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2002-04-09 GMT LDO regulator sources 300mA
The G901 LDO voltage regulator IC can source 300mA of output current with a dropout voltage of 0.45V (typ.), making it suitable for PC equipment such as CD-ROM drives, modems, mouse, keyboards, and LAN hubs.
2010-09-29 Global Sources report forecasts demand for security devices
Report indicates industry rebounding from recession, suppliers investing in R&D
2006-10-12 Global Sources opens largest-ever China Sourcing Fairs
Global Sources opened its largest-ever China Sourcing Fairs: Electronics & Components and Fashion Accessories in Hong Kong, occupying all 10 halls of Hong Kong's AsiaWorld-Expo.
2005-07-28 Global Sources opens ESC/EDA&T exhibitions in Taiwan
Global Sources has opened the fifth annual Embedded Systems Conference-Taiwan (ESC-Taiwan) and the 13th annual Electronic Design Automation & Test-Taiwan Conference & Exhibition (EDA&T-Taiwan).
2007-04-12 China Sourcing Fairs set stage for global suppliers, buyers
China Sourcing Fairs, Global Sources' specialized export trade shows, run today until the 15th at AsiaWorld Expo, Hong Kong.
2000-06-06 Techniques to Disable Global Interrupts
This application note discusses four methods of disabling global interrupts in the PIC16CXX and the PIC17C42 family of microcontrollers
2004-05-25 Techniques to disable global interrupts
This app note discusses four methods for disabling global interrupts specific to the PIC16CXXX family of products
2013-05-31 Shaky global GDP cuts IC market forecast
Europe's unsteady GDP and the United States' spending cuts are just a few of the factors that caused the slight reduction in the forecasts for the IC market.
2004-01-01 Revisit the global supply-chain evolution
The tumultuous downturn has offered automated test equipment (ATE) vendors to fine-tune this supply chain business management model to meet new challenges.
2014-07-31 Global regulations on external power supplies
Understand the evolution of the different power supply standards up to now, what the new regulations mean and how they affect the power supply market.
2013-08-19 Global industrial electronics chip revenue hit $7.7B in Q1
IHS revealed that worldwide industrial electronics chip revenue in Q1 reached $7.71 billion, up one per cent from $7.63 billion in 4Q12.
2008-09-23 Get smart about reset: Think local, not global
Some may be surprised to learn that applying a global reset to your FPGA designs is not a very good idea and should be avoided. Clearly, this is a controversial issue, so let's take a look at the reasons why such a design policy should be considered
2010-07-13 Design aidsglobal resources in PSoC Designer
This application note describes the Global Resource settings in PSoC Designer. These settings enable users to configure system level registers through an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI
2014-09-05 China plots global chip domination
A group of Chinese investors, which include a state-owned firm, offered a buyout proposal to U.S. digital imaging chipmaker OmniVisiona move that will allow China instant access to the global market
2011-05-23 China gets 60% of 2010 global solar market
China manufactured nearly 60 percent of the worldwide solar cells market last year, exporting more than 90 percent of its production.
2004-02-16 Wireless memory modules go global
Wireless handset manufacturers may use all three types of integrated solutions: stacked silicon, package-on-package stacking and silicon with integrated functions.
2004-06-18 Infineon to refocus its global design network
Despite improving business conditions, Infineon Technologies AG is reducing scaling back its international design and development centers as it struggles to manage the costs of its R&D network, industry sources said
2002-05-10 Global power sweep
This application note describes the functions of the power sweep and the many measurements it provides.
2002-10-17 Creating Global Identifiers Using 1-Wire Devices
This application note explains how to take advantage of generic and customized 1-Wire devices and well as UniqueWare ri create and manage unique identifiers.
2003-12-01 An introduction to global open Ethernet
GOE combines the streamlined functionality of MPLS-VPNs with Ethernet-based solutions to provides a cost-effective solution for next-generation Ethernet VPNs.
2005-04-08 ZigBee seminar well attended
During the Embedded Systems Forum at the ESC-China 2005, the CEO of Chipcon AG discussed the development trends of ZigBee, and announced products that are specifically targeted at this market.
2007-08-10 Who will be Asia's most outstanding manufacturer?
A total of 211 entries will be competing for the most outstanding product manufactured in Asia at the upcoming Global Sources Electronics Design Awards.
2006-08-09 Top semicon companies to showcase latest tech at ESC-Taiwan
Top semiconductor companies, including Intel, Advanced AMD, Wind River and Atmel, will display their latest technologies at the 6th Annual Embedded Systems Conference-Taiwan.
2006-02-16 The comfort zone
Leaving one's comfort zone is seen as too unsettling. However, to grow, one must move the wheel and move out of the comfort zone without thinking that it can hurt.
2005-03-16 Stage is set for April China Sourcing Fair
International buyers expanding their sourcing options gear up for the much anticipated electronics tradeshow in China.
2004-02-04 Solar cell production gains momentum, buyers jack up demand
According to a November 2003 survey conducted by Global Sources Electronic Components, demand for solar cells is on an upswing as buyers increase their inventory levels and order volumes.
2004-05-19 Mylar speaker makers raising prices
Prices of mylar speakers are poised to rise.
2006-11-22 MP3 players still favor flash over HDD
Flash-based models will continue to dominate over HDDs in the MP3 player arena in the next couple of years, according to a recent report from Global Sources.
2007-01-11 MP3 makers in China to cut prices in 2007
Eighty-three percent of Greater China MP3 suppliers will lower their product prices this year, according to a recent report from Global Sources.
2005-12-16 Loyalty and relationships
Every institution must be able to count on the loyalty of its members to function effectively.
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