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2011-09-06 What happened to fuel cells
Three years ago, fuel cells were believed to be the technology that would stop U.S. dependence on foreign oil
2002-02-26 USTC Lab fuel cell passes Anhui government appraisal
The solid-oxide fuel cell of USTC Lab for Solid State Chemical & Inorganic Membrane has passed the product appraisal of the Anhui, China, government.
2004-09-27 Tyco to distribute Plug Power's fuel cell system
Plug Power Inc. has signed an agreement with Tyco Electronics Power Systems Inc. under which Tyco will market and sell Plug Power's GenCore 5T fuel cell systems for telecommunication backup applications throughout the United States and Canada.
2004-06-25 Tyco inks deal for Plug Power's fuel cell system
Plug Power Inc. has signed an agreement with Tyco Electronics Installation Services Inc., a subsidiary of Tyco Electronics, under which Tyco will install and service Plug Power's GenCore fuel cell systems throughout the U.S. and its territories.
2008-06-12 Toyota's upgrades fuel cell vehicle efficiency
Toyota recently announced that it has developed a fuel cell hybrid vehicle equipped with the newly designed high-performance Toyota FC Stack.
2003-02-25 Toshiba, Plug Power ink pact for fuel cell back-up power
Toshiba Int. Corp. and Plug Power Inc. have entered a joint marketing agreement to explore the application of fuel cells for industrial premium power markets
2004-09-21 Toshiba taps MEMS to shrink fuel cells
Toshiba Corp. has developed a MEMS-based pump for fuel cells, a move seen as an important step forward in miniaturizing the devices for portable systems
2003-10-08 Toshiba methanol fuel cell features 1W output
Toshiba Corp. has released a prototype of a compact, DMFC that the company claims opens the way to an alternative power source to recharge batteries.
2004-06-28 Toshiba matchbox-sized fuel cells suit mobile phones
Toshiba has developed a matchbox-sized direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) with no moving parts.
2007-08-22 Toshiba exec: Micro fuel cells unready for market
A Toshiba executive said micro fuel cells are not expected to break into the mainstream market in the next several years, despite continued R&D efforts
2003-03-06 Toshiba develops methanol fuel cell for portable apps
The company has developed the world's first prototype of a small form factor direct methanol fuel cell designed to replace Li-ion batteries in portable systems.
2004-07-30 Three-member team eye compact fuel cell R&D
KDDI Corp. has announced an agreement with Toshiba Corp. and Hitachi Ltd to cooperate on the R&D of compact fuel batteries used in mobile communication devices, such as mobile telephone handsets
2003-10-10 Team-up to further develop micro fuel cell
MTI MicroFuel Cells Inc. and Harris Corp. have announced a joint effort to further develop micro fuel cell systems for portable military comms equipment.
2008-08-08 Superlattice electrolyte to drive cheaper fuel cells for cars
A superlattice electrolyte with far greater conductivity could significantly boost fuel cell efficiency while lowering costs when compared to current solid-oxide fuel cells.
2007-03-28 Sugar-powered fuel cells, anyone
Researchers at Saint Louis University in Missouri, U.S.A. have invented a fuel cell battery that runs on sugar and can operate up to four times longer on a single charge than conventional Li-ion batteries.
2008-06-05 ST, CEA concoct tiny fuel cell for wireless phones
Tapping miniaturized energy sources, the French Atomic Energy Agency and STMicroelectronics NV created a hydrogen fuel cell for mobile phones that is expected to reduce the use of electrical power supplies to recharge batteries.
2007-05-15 ST to explore fuel cell, plastic electronics markets
STMicroelectronics said it expects to bring samples of micro-fuel cells to market in 2009 and to sample biochemical sensors and electronics-on-plastics in 2008
2002-01-22 Sanyo Electric, Samsung ink MOA on fuel-cell technology
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd and Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology have entered into a memorandum of agreement for the development of fuel-cell technology.
2003-04-24 Samsung taps Millennium Cell to enhance its power capabilities
Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology has selected Millennium Cell Inc. to work with them in advancing its fuel cell-powered PC and communications devices.
2005-11-09 Samsung readies long lasting fuel cells
Samsung SDI Co. has developed a prototype fuel cell for use in laptops that it claims lasts almost twice as long as other systems being readied
2006-05-22 Samsung inks exclusive alliance with fuel cell startup
Samsung Electronics announced an exclusive alliance with MTI MicroFuel Cells, a supplier of micro fuel cells for mobile applications
2003-05-09 SAIT partners with Millennium Cell on fuel cell systems
Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology and Millennium Cell Inc. have formed a cooperative development agreement to advance fuel cell powered portable computers and communications devices.
2013-11-14 Rohm first to blink, re-evaluates fuel cell focus
Japanese firm Rohm is working with Kyoto University and Aquafairy to develop solid fuel-type hydrogen fuel cells
2011-04-08 Researchers: Fuel cells on-a-chip may replace small batteries
Harvard researchers have fabricated tiny solid-oxide fuel cells on chips measuring 5mm wide, with a power density of 155mW per sq cm
2007-05-29 Researchers study organic enzymes as future car fuel
University and government researchers are investigating whether a blend of starch, enzymes and water could produce hydrogen fuel for future cars
2005-08-30 Researchers float dry fuel cells for mobile apps
Touted as a future solution to automobile pollution, fuel cell technology may in the interim solve the portable-power problem that is pivotal to miniaturizing electronic systems.
2013-03-06 Research sheds light on solar-to-storable fuel conversion
MIT researchers bring the concept of an "artificial leaf" closer to reality, improve the efficiency of harvesting sunlight, and plan the production of a commercially viable prototype.
2011-03-25 Recovery method makes hydrogen fuel cells feasible
Researchers have found a way to use ammonia borane as a material for storing hydrogen, enabling hydrogen fuel cells for vehicles
2007-10-22 Power relays work in hybrid vehicles, fuel cells
From Omron Electronic Components comes the G9E series of DC power relays that switch up to 200A at 400Vdc, designed for use in hybrid vehicles, fuel cells, wind and solar power generation, battery-run golf carts and forklifts, and industrial equipment
2010-01-25 Portable fuel cells market to hit $2.3 B by 2016
Pike Research predicts the global market for portable fuel cells will increase to $2.3 billion by 2016, up from just $185 million in 2009
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