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2003-02-05 SiGe transistors match noise level of GaAs devices
Toshiba Corp. has developed high frequency SiGe transistors that are capable of matching the low noise level of GaAs devices
2002-07-17 NEC announces 5GHz SiGe transistor for wireless apps
NEC Compound Semiconductor Devices Ltd has announced the release of a series of SiGe transistors for HF amplifier apps in wireless comms.
2005-06-17 GaAs still beats CMOS for RF amps
RF CMOS may not be ready for prime timeat least not for cellphone power amplifiersbut gallium arsenide will continue to dominate in that slot, according to a panel of the experts at the Microwave Technology and Techniques Symposium (MTT-S) here.
2005-08-01 CMOS takes a stab at deflating GaAs' RF dominance
The threat from RF CMOS and BiCMOS with SiGe implants was the hot topic at the recent International Microwave Symposium.
2002-01-31 WIN receives certification for GaAs HBT
Taiwan foundry WIN Semiconductors Corp. has received certification from a major Japanese IDM house for its 25m HBT (heterojunction bipolar transistor) used in a Bluetooth PA
2002-05-22 Toshiba ships extended C-band GaAs FET
Claimed to be the industry's first 60W internally-matched C-band GaAs FET, the TIM5964-60SL-251 FET from Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. operates in the 5.9GHz to 6.75GHz range
2004-11-11 Toshiba announces smallest GaAs MESFET switch for Bluetooth, WLAN apps
Toshiba released a small, low-profile GaAs MESFET SPDT switch that is suited for use in multi-band/mode cellular ASMs, Bluetooth modules and WLAN apps
2003-07-04 TAEC GaAs FET targets satcom systems
Toshiba America Electronic Components (TAEC) Inc. has released what it claims to be the industry's first 90W c-band GaAs FET that is suitable for use in SSPAs
2010-10-04 RFMD expands foundry services to include GaAs tech
RF Micro Devices Inc. has added Gallium Arsenide technology to its foundry services portfolio, and will start offering a full suite of GaAs Pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor (pHEMT) technologies to customers.
2001-06-04 Positive voltage control of GaAs MMIC control devices
This application note discusses a configuration that allows the user to drive GaAs control devices with standard CMOS logic gates
2008-10-08 Navy taps TriQuint GaAs amp manufacturing tech
The Office of Naval Research has awarded TriQuint Semiconductor a 21-month, $4.5 million contract to advance manufacturing methods used to produce high-power, high-frequency GaAs amplifiers
2008-05-27 Mitsubishi offers Ku band low-noise GaAs HEMT
Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has developed a full-mold package low noise Ku1 band GaAs high electron mobility transistor (HEMT), the MGF4935AM that is highly suitable for low-noise amplifiers in Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) reception systems and Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) systems.
2003-06-27 Mitsubishi GaAs FET targets 14GHz apps
The Semiconductor Division of Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics Inc. has introduced two GaAs HFET products
2005-09-16 Mimix's new GaAs amp with self-biased, single supply design
Mimix Broadband introduced a GaAs two-stage low noise gain block amplifier that has a self-biased, single supply design
2006-08-08 Mimix unrolls GaAs MMIC balanced PA, driver amp
Mimix Broadband has introduced a GaAs MMIC three-stage balanced power amplifier and complementary three-stage driver amplifier
2014-09-15 Is GaAs the new future of IC architecture
Gallium arsenide enables high performance and novel IC architecture due to its ability to integrate optical circuitry capabilities and improve transistor performance
2003-05-29 IceFyre amps adopt TriQuint GaAs pHEMT process
IceFyre Semiconductor has selected TriQuint's 0.5?m GaAs pHEMT process technology to fabricate its switch-mode 802.11a and a/b/g power amps
2001-06-04 High-volume commercial plastic packaged GaAs monolithic devices
This application note describes the technical issues in bringing high-volume commercial microwave plastic devices to market.
2015-07-20 Hermetic GaAs IC SPST switch features 1.1dB loss at 6GHz
Skyworks said the wideband DC-6GHz ISO13316 performs with 45dB isolation at 2GHz, geared for high-reliability space, satellite and defence applications.
2007-11-01 HEMT transistor handles Ku band
Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a GaAs HEMT (High Electron Mobility Transistor) MGF4941AL that is mainly intended for use in the Ku band.
2006-08-23 GaN transistor amp delivers 400W for 3G base stations
NEC Corp. has announced the development of a compact GaN power transistor amplifier, said to have the world's highest output power level of 400W while featuring low-distortion characteristics, targeted at 3G base stations
2003-03-14 GaAs still dominant in cellphone RF
Despite the promotion for silicon germanium and CMOS for wireless transceiver ICs, GaAs still dominates among cellphone power amplifiers, according to a new study released by Strategy Analytics
2007-12-14 GaAs MMIC has gain stage, passive doubler
Mimix Broadband Inc. has introduced an active doubler in an RoHS compliant 3mm x 3mm plastic QFN package that delivers 20dBm Pout and 35dBc fundamental suppression.
2006-03-16 GaAs dielectric points past silicon
Freescale Semiconductor's laboratory recently announced that it has cracked a 40-year-old puzzlehow to deposit a defect-free dielectric on GaAs
2005-09-15 FET surpasses GaAs FETs
Toshiba has announced development of a GaN power FET that is touted to surpass the operating performance of the GaAs FET widely used in base stations for terrestrial and satellite microwave communications
2005-09-08 Consolidation hits GaAs foundry market
nsolidation hits GaAs foundry market
2010-11-11 75W GaN RF transistor delivers high peak efficiency
RF Micro Devices says GaN RF delivers superior performance ersus competing GaAs and silicon power technologies
2010-02-09 100GHz RF graphene transistor trumps GaAs ICs
Fabricated on new 2-inch graphene wafers and operating at room temperature, the RF graphene transistors are said to beat the speeds of all but the fastest GaAs transistors
2001-09-20 Silicon PIN diode and GaAs MESFET switches and their effects on linearity of digital
This application note discusses the linearity requirements for the RF sections of digital communications links and compares the low-distortion performance of silicon PIN diode and GaAs MESFET switches
2006-08-08 Mitsubishi announces sale of GaAs HEMT in Ka band
Mitsubishi Electric announced the development of a high gain version of a micro-X package HEMT, suitable for low noise amplifiers in 18-20GHz-band satellite broadcasting reception systems.
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