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2003-10-15 Sony names QuickLogic as "Green" Partner
Sony Corp. has granted QuickLogic Corp. a certificate indicating QuickLogic's compliance with the Sony Green Partner Environmental Quality Approval Program.
2003-11-13 Sony names California Micro as 'Green' partner
Sony Corp. has granted a Green Partner certification to California Micro Devices, a supplier of Application Specific Integrated Passive devices.
2003-12-10 Sony makes Tripath latest 'Green Partner'
Sony Corp. has granted Tripath Technology Inc. a 'Green Partner' certification. Tripath is a fabless digital media semiconductor company that focuses on the manufacture of power amplifiers.
2008-12-03 Social, economic forces: a tug of war for 'green' handsets
ABI Research found that very few handset manufacturers are highly motivated to produce lines of green phones, as they face the economic realities of 'going green.'
2012-08-13 SoC combines HomePlug Green PHY and ZigBee technologies
Silicon Valley-based Greenvity Communications fuses powerline and wireless communications for smart energy management and electric vehicles.
2008-04-30 SMC GbE switches support IBM 'green' servers
SMC Networks' 10- and 1GbE switches will be offered as components in IBM's iDataPlex, an inexpensive, custom-configured rack system featuring design innovations in cooling and efficiency to address Web 2.0 needs.
2008-05-05 SMB networks go green with 65nm GbE switches
Broadcom's 65nm single-chip GbE switch solutions were designed to support low-power modes and comply with industry standards, while using packaging materials free of lead and other harmful toxins, enabling 'green' switch products for the SMB market.
2008-12-11 Small is beautiful for green-tech newbies
Les Fritzemeier heads up a tiny solar-energy start-up that most people have never heard of, Wakonda Technologies. But rather than worry about being steamrolled by the sliding economy, he feels like he's in a great spot.
2011-03-11 Singapore takes R&D initiatives to green its electronics
With increased awareness of climate change issues, green electronics will be the underlying theme for both manufacturers and consumers. Singapore is addressing these issues through R&D initiatives.
2004-01-22 Simtek obtains Sony Green Partner certificate
Simtek Corp. has been named a Sony Green Partner for participating in Sony's environmental quality improvement program.
2006-06-16 Signal conditioning car ICs go green
The challenges of converting to green, lead free packaging in the automotive environment can be daunting. However, by considering devices that meet and exceed requirements, a system designer will be able to successfully mitigate the associated engineering risks.
2011-04-04 Sharp's Green Front Sakai to produce crystalline solar cells
Sharp begins mass production of single crystalline solar cells at its Green Front, Sakai plant.
2007-07-27 Sharp hops on 'green' wagon with G-PAS
Sharp's Green-Product Assessment System (G-PAS) is designed to enhance development efficiency and environmental performance simultaneously in areas such as energy consumption, use of resources, safety and product recycling.
2009-10-06 Sharp green plant starts LCD production
Sharp's green fab uses photo-alignment technology that makes it possible to produce 40-inch LCD panels and larger.
2009-11-06 Samsung, Microsoft tie up to boost green IT
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and Microsoft Corp. have partnered to promote efficient energy usage in computers.
2009-05-15 Samsung, IMEC team up on green radios
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and IMEC have signed a memorandum of understanding to lay down their intent to collaborate on technologies for green radios. The research collaboration topics will include cognitive reconfigurable radio baseband and millimeter-wave wireless communications technologies.
2008-06-16 Samsung launches green strategy
Newly-appointed Samsung Electronics CEO Lee Yoon-Woo has disclosed the company's environment-friendly strategy during his latest visit to China, according to a report.
2012-01-06 Samsung gets green light for memory fab in China
The planned 300mm wafer fab is scheduled to have a manufacturing capacity of 100,000 wafer starts per month, making it about half the size of Samsung's Line-16 megafab.
2010-05-13 Samsung dips $21B in green, health biz
The Samsung group of companies plans to allocate 23.3 trillion won (about $20.6 billion) in five emerging businesses over the next decade, according to reports.
2007-07-06 Samsung advances technology for green electronics
Samsung announced it has succeeded in introducing more than a half dozen technological advancements that extend battery life in notebooks, MP3 players, digital cameras, video camcorders.
2007-02-27 Rohm's new tech to pave way for green laser diode
ROHM announced that it has established a crystalline growth technology of non-polar gallium nitride, and succeeded in the trial production of a blue-violet laser diode.
2009-04-07 Researchers tap viruses for 'green' batteries
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers claim that genetically-engineered viruses can be used to assemble tiny batteries that can then be printed on plastic films.
2002-05-22 Researchers seek 'green' chip-fabrication techniques
A research team at the University of Arizona is working to develop environmentally friendly chip-fabrication chemistries that consume fewer resources and produce fewer hazardous byproducts than conventional techniques.
2011-04-28 Researchers enhance green LED light output
Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have developed a new method that they claim will aid in manufacturing green-colored LEDs with greatly enhanced light output.
2009-05-07 Report urges China to boost green procurement
Results from IDC's 2008 green poll conducted with IT decision makers in the Asia Pacific region revealed that when green requirements are specified in a request for proposal (RFP), only 9.7 percent of the respondents in China say that they are mandatory.
2009-08-26 ReneSola gets green light on Wuzhong project
ReneSola has signed a letter of intent to develop a 150MW, $706 million on-grid solar power project.
2009-09-28 ReneSola buys Dynamic Green Energy
China's ReneSola Ltd has signed a share purchase agreement for Dynamic Green Energy Ltd.
2005-07-12 Reference design boosts green chargers
Power Integrations' 3W charger reference design, the DI-84, consumes <30mW of no-load power, which easily meets the requirements of the California Energy Commission, whose no-load standard is 0.5W.
2002-11-13 QuickLogic SoC compatible with Green Hills environment
QuickLogic Corp. has announced that its QuickMIPS programmable SoC has been certified to support Green Hills Software's INTEGRITY RTOS and MULTI 2000 IDE.
2009-07-01 Quartz MEMS paint pressure sensors green
Epson Toyocom has disclosed a quartz MEMS technology that eliminates the hazardous oils and gases used in most high-precision pressure sensors, making pressure sensors greener.
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