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2013-01-25 Rolith enlists AGC to dev't anti-reflective glass
The advanced anti-reflective glass being developed by Rolith and AGC is based on the "moth eye" approach found in nature, an array of nanostructures mimicking an insect's eye
2013-07-08 Researcher adds glass microfluidics into lab-on-a-chip
Glass is seen as an attractive alternative because it is chemically resistant, transparent and can withstand higher fluid pressures than polydimethylsiloxane, which is usually used in lab-on-a-chips
2005-05-31 BOE OT to increase glass sheet production in second half
Beijing BOE Optoelectronics Technology Co. (BOE OT) will increase its monthly output of glass sheets from 30,000 units to 60,000 units at its 5G line in the second half of the year.
2003-04-10 Asahi Glass to yield PDP substrates in South Korea
Asahi Glass Co. Ltd will commence production of glass substrates for PDP in Gumi, South Korea next year
2011-05-24 AGC develops 0.1-mm sheet float glass
AGC announces its development of a thin sheet glass manufactured using the float process. The glass measures 0.1mm and is made from alkali-free glass
2013-07-25 Flexible glass finds potential in energy storage
A new use for glass is being developed by researchers in Penn State that could make future hybrid-electric and plug-in electric vehicles more affordable and reliable
2013-06-28 Atom-thick PV sheets improve solar cells
MIT researchers aim to produce the thinnest and most lightweight solar panels possible by producing a two-layer solar cell that is only 1nm thick.
2006-01-03 LG.Philips starts mass production at Paju plant
LG.Philips LCD announced that it has commenced mass production at P7, its 7th generation plant in Paju, Korea, by beginning the production of 42-inch panels from its 1,950-by-2,250mm glass substrates
2004-08-11 AUO opens 6G plant earlier than scheduled
AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) is expecting to open its new 6G plant three months ahead of schedule.
2007-02-26 Schott launches LCD JV in South Korea
Schott AG said last week it is launching a JV plant with Japan's Kuramoto to process TFT-LCD glass substrates in South Korea
2009-03-12 LG begins 8th-gen LCD production
LG Display has commenced mass production of its 8th generation LCD plant in Paju, Korea. The 8th generation LCD line will primarily manufacture 32-, 47- and 55inch TV panels from its 2,200mm X 2,500mm glass substrates
2014-12-19 Smart window powers electronic devices
The smart window technology developed by NTU scientists can adjust the amount of sunlight coming into buildings in the day, which promises savings on cooling and lighting costs.
2007-11-26 Samsung ups LCD production for large-screen TVs
Samsung Electronics will invest about $2.2 billion to increase production of LCD panels to meet rising demand for large flat-screen TVs, according to an Associated Press report.
2007-04-04 LCD maker from China strives to stay afloat
China's largest TFT-LCD maker, Beijing BOE Optoelectronics Technology Ltd, is dumping most of its interest in large-sized panels after failing to make it profitable.
2007-10-19 European firms team to develop bendable OLEDs
OLED provider Novaled AG has partnered with steel maker ArcelorMittal to develop top-emitting OLEDs on flexible substrates for signage and lighting at the steel group's research center in Belgium.
2014-11-25 Carbon nano buds boast better conductivity than ITO
The NanoBud films from Canatu Oy, a Finnish startup, could find applications in car centre consoles and dashboards, home appliance control panels, remote controls, smartwatches and flexible displays.
2005-05-26 BOE OT launches 5G LCD mass production in China
Beijing BOE Optoelectronics Technology (BOE OT) has begun full-scale production of its 5G TFT-LCD line after only one year and eight months from the commencement of facility construction in 2003.
2007-07-04 All systems go for LG's 8-up PDP production
LG has started 8-up processing of its A3 PDPs in a move that is expected to boost monthly production by 22 percent.
2011-09-01 Understanding inverters' role in the solar industry
Learn how solar inverters can eventually pave the way for further development of future energy-harvesting systems.
2005-04-07 Toray to expand CF production
Electronics manufacturer Toray Ind. has announced its production expansion plans of color filters via its facilities in Shiga
2013-10-03 Spray-based carbon nanotubes used to create low cost sensors
A team of researchers from the Technische Universit?t Mnchen recently fabricated a gas detection sensor on a flexible polymer substrate.
2008-11-13 Solar markets: Highlighting PV technology
It has been shown that solar energy harvesting will soon go mainstream, but it's not clear which of the many diverse technologies vying for dominance in this emerging market will take precedence.
2003-05-23 Shengyi Science breaks ground in Suzhou
Guangdong Shengyi Science & Technology Co. Ltd has opened its new facility located in the Suzhou Industrial Park.
2011-04-07 See through force sensing material for touchscreens
The QTC Clear force sensing material developed by Peratech aims to replace current resistive touch screen technologies or enhance capacitive ones to create solutions with more features such as 3D input.
2008-04-29 Samsung-Sony JV to build 8G TFT-LCD line
Samsung and Sony have signed a contract to establish an additional 8th generation amorphous TFT-LCD manufacturing line at their joint venture S-LCD Corp.
2005-08-04 Samsung invests $975 million in 46-inch LCD panel production
Samsung Electronics is delivering on its promise to standardize on 40- and 46-inch LCD panels for the mass TV market as it begins installing critical equipment this week at a new LCD production line for the larger displays.
2013-11-11 Researchers develop cost-efficient inkjet-based circuits
A Georgia Tech team created a novel method to rapidly and cheaply make electrical circuits by printing them with commodity inkjet printers and off-the-shelf materials.
2009-08-26 New process rolls ultrathin inorganic LEDs
The LEDs can be assembled into large arrays, offering a new approach to lighting and display systems.
2008-01-03 Nanotech enables large-area solar cell
Head of Bar-Ilan University's Nanotechnology Institute in Israel, Arie Zaban, claims he has created a solar cell 100 times bigger than a typical solar cell, using nanotechnology methods.
2016-05-04 Microchip, Micrel dispute simmers
Micrel founder Ray Zinn claims promises were broken over an agreement involving massive layoffs and equity made with Microchip's CEO Steve Sanghi.
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