stability
The DS4026 digital TCXO from Maxim Integrated Products offers a frequency accuracy and stability better than 1ppm over a wide operating temperature range of 40c to 85C
2006-02-21 Digital signal controllers have highest PWM resolution
Texas Instruments announced four new members of the TMS320C2000 platform designed for motor control, digital power conversion and intelligent sensor control.
2006-07-10 Avago unrolls higher resolution optical encoder
Avago Tech offers a higher resolution option for the AEDR-8300 series of reflective optical encoders offering 212 LPI and a maximum count frequency at 60KHz.
2004-02-24 ADI DAC offers 14-bit resolution
Analog Devices Inc. has delivered what it claims as the smallest current output DACs with up to 14-bit resolution
2003-07-04 Supertex display driver IC targets high-frequency apps
The HV632 from Supertex is an 80V, 32-channel driver IC that is designed for FPDs such as PLC, VF, and electrofluorescent and field emission displays.
2008-04-08 Optical encoders promise enhanced resolution
Avago 's HEDM-5540 encoder series maintains the form, fit and function of its predecessor, the HEDx-5xxx series, for easy conversion while providing increased resolutions up to 1,000CPR.
2000-12-05 Offset reference PLLs for fine resolution or fast hopping
This application note discusses some alternative techniques of frequency synthesis using the Motorola MC145220 PLL IC, describes these techniques, and provides examples
2011-07-27 Signal generators operate at 8C20Ghz
Vaunix Technology has introduced a couple of signal generators that tout low phase noise, 100ms switching time and 100Hz frequency resolution.
2004-08-02 Pendulum counter, analyzer unit uses USB, GPIB
Pendulum Instruments' new CNT-90 timer/counter/analyzer unit can measure frequency, time interval and phase
2004-11-02 LCD storage scopes are low cost performers
Protek offers two versions of its dual-channel digital scopes - Model 6810CN and Model 6810MN.
2008-06-02 Configure analyzers for proper measurement
Frequency-domain measurement of RF power is one of the basic measurements done by spectrum and vector signal analyzers. These systems must comply with standard limits on power transmission or spurious noise emissions, and appropriate measurement techniques must be configured to avoid errors
2006-11-15 4-PLL timing chip comes with 2-wire I?C
Cypress Semiconductor has introduced a 4-PLL timing device with a 2-wire I?C programming interface, said to be the industry's first such device.
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