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2007-06-26 PolyFuel defines role in mobile lifestyle quest
There is no denying the allure of fuel cells. The "run time gap" in portable consumer electronics is what making fuel cells extremely attractive. However, it may take two to three years before we see the technology in reality
2011-10-05 PFC shipments to reach 4.5 million by 2017
Pike Research has released a study showing a significant increase in PFC demand and estimates that shipments will reach 4.5 million in six years.
2008-11-11 Panasonic, Sanyo seek to tap hybrid car market
In line with the restructuring within the Japanese consumer electronics industry, Panasonic and Sanyo have made takeover discussions that led to a decision that Sanyo will become a Panasonic subsidiary, as earlier confirmed by Fumio Ohtsubo, president, Panasonic.
2002-07-05 Omron copes with 'culture change' in Japan
Economic upheaval and other global developments are driving no less than "a change in culture in Japan," claims Frank Newburn, president of Omron Electronics.
2008-10-13 New language tool allows reusable model designs
Ver 3 of Simscape from The Mathworks integrates a new language that helps the users to design their own physical modelling components and libraries in the Simulink environment.
2003-09-16 Neah Power obtains $2M grant from U.S. government
Neah Power Systems Inc. has announced that it is the recipient of a $2 million grant from the Advanced Technology Program (ATP) of the NIST.
2008-02-27 Nanoparticles to make water-fueled cars a reality
'Our nanoparticle-coated electrodes make electrolysers efficient enough to provide hydrogen on demand from a tank of distilled water in your car,' said Kevin Maloney, CEO and co-founder of QuantumSphere.
2015-02-12 nanoFlowcell to unveil all-wheel drive prototype in Geneva
nanoFlowCell will showcase a successor to the Quant E: The Quant F, an all-wheel drive sedan with four electric motors, larger tanks for the electrolyte, a flow batterya hybrid from fuel cell and an electrochemical battery.
2003-10-27 Microfluidic battery runs on water
Converting hydrostatic pressure directly into electrical current - without "moving parts" like a fuel cell - has enabled the demonstration of a new kind of battery.
2004-03-04 Maxwell, Hydrogenics forge ultracapacitor alliance
Maxwell Technologies Inc. has forged a strategic alliance with Hydrogenics Corp. to integrate its ultracapacitors into Hydrogenics' fuel cell power systems to optimize system performance, cost, and longevity.
2004-12-10 Maxwell expands ultracap line with standard packs, modules
Maxwell Technologies introduced a new family of fully-integrated 15V BOOSTCAP packs and modules.
2008-01-30 Japanese hydrogen cars in the works
Addressing the need to cut greenhouse gas emissions to stop global warming, Japanese automakers and energy suppliers are pushing the development of hydrogen-powered vehicles.
2003-09-29 Itochu, Ener1 to jointly establish company in Japan
Japan-based Itochu Corp. and Ener1 Inc. have agreed to form a new company in Japan, called Enerstruct Inc.
2008-03-26 Hyundai ushers in hybrid car era
Hyundai Motor announced plans to mass produce hybrid electric vehicles starting next year, opening a new era for environmentally-friendly cars.
2002-08-05 Hydrogenics, Dow Corning codevelops sealing technology
Hydrogenics Corp. and Dow Corning have developed a manufacturing process for sealing PEM fuel cell stacks, electrolyzers, and membrane electrode assemblies.
2003-11-06 Hydrogenics power module produces "clean" electricity
Hydrogenics Corp. has announced that it has standardized the commercial design of its 10kW HyPM fuel cell power module, which will enable the company to manufacture the unit in greater numbers at lower cost.
2003-08-01 How to choose the perfect battery for your application
Demand for smaller, sleeker portable communications devices is pushing the wireless industry harder than ever to reduce the size of rechargeable batteries. Choosing a power solution has become more complicated than ever before.
2006-07-01 Here comes the sun
Sticker shock at the gas pumps combined with concerns over the diminishing supply of non-renewable energy sources like coal, oil and natural gas have added new urgency to the search for alternatives.
2010-04-01 Graphene key to hydrogen storage issues
Stacked sheets of graphene may be a promising material for capturing and storing hydrogen for future fuel-cell systems, according to recent research at NIST and the University of Pennsylvania.
2003-08-06 FuelCell acquires Global Thermoelectric
FuelCell Energy Inc. has announced the acquisition of Global Thermoelectric Inc., a developer of SOFC technology, through an all-stock transaction.
2007-10-16 FPGAs gear up for new automotive applications
Actel Corp., in a bid to compete with its larger competitors, is pioneering new markets for FPGAs in automobiles, including design slots in control systems that can work in hybrids, electric vehicles or fuel cell-powered cars.
2009-03-05 Energy efficiency center rises in Dresden
German research organization Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and the Technical University of Dresden have established the Energy Efficiency Innovation Center.
2004-12-01 Contemplating nature, power grid
A net-centric power grid would eventually produce the same amount of power being used today while reducing dependence on native coal reserves and the natural gas that we import in great quantities.
2008-09-16 Cleantech investment boom begins
According to a report by CleanEdge Inc., total revenue of the biofuel, wind, solar photovoltaic (PV) and fuel cell markets is expected to top $250 billion within the decade, up from $77 billion last year.
2007-11-16 Carmakers zoom in on green initiatives
The automotive industry is making strides in developing environment-friendly vehicles, determined to stay one step ahead of legislators through their own initiatives.
2005-09-13 BYD acquires NiMH technology license from Ovonic Battery
BYD Co. Ltd recently acquired a license from Ovonic Battery Co. Inc. for the nonexclusive right to manufacture, use and sell Ovonic Battery's proprietary NiMH technology-based batteries for nonpropulsion applications.
2015-04-14 Better conductivity increases battery efficiency
University of South Carolina and Clemson University researchers claim to have found a way to improve the efficiency of batteries and fuel cells by using the material gadolinium doped ceria
2008-09-24 Albany NanoTech beefs up cleantech efforts
Eyeing to achieve its success in semiconductors, Albany NanoTech, together with its parent organization, is bringing its collaboration model over to clean technology.
2014-02-11 300W electronic load touts 0-15A, 0-500V input rating
The EL9712B from Intepro Systems 300W electronic load that the company said is intended for R&D, inspection, service and test requirements in industry, research laboratories, training centres and education.
2005-06-20 Ultracapacitor technology breakthrough powers higher-performance products
Maxwell's new large cell BOOSTCAP ultracapacitor cells and multi-cell modules are based on a technology that enables them to store more energy and deliver more power per unit volume
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