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2007-07-25 Greenpeace: Electronic firms step up green efforts
A Greenpeace report gave a relatively positive assessment of the environmental practices of electronics manufacturers, saying most had stepped up efforts to green their products and operations.
2008-01-22 Greenpeace: Car industry's green claims a fairy tale
As automobile shows opened in Brussels and Vienna last week, Greenpeace International challenged European car manufacturers to stop undermining a European proposal for more fuel-efficient cars, and instead take real action to lower the climate impact of their fleets.
2006-10-19 Green-mode power adapter suits HD DVD players
Adapter Technology has launched the STD series of green mode, environment-friendly power adapters that are suitable for external HD DVD players.
2007-02-09 Green-LED flash aids auto-focus digicams in the dark
Avago has introduced a green, high-brightness auto focus auxiliary flash LED to assist the auto focusing function in digicams used in low ambient light conditions.
2005-11-25 Green, smart materials set for major growth -- report
The shift to more environmental methods of producing electronic and electrical equipment may be causing headaches for many suppliers, but it is generating healthy growth for makers of 'green' materials, according to a soon to be published report form market research group Business Communications Co Inc.
2008-08-22 Green trends heat up for next designs
Gone are the days when design was, well, design. Today it's DFM, design-for-quality, design-for-cost and DfE.
2009-02-11 Green tech to fuel IC innovation
Green technology will drive semiconductor innovations in and beyond silicon across a wide variety of applications, according to Rene Penning de Vries, chief technology officer of NXP Semiconductors.
2009-01-29 Green tech gets a boost with new tech center
International Sematech Manufacturing Initiative has launched its new Environment, Safety and Health Technology Center dedicated to providing green technology solutions that lead to reduced energy consumption, lower costs and greater productivity in semiconductor manufacturing.
2006-02-01 Green semiconductor packaging: Addressing the environmental concerns of the 21st century
No development can proceed without closely examining the environmental impact of using a product and its compliance with global environmental regulations.
2011-06-13 Green programming cuts power use up to 90%
University of Washington researchers have developed a system that could reduce energy consumptions in simulations by up to 50 percent and cut total energy consumption as much as 90 percent.
2011-01-17 Green Power Processor provides platform for energy-saving power supply designs
The Green Power Processor combines mixed-signal technology, multi-threaded hardware, low-power features and optimizations to provide a platform for the development of energy-efficient power supply designs.
2002-05-22 Green Point announces third-phase expansion of Suzhou plant
Taiwan-based Green Point Ent. Co. Ltd, a manufacturer of housings and plastic parts for mobile phones, is implementing the third-phase expansion of its offshore factory in Suzhou, China.
2013-03-28 Green Peak's radio chip touts Wi-Fi, ZigBee coexistence
The GP501 contains Deep Packet Inspection, allowing deep sleep modes of set-top boxes by means of Wake-on-LAN messages. ZigBee shares the 2.4GHz frequency band with other Wi-Fi equipment.
2009-11-09 Green Packet bags Singapore WiMAX license
Pacnet has agreed to transfer its redundant FBO license in Singapore and WBA spectrum right to Green Packet Berhad's Singapore company, Packet One Pte Ltd (P1).
2007-05-08 Green nanotechnology is simple, says report
A new study from the Woodrow Wilson Center details how nanomaterials can be created that are not only safe, but also cost less and perform better than conventional materials.
2008-08-14 Green movement steers automotive MCU vendors
With the ongoing crises of increasing fuel prices and environmental degradation, the need for maximizing fuel efficiency and reducing emission among vehicles escalates. These factors when taken seriously drive the demand for green optimization of MCUs.
2009-06-03 Green memory: key to driving down data center power
In servers, the notoriously voracious microprocessor is passing the power-hog mantle to the DRAM. Thus the greening of the data center includes a focus on lower-voltage DRAMs, non-volatile alternatives and the emerging category of storage-class memories.
2009-01-08 Green light for AMD-Abu Dhabi deal
The U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment, which reviews transactions involving strategic industries, has cleared a foundry investment deal between government-owned Advanced Technology Investment Corp. of Abu Dhabi and Advanced Micro Devices.
2011-09-05 Green LED as substitute for LDO regulator
Learn how a single green LED can replace a 1.8V LDO regulator in a level-translator circuit.
2006-07-17 Green IC packaging addresses environmental concerns
As new environmental regulations are enacted and a universal recognition of the benefits of Green design and manufacturing practices percolates, adherence to manufacturing regulations will become a basic requirement for participation in world markets.
2008-08-28 Green hybrid cars drive change in IC landscape
For years automotive manufacturers have been working on drive technologies intended to reduce the dependency on oil and at improving emissions.
2003-08-07 Green Hills SuperTrace targets hardware debugging
Green Hills Software has announced a hardware trace probe that brings high-speed software trace collection to processors with embedded trace ports.
2003-03-26 Green Hills Software to provide Motorola RTOS support
Green Hills Software Inc. will support Motorola Corp's PowerQUICCT III family of processors with its Integrity RTOS.
2003-06-06 Green Hills software to power Boeing system
Green Hills Software Inc. has announced that Boeing has selected its MULTI IDE system for the latter's LMRS.
2003-09-10 Green Hills Software releases 4D debugger
Green Hills Software Inc. has introduced the TimeMachine 4D debugger that provides complete visibility into an apps' precise behavior.
2003-06-02 Green Hills software debugs ThreadX apps
Green Hills Software Inc.'s Run-Mode JTAG Debug is a new way to debug real-time systems with its MULTI debugger and Express Logic's ThreadX RTOS.
2003-04-25 Green Hills opens offices throughout U.S., Canada
Green Hills Software Inc. has announced an expansion plan which addresses the increasing demand for the company's products and services.
2004-04-14 Green Hills calls Linux 'insecure' for defense
A storm has erupted in the embedded community, with real-time OSs house Green Hills charging that Linux is fundamentally insecure and wide open to security breaches by "foreign intelligence agencies and terrorists."
2012-07-23 Green Grid unveils research on energy policy and implications
A recent report seeks to help IT executives understand the impact of energy policies and the green policy landscape.
2007-08-09 Green Grid to release road map on data center power
Green Grid, a non-profit consortium aimed at advancing energy efficiency in data centers, will publish an initial technology road map before the end of the year.
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