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2005-06-23 Samsung increases speed of graphics DRAM
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has developed a 90nm 512Mb graphics double data rate 3 (GDDR3) DRAM, which operates at up to 8Gbytes per second, the company said.
2002-10-28 Rival graphics memory specs spread confusion
The acrimony of memory industry politicking was on display at the recently held REDEX Beijing Conference, as dissatisfaction brewed over the characterization and control of emerging graphics DRAM standards.
2008-10-08 Probable Infineon-Micron DRAM merger surfaces
While Infineon and Qimonda remain mum on negotiations with Micron, news is already spreading about the possible takeover by Micron Technology.
2013-09-27 Mobile DRAM posts improved revenue in Q2
Revenue for mobile DRAM reached $2.8 billion from April through June, up 26 per cent from $2.2 billion in Q1, according to IHS
2007-11-23 Hynix touts first 1Gbit GDDR5 DRAM
Hynix Semiconductor Inc. says it has developed the industry's first 1Gbit GDDR5 Graphics DRAM that operates at 5Gbit/s and processes up to 20GBps of data with a 32bit I/O.
2008-02-11 GDDR5 gears for bandwidth-hungry graphics
The GDDR5 technology is targeted to become the next predominant graphics DRAM standard and is eyed to boost memory bandwidth of graphics applications to a new dimension.
2009-08-11 Elpida buys Qimonda's graphics memory biz
Elpida Memory Inc. has reached an agreement to acquire Qimonda AG's technology licenses and a portion of the design assets related to graphics double-data rate (GDDR) memory architecture
2013-10-02 DRAM spot prices across the board shoot up post-SK Hynix fire
The incident at SK Hynix's Wuxi plant, which has led to a sudden surge in market demand, pushed spot market prices for mainstream PC DRAM 2Gb to 36 per cent since the day of the fire, noted TrendForce
2005-12-07 DRAM processes 11.6GB in 1s
Hynix Semiconductor's 16Mx32 512Mb GDDR4 operates at 2.9Gbps and processes 11.6GB of data in 1 second.
2005-12-14 ATI selects Infineon DRAM for notebook PC solution
Infineon announced that its 512Mb GDDR3 graphics DRAM was selected by ATI for use with its Mobility Radeon X1600 graphics processor targeting notebook PCs.
2008-05-23 AMD supports Qimonda's GDDR5 graphics standard launch
Qimonda has announced that it has won AMD as launch partner for its new graphics standard GDDR5
2010-07-27 50nm 2Gb GDDR5 DRAM suits high-performance apps
Elpida Memory Inc. unveils a 50nm process 2Gb GDDR5 graphics DRAM using copper interconnects.
2009-07-30 Yield issues may hurt graphics IC market
Yield issues in the graphics chip market are causing a possible shortfall in shipments at the high-end, according to an analyst
2007-10-12 XDR DRAM transfers data at 9.6GBps
Elpida Memory and Rambus claim the industry's fastest DRAMthe 512Mbit, 4.8GHz XDR DRAM, with a data transfer rate of 9.6GBps
2005-04-05 XDR DRAM eyes digital consumer apps
Elpida Memory is sampling a 512Mb XDR DRAM that operates at 3.2GHz and provides a data transfer rate of 6.4GBps
2012-10-16 TSMC preps CoWoS test car with JEDEC Wide I/O DRAM Interface
The company's CoWoS technology provides the front-end manufacturing through chip on wafer bonding process before forming the final component.
2008-06-11 SoC with eDRAM fit for mobile VGA graphics apps
NEC Electronics Corp. has commenced shipment of the ?PD809400 for mobile phones, music players, and other portable devices.
2003-03-26 SMIC uses Mentor Graphics' tools in wafer production
Semiconductor Mfg Int. Corp. has chosen Mentor Graphics Corp.'s tools, including Calibre, IC Station, and Eldo, for volume production of 8-inch wafers
2002-06-07 SiS, VIA ramp challenge to graphics chip leaders
VIA Technologies Inc. is slipping into the competitive market for discrete desktop PC graphics chips just as crosstown rival Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. is honing its strategy for stealing business from lead suppliers NVIDIA Corp. and ATI Technologies Inc
2006-10-30 Samsung unveils 'first' 50nm DRAM chip
Samsung Electronics recently announced that it has developed what it touts as the industry's first 50nm DDR2 DRAM chip, which promises to increase production efficiency from the 60nm level by 55 percent
2005-06-30 Samsung unveils 'fastest 2Gbps 90nm 512Mb GDDR3 DRAM
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has developed what it touts as the industry's fastest 2Gbps 90nm 512Mb graphics double data rate 3 DRAM.
2006-10-20 Samsung touts 'first' 50nm DRAM chip
Samsung Electronics announced that it has developed the industry's first 50nm DDR2 DRAM chip, touted to increase production efficiency from the 60nm level by 55 percent
2004-12-14 Samsung ships 512Mb GDDR3 DRAM samples
Samsung said it has begun shipping the world's first 512Mb GDDR3 synchronous DRAM for graphics card makers as well as electronic game console manufacturers.
2005-01-31 Samsung rolls out XDR DRAM with 8GBps transfer speed
Samsung announced that it has begun mass producing 256Mb XDR DRAM, its next-generation memory device for multimedia apps
2004-09-13 Samsung memory with 2Gbs of AND Flash, 512Mbs mobile DRAM
Samsung developed a 2.5Gb four-die multi-chip package designed for use in third-generation mobile phones.
2005-11-11 Samsung mass produces first 90nm 512Mb mobile DRAM
Samsung Electronics has started to mass produce 512Mb dynamic random access memory (DRAM) for mobile products, using 90nm circuitry
2005-10-28 Samsung develops ultra-fast GDDR4 graphics memory
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has developed what it touts as the industry's fastest computer graphics memory. The GDDR4 memory can process 10GB of gaming and video images per second
2005-01-21 Samsung develops 512MB DRAM for mobile devices
Samsung has completed a working prototype of a 512MB DRAM for mobile products that operates at up to 333Mbps, transmitting 32 bits of data simultaneously
2006-02-20 Samsung claims fastest graphics memory chip
Samsung Electronics is claiming the world's fastest graphics memory chip
2003-07-14 Rambus discusses latest XDR DRAM
Rambus Inc. in cooperation with Toshiba Corp. and Elpida Memory Inc. has revealed the details of the new XDR DRAM based on its XDR memory interface technology
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