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2002-08-07 SwitchPoint, Gemini complete VoIP consumer trial
SwitchPoint Networks Inc. and Gemini Voice Solutions Inc. have completed a consumer trial on the latter's Broadband VoIP telephony solution over SwitchPoint's DSDN
2004-07-12 Philips to acquire U.S. consumer manufacturer Gemini
Hustling to increase its presence in the fast-growing, high-margin consumer and PC accessory market, Royal Philips Electronics announced an agreement Wednesday (July 7, 2004) to acquire consumer electronics manufacturer Gemini Industries Inc. Philips declined to disclose financial details.
2002-04-11 MathStar expands Gemini line with TIA, VCSEL driver
Targeted for 40Gbps SFF and SFP parallel modules, the MS1435 transimpedance amplifier and MS1436 VCSEL driver operate at 3.36Gbps with a 3.3V supply, and are suitable for VSR links, optical backplanes, and box-to-box and chassis-to-chassis applications.
2002-06-14 IMS demos SoC solutions at DAC
Integrated Measurement Systems Inc. has put on display its TestDeveloper, BISTMaxx and VirtualTester software products, as well as the Gemini MS SoC tester at the Design Automation Conference.
2004-12-23 GSM-based datalogger handles data management via Internet
Axelprod GSM Solutions announces what is says is the first Easy GPRS Data Logger.
2003-02-11 Exitech to use Brooks-PRI handling systems
Exitech Ltd has purchased two of Brooks-PRI Automation Inc.'s Gemini Express 5000 vacuum handling systems, including supervisory level software for controlling the systems.
2006-08-10 Dual-CPU network processors deliver 800MIPS
The Gemini family of dual-CPU network processors from StorLink Semiconductors Inc. delivers up to 800MIPS.
2008-10-24 Simulation tool upgrades multicore architectures
Gemini Design Automation, an EDA start-up, has released its simulation technology with an objective of finding solutions to the challenge of verifying complex analog and mixed-signal designs.
2008-11-04 Simulation tech enhances mixed-signal designs
Gemini Design Automation, a new company focusing on the setbacks of verifying complex analog and mixed-signal designs, has launched a fast SPICE-accurate simulation technology specifically designed to leverage the throughput advantages of multicore computing.
2010-07-29 Database optimized for massive data
Hibari, a database optimized for the reliable storage of Big Data, will be released by Gemini Mobile Technologies as an open source solution.
2009-03-09 30MW PV plant to rise in Austin, Texas
Gemini Solar Development Company LLC has been selected to build a 30MW photovoltaic (PV) solar power plant for Austin Energy, a municipal electric utility in Austin, Texas.
2014-05-28 Wafer-to-wafer bonding pulls off sub-micron accuracy
The sub-micron accuracy was achieved using Ziptronix's technology and EVG's equipment. This approach can be used to manufacture fine-pitch 3D ICs for stacked memory and SoCs, and image sensors.
2004-04-22 Sun shuffles Sparc lineup: Drops two, adds two
Under budget and manpower pressures, Sun Microsystems Inc. has redrawn the road map for its Sparc microprocessor, killing two high-profile CPUs slated for 2005 and adding two others.
2015-04-27 Slowing mobile market looks to smart watches for growth
Over the next five years, both smartphones and tablets will slump to single-digit growth levels but smart watches could rise to annual sales of 300 to 400 million units, analyst Linley Gwennap forecast.
2013-10-17 SK Hynix's 2-month lack of output to reach 260K capacity
The firm has been urgently increasing capacity at its M10 fab as well as using NAND capacity at the M12 plant for DRAM production, in hopes of minimising the impact of the fire.
2008-10-01 Preserve project knowledge with brain books
Much vital project knowledge exists only in engineers' heads. Imperfect memories, career changes and retirement means this information goes missing, often to the detriment of a current and future programs. One way to capture it is the use of brain books.
2006-07-05 Philips acquires Power Sentry
Philips has acquired, for an undisclosed sum, Power Sentry, which specializes in and is the number two player in the North American plug-in power surge protector market.
2006-03-23 NTS, SIINT announce electron, ion-beam system alliance
Carl Zeiss Nano Technology Systems and SII NanoTechnology jointly announced a global strategic alliance in the electron and ion-beam systems, service and solutions market.
2009-09-29 Low-cost 32bit CMOS processor runs at 1.5GHz
Applied Micro Circuits Corp. has rolled out a CMOS-based, 32bit processor, built around IBM Corp.'s Power Architecture.
2003-08-26 Hong Kong technology park selects Credence solutions
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corp. has partnered with Credence Systems Corp.
2014-02-17 GAn-on-SiC based HEMT pushes power at 150W
Using wafer fabrication processes, the HEMTs provide gain, efficiency, bandwidth and ruggedness over several bandwidth ranges.
2014-12-11 company hits $17M in latest funding round
Sckipio Technologies hopes to gain a sizable chunk from the market that is predicted to explode to an almost $2.9-billion opportunity by 2020.
2003-11-20 EV Group made strategic supplier by DALSA
EV Group has been selected by Dalsa Semiconductor as the strategic supplier for MEMS wafer bonding and thick polymer lithography production equipment.
2002-11-29 Credence to acquire Optonics
Credence Systems Corp. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Optonics Inc.
2007-06-25 Commentary: Hope emerges for analog layout automation
A unique combination of new technology and open infrastructure makes me believe that substantial progress can at last be made in automating analog physical design.
2015-11-18 China dominates top 500 list of supercomputers
China spent huge money at its MilkyWay-2 housed by the National Super Computer Centre, using twice as many U.S.-made Intel Xeon and Xeon-Phi processors as its nearest competitor.
2006-08-09 Carl Zeiss NTS, SIINT expand joint workstation portfolio
Carl Zeiss SMT's Nano Technology Systems division and SII NanoTechnology Inc. introduced the latest member of its CrossBeam family of combined scanning electron and focused ion beam workstations.
2009-09-04 Automating the analog design flow
Complete automation of the analog IC design flow is a concept that has been debated for decades. The EDA community has focused on automating elements of the design process. But why does 100 percent automation evade us stilland, indeed, should it even be the focus?
2010-06-17 Analyst: Acquisitions display expanding EDA view
Recently announced acquisitions in the EDA sector represent the boldest steps yet by large EDA vendors to broaden their focus and emerge from a 'myopic view.'
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