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2010-10-07 Quantum Dot laser wins Green IT Award
QD Laser Inc., Fujitsu Ltd and the University of Tokyo have just announced that, as one of the highlights of the Green IT Awards 2010 granted by Japan's Green IT Promotion Council, they have been awarded by the Ministry of Trade, Economy and Industry Minister Award in the category of "Savings in IT-related Energy Consumption" for their quantum dot semiconductor laser technology.
2007-11-14 Qimonda, Supermicro partner on green computing
Qimonda and Super Micro Computer have joined forces to develop an energy-efficient memory technology for high-performance computing.
2008-06-02 Power-over-Ethernet goes green
Here's how the efficiency of PoE systems compares to traditional wall adapters in various applications, and how new techniques and technologies, including dynamic power management and emergency power management, promise to make new PoE solutions more power- and cost-efficient.
2007-06-19 Power supply to enable green, energy-saving data centers
APC-MGE is preparing an uninterruptible power supply that will address two of the biggest concerns facing data centers today: the need for increased power density and the need to be green.
2009-02-19 Power converter harnesses green energy
Freescale Semiconductor Inc. has developed an integrated mixed-signal chip that can convert the output from a single solar cell into a usable power source.
2003-01-06 Philips develops EL material that generates red, green light
Researchers at Philips, collaborating with the University of Amsterdam, have developed the first electroluminescent (EL) material that can generate either red or green light.
2006-12-04 PC makers need to align with 'green' regulations, warns Gartner
Computer and electronics manufacturers need to invest in R&D that will align their upcoming products with "green" regulations and laws that are bound to be coming down the road, analysts from Gartner warned.
2009-02-10 Panel meters come in blue, green LED versions
Murata Power Solutions' low-power, high brightness, three-and-a-half digit, DMS-20PC digital panel voltmeters are now available with 'brilliant blue' or 'pure green' LED colors in addition to the current 'low-power red'.
2016-03-02 Palapa optic fibre network project gets the green light
Find out how the implementation of the optic fibre network project is a critical move in bridging the digital divide in Indonesia and provide opportunities to the people for further prosperity.
2008-07-09 NXP customizes green ICs toward sustainability
NXP recently said that the company has developed and produced the third-generation power management ICs, and over the past decade, has made a dramatic contribution toward environmental sustainability.
2008-07-25 NXP 'green' PC solution gets 80 PLUS Gold rating
NXP Semiconductors has rolled that its GreenChip PC chipset has achieved 80 PLUS Gold certification for a reference design, as set by Ecos Consulting and the 80 PLUS Program.
2008-03-31 Numonyx set to get green light
Intel and STMicroelectronics' flash-memory joint venture Numonyx is finally expected to be approved this week.
2008-04-14 Nokia: Green handsets still years away
Mobile phones from recycled materials are still a few years away from reaching consumers' hands, said Markus Terho, director at Nokia's environmental affairs unit.
2008-07-04 Nokia receives green light on Navteq purchase
Nokia reports it has received unconditional approval from the European Commission for its planned acquisition of Navteq.
2008-09-19 Nokia grabs top spot in green electronics list
Greenpeace's latest Guide to Greener Electronics revealed that five leading brands are making significant progress in greening their electronics products.
2007-12-14 Newsmakers: Shades of Green
Electronics companies use the word "green" so often it is starting to lose its impact. The question begs to be asked: What does green mean?
2008-07-24 New PC on the block elevates green computing
A new "green" PC that consumes only 2W of power also lays claim to integrated software and "cloud computing" on a par with desktop PCs.
2008-05-19 NEC, Sanyo make Li-ion batteries for 'green' cars
Sanyo Electric and NEC last week were reported to have entered separate partnerships with carmakers for the manufacture of Li-ion batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles.
2008-09-12 National Semi CEO joins 'green revolution'
In late 1990s, when General Motors launched its oversized off-road vehicle Hummer, Brian Halla, chairman and CEO of National Semiconductor, has snapped up one of the $50,000-plus gas-guzzlers.
2009-05-08 Motorola paints GSM phone 'green'
The green revolution has been waiting patiently for the mobile handset industry to catch up. With the W233 Renew, Motorola attempts to oblige with a carbon-neutral, mostly recyclable entry-level GSM offering.
2010-11-03 Microvision produces pico projector prototype with "direct green" lasers
Benchtop prototype of pico projector created using "direct green" lasers
2012-08-02 Microchip's SMSC purchase given a green light
China cleared Microchip Technology's $939 million acquisition of Standard Microsystems.
2006-09-05 Micro-sized AC/DC suits 'green power' apps
Designed for standby mode and "green power" applications, Bias Power's expanded BPS micro-size AC/DC switching power supplies are available in 0.5W and 1W models.
2012-09-28 Medical, industrial magnetic MEMS getting green boost
Accordong to IHS iSuppli's latest magnetic sensor report, the market for semiconductor magnetic sensors used in industrial and medical application has expanded by 6 per cent last year.
2007-01-09 Medical AC/DC supply meets Green standards
Advanced Power Solutions' new desktop switchers comply with "Green" energy efficiency standards that call for minimal input power under no-load conditions.
2007-10-03 Matsushita group joins green movement in China
Panasonic Corp. of China and its parent company Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. have announced their commitment to help optimize local environmental conservation in three key areas of product manufacturing.
2007-11-20 Marvell paints electronics 'green'
Scoring its initial win in the green arena, Marvell earlier this month announced a digital PFC technology for power supplies, which the company claims could raise power efficiencies in computing applications, such that it could actually cut in half power generation.
2008-05-21 Malaysia's Green Packet gets Intel funding on WiMAX
Apart from investing about $15.46 million in Malaysia's Green Packet, Intel will also work with Packet One to deploy the country's first nationwide WiMAX network.
2004-02-20 Mainland China connector makers churn out green products
Connector makers in mainland China are adopting environment-friendly materials following a ban by Europe and Japan on import of components with lead content.
2009-07-23 Low-loss LED driver improves a system's green footprint by boosting efficiency and extending battery life
Because many systems are battery powered, energy efficiency is key to maximizing each battery charge and the system's operating time. By improving battery efficiency, you also improve the system's "green" footprint.
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