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2004-06-08 Honeywell to acquire Genesis remaining interest
Honeywell will acquire the remaining 70 percent interest of Genesis Cable Systems LLC that it did not previously own. Genesis Cable is a manufacturer of low-voltage wire and cable.
2004-04-26 Genesis, Micronas co-develop LCD TV reference design
Genesis Microchip Inc. and Micronas have jointly developed an LCD TV reference design, named the V2E.
2007-04-03 Genesis, Legend deliver DTV platform for China
Genesis Microchip and Legend Silicon announced a market-ready DTV platform customized for TV manufacturers to deliver fully featured DTVs to China quickly and cost-effectively.
2002-01-09 Genesis video-processing technology powers high-volume consumer TV apps
At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company has introduced its latest-generation video-processing technology that is targeted at high-volume consumer TV applications.
2006-06-09 Genesis unveils entry level LCD TV controller
Genesis has announced the launch of its new "Cortez Lite" entry level LCD TV controller, expanding the company's Cortez portfolio.
2003-12-09 Genesis Technology obtains license to provide SMS services in China
Genesis Technology Group Inc. (GTEC), a Sino-US business development firm, announced that the IT division of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Shanghai Yazheng (Yastock) Investment Consulting Co. Ltd, has received a license to operate as a wireless content provider, aggregator and mobile marketing provider in Shanghai.
2003-10-30 Genesis technology featured in Dell LCD TV
Genesis Microchip Inc. has entered into a licensing agreement with Dell Inc.
2004-11-30 Genesis receives patent for power management products
Genesis Electronics Inc., the merger partner of Reality Wireless Networks Inc., has received United States patent number 6,586,906 for a current regulating circuit interposed between a photovoltaic device and a battery.
2003-03-19 Genesis Microchip, Pixelworks establish spin-off company
Genesis Microchip Inc. and Pixelworks Inc. have formally executed a definitive merger agreement.
2005-07-01 Genesis Microchip, Meridian Audio ally on video processors
Image processing chip supplier Genesis Microchip Inc. and audio/video products supplier Meridian Audio Ltd have entered a strategic licensing agreement giving Meridian the right to promote Genesis' Faroudja technologies, products and brand on a global basis.
2005-07-14 Genesis Microchip to develop chips meeting DisplayPort standard
Image processing semiconductor maker Genesis Microchip has announced it would develop display controller solutions utilizing the new DisplayPort digital display interface specification.
2005-09-09 Genesis Microchip supplies TV chips to China's Konka
China-based TV maker Konka Group has made Genesis Microchip Inc. its predominant supplier of advanced TV controller chips for its LCD, CRT and plasma TV platforms.
2004-03-23 Genesis Microchip supplies Compal with video processors
Compal has selected Genesis Microchip Inc. as its primary supplier of video processing technology, and has designed the combination of Genesis' gm1501 video controller and FLI2310 video format converter into its new 17-inch, 22-inch, 27-inch and 32-inch LCD TV receiver platforms.
2004-07-27 Genesis Microchip moves to larger plants in Taiwan
Genesis Microchip Inc. has relocated its Taipei offices into larger facilities.
2003-08-29 Genesis Micro technology adopted by Vestel Electronics
Genesis Microchip has announced that Vestel Electronics has integrated its gm6015 digital video format converter into its latest 20-inch VGA systems.
2002-06-07 Genesis LCD controller incorporates RSDS
The gm5126 LCD monitor controller IC from Genesis Microchip Corp. integrates the reduced swing differential signaling LC panel interface to enable the rapid introduction of next-gen SXGA LCD monitors.
2002-05-27 Genesis IC integrates Faroudja video processing technology
Genesis Microchip Inc. has developed the a single-chip digital video format converter that integrates Faroudja Laboratories Inc. video processing technology.
2006-06-08 Genesis enters strategic agreement with Taiwan software developer
Genesis Microchip will bundle EnTech Taiwan's softOSM software with its Phoenix LCD monitor controllers.
2004-01-22 Genesis controller combo powers Samsung LCD TVs
Genesis Microchip Inc. announced that Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has selected the combination of Genesis' gm1601 display controller and FLI2310 video format converter for its new 46-inch and 57-inch LCD TV receivers.
2003-12-05 Genesis adopts MIPS cores for DTV, LCD apps
Genesis Microchip Inc. has selected MIPS Technologies Inc.'s MIPS32 4Kc core to power its next-generation DTV and LCD monitor products.
2002-09-09 Gateway PC solutions feature Genesis processors
Gateway Inc. has selected Genesis Microchip Inc.'s display image processors, the gmZAN2 and gm2120, for its latest Profile 4 All-in-One PC solutions.
2002-10-10 Fujitsu monitors to use Genesis controller
Fujitsu Ltd has integrated Genesis Microchip Inc.'s 9255 LCD monitor controller on its WXGA TFT-LCD monitors.
2003-05-26 Fujitsu latest monitor powered by Genesis processor
Fujitsu Ltd has selected Genesis Microchip's gm6015 digital TV controller to be incorporated into its latest 17-inch flat panel TV receiver.
2002-12-13 Fujitsu General integrates Genesis chip into latest display
Fujitsu General Inc. has selected Genesis Microchip Inc.'s FLI2200 digital video deinterlacer to be used on its latest 42-inch Plasmavision SlimScreen display, the P42HHS10WS.
2002-07-26 YDI, AMD to jointly market semiconductor storage, analysis products
Yield Dynamics Inc. has inked a relationship with Advanced Micro Devices Inc. to market integrated, fab-wide data storage and analysis products for semiconductor manufacturing.
2007-01-18 TV controller enables precise color control
Genesis Microchip's Torino TV controller provides TV manufacturers the ability to manipulate images for accurate color reproduction.
2006-08-07 Transmitter-receiver solution based on DisplayPort 1.0
Genesis Microchip announced it has developed the industry's first transmitter-receiver pair based on the recently adopted DisplayPort 1.0 standard proposed by VESA.
2004-05-27 Tensilica discloses design center deal with GTI
Tensilica Inc., a supplier of configurable and extensible microprocessor cores, has formed an agreement with Genesis Technology Inc. (GTI).
2003-10-07 SiGen boosts efforts on nanotechnology licensing
Silicon Genesis Corp. (SiGen) has decided to focus its efforts primarily on licensing its NanoTechnology processes.
2003-04-25 NPI buys out semiconductor test provider from Kobe Steel
Kobe Steel Ltd has agreed to transfer 65 percent of the outstanding shares of its wholly owned subsidiary Genesis Technology Inc. to GTI Holdings Inc.
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