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2004-11-29 How to use the FTL and HAL software modules to manage data in single level cell NAND flash memories
This app note provides an overview of the architecture of the flash translation layer (FTL) and hardware adaptation layer (HAL) software modules, which allow operating systems to read and write to NAND flash memory devices in the same way as disk drives.
2001-05-01 HAL levels the playing field
A case study shows that the hot air leveling (HAL) process is more robust and capable than what everyone thought. This article discusses some of the advantages HAL has to offer.
2015-09-02 HAL firmware eases embedded system dev't
ST's HAL firmware in the design ecosystem of its STM32 ARM Cortex-M core 32bit MCUs is compliant with the MISRA C guidelines and the ISO/TS16949 standard for automotive quality system management.
2009-01-14 Guidelines for developing a Nios II HAL device driver
This application note explains the process of developing and debugging a hardware abstraction layer (HAL) software device driver, to aid device driver development for the HAL of the Nios II system.
2001-04-25 Embedded 1394 LynxSoft hardware abstraction layer (HAL) for MPEG2Lynx and GPLynx: Programmers interface user's guide
This application note serves as a user's guide that describes the LynxSoft Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) software for embedded systems, which use the TSB12LV31 GPLynx and TSB12LV41 MPEG2Lynx IEEE 1394 Link Layer Controllers.
2000-02-10 Embedded 1394 LynxSoft Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) for MPEG2Lynx and GPLynx-Programmers Interface User's Guide
This application note describes the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) software (LynxSoft) for Embedded Systems that use the GPLynx (TSB12LV31) and MPEG2Lynx (TSB12LV41) IEEE 1394 Link-Layer Controllers.
2001-04-25 Design of the GPLynx HAL
This application note describes a high-level design of the GPLynx Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) software that runs on TI's TMS320C52-based GPLynx evaluation module.
2005-07-20 VxWorks extension to Windows XP juggles multiple processors
Version 3.1 of VxWin from KUKA Controls, a Microsoft Windows XP extension for Wind River Systems' VxWorks 6.0 RTOS, lets users harness the latest multiprocessors from Intel and AMD.
2006-05-29 Micronas introduces low-cost Hall sensors
Micronas introduced the new Hall sensor family HAL 2xy, which are designed for contactless detection of positions and speed in automotive, industrial and consumer applications.
2002-09-27 Micronas hall sensor linearizes data
Micronas GmbH has announced the availability of what it claims to be the world's first programmable hall sensor that is able to linearize magnetic fields measured by the sensor element.
2003-02-21 Micronas Hall effect switch eye automotive apps
The company's HAL 1500 programmable Hall effect switch is aimed at automotive apps requiring position sensing such as sunroofs, windows, and seat positions.
2003-07-01 If the RedBoot ROM monitor fits
This document presents an open-source, portable ROM monitor that offers a download and debug environment.
2003-01-16 Getting smarter with embedded intelligence
Artificial intelligence is most useful in its simplest form: ad hoc decision making capabilities in an embedded system.
2005-02-01 Cellular system solutions for NFC-enabled handsets
NFC creates new opportunities for mobile commerce and has the potential to change consumer behavior and spending habits.
2008-02-25 Smart sensor includes programmable MCU, LIN 2.0 interface
Micronas has announced the HAL 2810 smart sensor, said to be the first linear Hall-effect sensor to include programmable MCU and a LIN bus 2.0 interface.
2008-10-20 Hall-effect sensor cuts costs in automotive, industrial apps
Micronas has developed the HAL 880 programmable linear Hall-effect sensor that complements the company's family of programmable linear Hall sensors HAL 8xy.
2007-05-04 Hall sensors offer accuracy for automotive apps
Micronas has announced the HAL 82x family of programmable Hall-effect sensors designed to meet the latest accuracy requirements of many automotive applications.
2010-02-24 Hall sensors detect position, motion direction, fluid level
From Micronas come three new value-optimized variants of the HAL 182x family boasting EMC performance and overvoltage protection that make them suited for automotive applications.
2004-11-29 Bad block management in NAND flash memories
This app note explains how the bad block management module of the hardware adaptation layer (HAL) software is used to recognize factory generated bad blocks and to manage bad blocks that develop during the lifetime of the NAND flash device.
2003-07-15 Visionaries see flexible computers using less power
Computers will be more flexible, intelligent, and require less power by the end of the decade.
2012-12-19 Virtual prototype for Android HW-SW dev't (Part 3)
Know how to combine the use of the Synopsys VDK with Android's Hardware Abstraction Layer to aid in integrating the sensor further up the device software stack.
2012-11-16 Virtual prototype for Android HW-SW dev't (Part 1)
Know how to do full software integration of handset hardware in the context of the Android software platform.
2007-09-26 USB stick tool eases wireless MCU development
Texas Instruments Inc. has announced a new tool for designing embedded systems that combines ultralow-power MSP430 MCU with wireless communications.
2016-04-01 There's more to IC design than just circuits
It takes a village to get complex semiconductors out to market, from design, packaging, test and manufacture. It benefits everyone in the team to know where a product is headed.
2015-03-12 Suppress jitter in Hall-effect sensor design
Find out how the signal path design influences the jitter performance of the output signal, and know the diverse design approaches taken to solve this problem.
2003-10-30 Study sees slower than expected data growth
About five exabytes of unique analog and digital information was produced worldwide in 2002, twice the amount produced in 1999.
2016-02-23 STMicroelectronics unveils STM32 Open Development Environment
The STM32 ODE from STMicroelectronics combines development and expansion boards with a homogeneous software development environment. The new tool also allows configuration of STM32 microcontroller.
2014-04-08 SPI forays into open source development
SPI is unlocking its sensor platform, enabling disparate sensors and microprocessors from different manufacturers to work together on complex tasks.
2008-08-20 Solar advocates beef up solar thermal efforts
The German Solar Industry Association group and other European solar enthusiasts have come to America to make the case for solar thermal technology, an alternative to photovoltaics that attempts to harness the efficient phase change from water to steam.
2013-11-20 Smart card offers security for banking, eGov markets
NXP's SmartMX2-P40 offers dedicated co-processors for asymmetric RSA/ECC and symmetric DES/AES cryptography, and comes with a certified hardware abstraction layer and crypto library.
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