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2011-09-02 Three-axis gyroscope boasts 10.5mm3 footprint
STMicroelectronic's L3G3250A three-axis analog gyroscope claims to be the first to meet the demand for smaller footprints in applications such as gaming and virtual reality input devices.
2010-06-16 Optimizing MEMS gyroscope performance with digital control
The ADIS16060 is a 14bit digital MEMS gyroscope that uses a serial peripheral interface (SPI) to facilitate data communication and channel selection.
2002-09-24 Murata ships smaller gyroscope
Murata Ltd's latest ENC-03M surface-mount piezoelectric gyroscope is 60 percent smaller than the company's previous ENC-03J sensor.
2008-09-16 MEMS gyroscope upgrades system production, efficiency
STMicroelectronics has launched the LY530AL MEMS gyroscope that offers a choice of analog or digital absolute angular-rate outputs, which enhance design flexibility, ease integration and save external components.
2010-06-10 iPhone 4 equipped with MEMS gyroscope
Confirming earlier speculation, Apple Inc. has unveiled the iPhone 4 smart phone sporting a MEMS gyroscope.
2015-04-17 Honeywell, Northrup Grumman lead gyroscope market
Yole Developpement ranked the top 18 high-performance gyroscope vendors by their sales of that category of product in a market that is valued at $1.37 billion.
2008-06-13 Gyroscope sensors tout extended supply voltage range
STMicroelectronics has introduced the LISY300AL, a 7mm x 7mm x 1.5mm surface-mount MEMS single-axis yaw gyroscope for angular rate sensing up to 300</s.
2012-01-12 Dual-core MEMS gyroscope supports UI, OIS apps
ST's L3G4IS MEMS motion sensor enables both user interface and image stabilization applications at the same time in mobile devices.
2011-08-26 Digital gyroscope boasts noise, vibration immunity
STMicroelectronics has launched the L3GD20, which combines high sensing resolution with immunity to audio noise and vibrations, making motion-sensing user interfaces more realistic.
2010-05-17 Coming soon: Gyroscope-equipped smart phones
Gyroscopes will become ubiquitous in smart phones because they can support new user interface modes, enhance online gaming experience and perform indoor navigation.
2014-12-01 BAW gyroscope outdoes MEMS in accuracy
The bulk acoustic wave (BAW) single-axis gyroscope uses a different approach than the traditional "tuning fork" type of architecture used by all other MEMS gyroscopes.
2013-05-06 6-axis motion tracker combines gyroscope, accelerometer
InvenSense rolled the MPU-6521 MEMS SoC that the firm said is the world's smallest 6-axis solution for smartphones, tablets, gaming devices, motion-based remote control and wearable sensors.
2012-08-13 3-axis MEMS gyroscope boasts power, design improvement
ST's L3GD20H gyroscope claims to be the smallest in the industry at 3 x 3 x 1mm geared for advanced motion-sensing applications.
2009-11-03 Yole: MEMS to rebound by 2011
The MEMS market has been flat since 2007, from $7.1 billion in 2007, to $6.8 billion in 2008 to an estimated $6.9 billion in 2009 but Yole D辿veloppement expects a restart of the net growth after 2010.
2012-09-14 X-Fab claims the first open platform MEMS 3D process
X-Fab's 3-D sensor process is suitable for applications ranging from mobile devices, consumer goods, games and toys, automotive, robotics, industrial and medical equipment.
2015-10-12 What you need to know about sensor fusion
Here is a look at the general concept of sensor fusion, the historical perspective, and two detailed cases!inertial sensor fusion and image fusion.
2007-04-17 Using the ADXRS150/ADXRS300 in continuous self-test mode
ADI's ADXRS150/ADXRS300 includes a self-test feature that stimulates the sensing structures and the associated electronics in the same manner as if subjected to angular rate. The response to this self-test input can be used to monitor the gyro for reliability.
2012-10-01 Ultrabooks to boost motion sensor sales
Global sales of motion sensors!including accelerometers, gyroscopes and compasses!used in ultrabooks will expand to $117.3 million by 2016, up from just $8.3 million this year, said IHS.
2010-02-22 Three-axis gyro ups accuracy in consumer apps
STMicroelectronics has unveiled a three-axis digital gyroscope that employs a single sensing structure for motion measurement along all three orthogonal axes.
2009-11-04 Three-axis gyro chip packs MEMS resonators
InvenSense has developed a three-axis gyroscope chip that combines separate MEMS resonators for motion tracking, offering a cheaper alternative for game controllers and remote control devices.
2010-07-06 Three-axis accelerometer consumes as low as 2?A
STMicroelectronics introduces a three axis accelerometer with low power consumption, miniature footprint and enhanced functionality.
2007-04-17 Temperature measurement theory and practical techniques
If one end of a PCB is at a higher temperature, energy is transferred down the PCB towards the colder end. The higher speed particles collide with the slower ones with a net transfer of energy to the slower ones.
2011-03-29 STMicroelectronics engine expands motion sensing in CE
STMicroelectronics' iNEMO filtering and predictive software engine integrates the output from a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis magnetometer to deliver accurate and reliable sensor performance as required by motion-based apps in smart consumer devices.
2012-09-13 ST rolls MCUs, outs dev kit with on-board 9-axis MEMS
The STM32 F3 Discovery Kit, features built-in MEMS sensors!gyroscope and e-compass!with nine degrees of freedom (DOF), enabling competitively priced sensor-fusion applications.
2012-10-31 ST readies MEMS for incoming Win8 Tablets
STMicroelectronics has collaborated with Microsoft to develop a motion and orientation Human Interface Device sensor solution for the Windows 8 operating system.
2012-03-28 ST expands iNemo with 9-axis inertial sensor
The sensor module claims to enable advanced movement and location-sensitive apps, location-based services and indoor navigation on portable devices.
2014-11-07 ST begins novel prod'n process for MEMS sensors
The company started production of MEMS sensors using its proprietary THELMA60 (60um thick epi-poly layer for micro-gyroscopes and accelerometers) surface-micromachining fabrication process.
2015-03-06 Smart watch reference model speeds up device prototyping
The TZ1001 from Toshiba combines an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and optical pulse sensor to enable smart watch designs for sport watch applications.
2013-05-08 Shikino, A*STAR to develop gyro-sensor ASIC IP block
The research agreement will see the development of a low power and high performance gyro-sensor ASIC IP block for commercial hand held applications.
2009-05-05 Pitch-and-yaw MEMS gyro readies for Wii
InvenSense Inc. has launched what is claimed to be the first pitch-and-yaw MEMS gyroscope, that is able to sense the two axes used by remote controls and baton-shaped game controllers like the Wii, creating a new category of 3D motion sensor.
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