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2003-08-29 Using Two-Point Modulation to reduce Synthesizer Problems when Designing DC_Coupled GMSK Modulators
This application note discusses the problems encountered when designing GMSK modulators with respect to the characteristics of PLL frequency synthesizers, and illustrates how two-point modulation can be used to solve them
2001-09-06 Using two-point modulation to reduce synthesizer problems when designing dc-coupled GMSK modulators
This application note discusses the problems encountered when designing GMSK modulators with respect to the characteristics of PLL frequency synthesizers and illustrates how two-point modulation can be used to solve them
2007-05-04 Using the CDCL6010 as a frequency synthesizer and jitter cleaner
This application report provides general guidelines for using the Texas Instruments' 1.8V LVDS/LVCMOS clock receiver CDCL6010 as a frequency synthesizer and/or jitter cleaner. This report reviews the basic device functionality and most efficient methods of use. The document also includes a detailed discussion of generating multiple frequencies with a common input frequency as well as a practical example of this technique. The report concludes with a brief description of recommendations on line terminations and power supply decoupling.
2011-10-03 Synthesizers tout 0.37-5.79GHz frequency range
Linear Tech has released a family of integer-N frequency synthesizers with integrated VCO
2011-12-21 Synthesizer touts -226dBc/Hz in-band phase noise
The LTC6945 comprises a reference buffer, a reference divider, phase-frequency detector with phase-locked indicator and an ultralow noise programmable charge pump
2009-07-09 Synthesizer provides
National Semiconductor Corp. has announced what it claims is the industry's lowest-noise, fully integrated frequency synthesizer, the PowerWise LMX2541.
2003-05-27 SA8027: 2.5 GHz fractional-N 550 MHz IF integer frequency synthesizer
This application note introduces the SA8027, a low voltage, low phase noise, fractional-N frequency synthesizer targeted for wireless systems where good phase noise performance and fast switching time is crucial.
2001-04-05 SA8025 fractional-n synthesizer for 2GHz band applications
This application note describes how to design the SA8025 fractional-n PLL frequency synthesizer for 2GHz band applications, such as the Japan Personal Handy Phone System.
2005-05-11 RF synthesizer includes VCOs
STMicroelectronics unveiled a multi-band RF synthesizer with embedded voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs), the first in a series of highly integrated RF solutions integrating PLL and VCOs
2001-06-15 Programming guide integer N PLL synthesizer 35- to 1,100MHz
This application note presents a programming overview for an integer N PLL frequency synthesizer.
2008-06-09 Precision frequency synthesizer alleviates noise
Micrel Inc. introduces the SY89610L, a precision frequency synthesizer featuring ultralow jitter.
2000-11-01 Plan to avoid 3G frequency spurs
Designers of 3G must avoid spurious responses and adopt architectures that allow high levels of IC integration. A fundamental part of design is frequency planning to minimize the problems of duplex operation
2002-09-12 Oak PWM integrates frequency synthesizer functionality
Oak Technology Inc.'s PM-1100 PWM integrates a frequency synthesizer to provide enhanced precision sizing and placement of individual pixels in a laser-generated image.
2002-08-16 National frequency synthesizers suit 2.5G, 3G basestations
National Semiconductor Corp. has introduced the LMX2346 and LMX2347 frequency synthesizers that feature low-phase noise and are targeted for 2G, 2.5G, and 3G basestations
2001-04-26 Modeling and simulation of jitter in PLL frequency synthesizers
This application note presents a methodology for predicting the jitter performance of a PLL using accurate and efficient simulation that is within the behavioral level.
2005-05-09 Maxim frequency synthesizer reduces overall system cost
Maxim unveiled a high-performance, low-jitter frequency synthesizer designed to reduce electromagnetic interference while generating multiple clocks for distribution in network routers or switches.
2015-10-05 IDT debuts jitter attenuator, frequency synthesisers
The 8V19N407 and 8V19N408 support up to 3GHz output, as well as 82fs of RMS phase noise, addressing the requirements of multi-carrier GSM radio transceivers as well as 40Gb and 100Gb Ethernet PHYs.
2003-05-02 High-frequency prescalers pave the way for lower-cost VSATs
New 13.5GHz dividers can help reduce the cost of new, higher-frequency applications such as VSATs and encourage their wider use
2000-06-26 Harmonic Frequency Synthesizer and FSK Modulator
This application note discusses a harmonic frequency synthesizer, that uses an accumulator technique to generate frequencies that are evenly spaced harmonics of some minimum frequency, and an FSK modulator, which provides a modification of the harmonic frequency synthesizer and automatically switches between two frequencies in accordance with an NRZ input.
2008-11-03 Frequency synthesizer offers sub-picosecond jitter
Maxim introduces the MAX3678 low-jitter frequency synthesizer with nine LVPECL clock outputs and intelligent dynamic switching.
2001-04-04 Frequency synthesis with the NE564
This application note discusses how to achieve frequency multiplication by using Philips Semiconductors' NE564 PLL-based frequency synthesizer.
2000-06-14 Frequency Synthesis Using the RF2510
This technical note discusses the design and measurement of the RF2510 frequency synthesizer IC to be used in ISM band applications, such as the European 433.05MHz to 434.79MHz and 868MHz to 870MHz bands, as well as the U.S. 902MHz to 928MHz band.
2003-08-07 FMA rolls low-power dual PLL frequency synthesizers
A series of dual PLL frequency synthesizers, featuring power supply current as low as 2.5mA at 2.7V, is available from Fujitsu Microelectronics America
1999-09-09 DSP tips for designing a DECT/GSM fractional-N frequency synthesizer
This paper describes how to implement a fast and flexible frequency divider in a fractional N frequency synthesizer in a dual-mode transmitter for DECT/GSM with a high component reuse. The divider is described in VHDL and simulated for one of the two standards.
2002-08-06 Dallas ships all-silicon frequency synthesizer
The DS1085 can generate dual synchronous output frequencies over 8kHz to 133MHz, without the use of external crystals, resistors, or other discrete components.
2010-03-26 3G/4G Synthesizer covers 375MHz to 5.6GHz
Skyworks Solutions Inc. has launched high-performance broadband synthesizers spanning ultrawide frequency ranges from 375 MHz to 5.6GHz
2006-12-07 Synthesizer ICs tout 1GSps operation
Analog Devices Inc. announced that it has more than doubled the clock speed of the industry's fastest direct digital synthesizer ICs that use 14-bit DACs
2007-06-21 Synthesizer allows multiple spur-reduction channels
Analog Devices Inc.'s AD9912 direct digital synthesizer achieves output signals of up to 400MHz while consuming less than 1,000mW
2007-05-04 Synchronizing WiMAX synthesizer TRF1x21/TRF1x12 to arbitrary reference
Texas Instruments has a WiMAX RF chipset for basestation and CPE applications that include integrated synthesizers to realize the superheterodyne architecture. For optimum channel resolution, these devices must be tied to an 18MHz reference frequency. In some systems, the synthesizer reference frequency needs to be synchronized to a system reference frequency that may not be an integral multiple of 18MHz. This application report presents the circuitry required to synchronize the 18MHz reference to an arbitrary system reference clock and illustrates that negligible degradation occurs in the RF performance of the radio.
2007-09-14 RF synthesizer with embedded VCOs handles up to 5GHz
STMicroelectronics has unveiled its new RF synthesizer with integrated voltage-controlled oscillators said to be the highest frequency coverage in the market at 5GHz.
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