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2010-09-23 2010 TV Innovation Awards deadline for entries fast approaching
The deadline for nominations for IMS Research's 2010 TV Innovation Awards is October 15, 2010
2009-01-06 2009 IC fearless forecasts
2009 is just beginning to unfold in the electronics industry and there is already a looming uncertainty based on recent industry data.
2004-12-23 2004: Mergers, convergence, and Wi-Fi as a public utility
In 2004, cities started treating wireless broadband like sewage and water, converged devices started flying off the shelves and the U.S. wireless industry got smaller.
2010-01-18 200/250V MOSFETs claim lowest figure of merit
Infineon has launched a family of 200V and 250V power MOSFETs for synchronous rectification in 48V systems, DC/DC converters, UPS and inverters for DC motor drives.
2006-06-14 1W LEDs offer high brightness, wide viewing angle
Optek's new single-packaged LEDs, part of its Lednium Series of solid state lighting devices, offer up to 38 lumens and a full 120 viewing angle.
2007-06-12 1Mbit serial EEPROM is housed in 4.4mm package
Atmel Corp. has developed the industry's first 1Mbit serial EEPROM in an 8-lead TSSOP (4.4mm) package.
2008-07-08 1Mbit serial EEPROM completes data transfer in 1sec
STMicroelectronics has launched 1MHz two-wire serial EEPROMs in 256Kbit, 512Kbit and 1Mbit densities, compatible with I?C Fast-Mode-Plus allowing data rates up to 2.5x faster than the I?C Fast-mode.
2010-09-13 1GHz programmable DSP core touts energy efficiency
CEVA's new 1GHz programmable DSP core, CEVA-X1643, incorporates native cached memory system, innovative power scaling unit and configurable ARM AXI bus interface.
2010-04-23 1GHz processor delivers up to 2,000 DMIPS
AppliedMicro has launched the APM 821xx processor, a single-core device that deliver high performance, high integration and energy efficiency for multi-function storage applications
2010-09-15 16th annual global mobile awards nominations now open
GSMA recently announced that the Global Mobile Awards 2011 are now open for entries.
2007-11-21 16M-color DDI rolls for AMOLED handset displays
Samsung Electronics says it has developed a 16M-color display driver IC for active matrix OLED displays used in mobile phones and handheld devices.
2006-12-15 16Kbit FRAM meets stringent automotive benchmarks
Ramtron's 16Kbit, 5V, SPI FRAM memory device has been qualified to AEC-Q100 standards.
2008-01-03 16-channel switches promise high-resolution imaging
Supertex has released two high voltage, 16-channel analog switchesHV2631 and HV2731aimed at medical ultrasound diagnostic imaging equipment and non-destructive testing applications.
2010-01-05 112M large LED-backlit LCD TVs to sell in 2013
iSuppli forecasts that global shipments of LED-backlit LCD-TV 40-inches and larger will grow at a CAGR of 405 percent 2008-2013.
2008-04-17 10Gbit FCoE drives data center convergence
The release of the first products for Fibre Channel over 10GbE fuels a broad industry drive to run networking, storage and clustering traffic over a single, mainstream pipe in tomorrow's data centers.
2011-08-15 100V power-efficient MOSFETs boast low on-resistance
Two new MOSFETsAOT290L and AOT2918Ltarget medium voltage primary-side power applications such as telecom, datacom and power supply devices.
2009-07-23 100V ceramic capacitors handle automotive apps
TDK Electronics has developed a new generation of 100V-rated ceramic chip capacitors that offers the high level of capacitance for mid-voltage applications in devices half the size of their predecessors.
2009-11-23 10 technologies to look forward to in 2010
EE Times has compiled emerging technologies that have potential to change the electronics landscape in 2010.
2010-09-06 1.8A dual POL regulator comes in a small MLPQ package
Semtech Corp. launched the SC283, which the maker says is currently the smallest 1.8A dual-channel regulator for point-of-load (POL) applications. The device incorporates two step-down regulators in an ultra-small, low-profile 2mm x 3mm x 0.8mm, 18-pad MLPQ package, also with integrated VID pins.
2009-10-20 'First' 144Mbit SRAMs achieve 550MHz clock speed
The 65nm SRAMs offer up to half standby and dynamic current consumption compared with 90nm SRAMs.
2008-02-06 'First' 1.4?m; 5Mpixel image sensor rolls for handsets
Eastman Kodak Co. has introduced the KAC-05020 image sensor, claimed to be the first 1.4?, 5MP device, combining Kodak's Color Filter Pattern technology with a new CMOS pixel.
2007-01-09 'E-Waste' restrictions to echo globally
Strengthening EU policies on electronic and chemical waste will reverberate around the world, according to two academic experts.
2001-12-16 Mastering signal integrity fundamentals
The author shows why a solid foundation in signal integrity issues and analysis is a must for IC- and PCB-design engineers. The article describes the necessary learning required.
2009-06-12 Low voltage DC supply dimmable ballast for 1 x 36W T8 lamp
It is possible to design an effective dimmable ballast based around the IR21592 that is powered from a low voltage DC supply instead of the AC line. This application note shows a ballast for a single 36W T8 lamp driven from a 30V DC supply.
2003-06-27 IR2167: Universal Input Dual Lamp Ballast Series Configuration for T8/32W and T8/36W
This application note provides a description and schematic diagram of the IR2167 dual lamp ballast control IC when used is series configuration for T8/32W and T8/36W lamps.
2003-06-27 IR2167: Universal Input Dual Lamp Ballast Parallel Configuration for T8/32W and T8/36W
This application note provides a description and schematic diagram of the IR2167 dual lamp ballast control IC when used is parallel configuration for T8/32W and T8/36W lamps.
2004-08-02 Evaluate carefully your RF production test options
While complex wireless devices are a test engineer's nightmare, help is at hand in the form of advanced test devices.
2000-05-01 Electrical thresholds for identifying crosstalk aggressor nets
Design engineers must identify crosstalk aggressors to reduce crosstalk to acceptable levels. The challenge is to identify all nets that are significantly coupled through crosstalk prior to actual simulation.
2001-04-17 Design notes for a 2-pole filter with differential input
This application note outlines the design steps required to select component values for the CS4329 evaluation board.
2001-04-17 ADC input buffer and protection techniques
This application note describes suitable buffer/protection circuits for Crystal Semiconductor's CS5336 family of A/D converters.
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