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2003-03-14 Hamamatsu Si APDs boasts high sensitivity
Hamamatsu Corp. has introduced its S8890 series of Si APDs that cover the 400nm to 1,100nm spectral response range.
2002-10-11 Hamamatsu photodiodes target DWDM
Low cross-talk, excellent frequency response characteristics and small terminal capacitance make Hamamatsu Corp.'s new InGaAs PIN photodiode array a match for DWDM monitors utilizing arrayed wavelength gratings.
2004-04-27 Hamamatsu photodiodes deliver high performance
Hamamatsu said its new S9251 series of Si avalanche photodiodes deliver excellent sensitivity in the NIR range and high operational stability.
2003-04-16 Hamamatsu photodiode has low PDL
Hamamatsu Corp.'s G8370-10 InGaAn PIN photodiode combines high sensitivity, low dark current and low PDL for laser diode apps.
2002-08-02 Hamamatsu IR pulsed diode produces 20W
The L7055-04 infrared pulsed diode has a peak emission wavelength of 870nm, rise time <0.5ns, and an output power >20W.
2004-08-02 Spot light sources combine long life, high reliability
Expanding its family of LIGHTINCURE spot light sources, Hamamatsu has presented its compact and economical LC3 and LC4 versions for any number of manufacturing apps.
2005-07-14 Photo IC diode mimics spectral response of human eye
Hamamatsu said its new S9648 photo IC diode achieves a spectral response close to that of the human eye, in combination with excellent linearity and easy operation.
2002-10-28 GaAs photodiode array revs response at low bias
Hamamatsu Corp.'s G8921-01 GaAs photodiode array provides high-speed response at low bias voltage as well as low dark current and low capacitance.
2005-07-21 Fiber comm benefit from ROSA
Hamamatsu introduced the G9735-14 receiver optical sub-assembly (ROSA) that combines a Gallium Arsenide PIN photodiode and preamp to create an integrated solution in a 1.25mm diameter sleeve.
2008-08-22 Photodiode receivers offer ultrahigh speed data response
Hamamatsu Photonics has released G10342 series, 10Gbit/s InGaAs PIN photodiode receivers mounted in industry standard receiver optical sub-assembly packages.
2009-03-27 Line sensor claims enhanced noise performance
Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. has unveiled the C9750 series, which offers a 12bit digital output via RS422 or camera link interface and USB or FireWire interface can be provided for OEM solutions. This model offers enhanced noise performance, wider dynamic range and higher scanning speeds compared with previous line sensors.
2014-04-28 Sensors cross the megapixel threshold
The CMOS image sensor race in applications ranging from automotive to sports analytics and food inspections moves beyond the megapixel battle and is defined by a more complex criteria including frame rates, sensitivity, integration time, and light sources.
2007-01-29 Rohm develops high-efficiency H-bridge drivers
Rohm has developed H-bridge driver LSIs featuring low power consumption for high-efficiency motor driving.
2014-09-17 Pico-projectors: Lemoptix enters the picture
Lemoptix has designed what it calls the world's smallest optical engine that works to despeckle displays, removing overly sharp pixels surrounded by obvious circles of black.
2008-01-16 Flash-capacitor eases portable UV flame detector design
Using a flash-capacitor circuit to provide the high voltage power supply simplifies designing a battery powered, hand-held UV flame detector.
2008-07-31 Coming soon: Lens-free lasers
Focusing semiconductor lasers usually require bulky optical lenses acting as a collimator, but researchers have recently demonstrated a plasmonic collimator that utilizes grooves etched directly into the laser facet.
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