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2007-08-30 CMOS image sensor market heads downhill
The current outlook for CMOS image sensors is for only 4 percent growth in 2007 to $3.4 billion, after a year-over-year decline in the first half of this year, according to the firm.
2005-05-30 Choose the best IC integration method when designing a 3G handset
When designing a 3G handset, what's the best IC integration method�system-in-package or system-on-chip
2013-10-03 Chipmakers tested by automotive market's marathon pace
Compared to the mobile industry, the automotive industry is characterized by lengthier development cycles and longer product lifespans, making the car market look less attractive to some IC vendors
2006-08-03 Chip market saw slower growth in June
Monthly chip sales are expected to have deteriorated to a three-month average of $19.4 billion in June from $19.7 billion in May, according to an analyst with Terra Securities ASA.
2015-08-20 Chinese handset makers dampen MediaTek's smartphone growth
While MediaTek enjoys a market share of about 50 per cent in 3G smartphones, Chinese rivals such as Spreadtrum Communications and Huawei are eroding that position on strong price competition
2005-04-22 Chinese designers to beat twin forces in cellular handset race
A hefty fraction of the world's mobile phones is manufactured in China.
2005-02-21 China's top 50 OEMs outpaced 2004 equipment market, says iSuppli
With electronics systems production in China rising 13 percent to $209.5 billion in 2004, from $185.5 billion in 2003, and China's top 50 OEMs outperforming the market, with a 23 percent year-on-year increase in sales, once-obscure Chinese OEMs are rising up the ranks of the world's makers of electronic equipment, according to iSuppli Corp
2005-09-22 China's GSM handset maker adopts Silicon Lab's PA, transceiver
Silicon Laboratories Inc. announced that China-based Lenovo has adopted its Si4300 power amplifier (PA) and Aero II transceiver for dual-band GSM mobile handsets.
2010-04-14 China TD-SCDMA market set for explosive growth
China's 3G TD-SCDMA handset shipments is expected to grow 600 percent during 2010, according to the latest research of Strategy Analytics
2015-05-19 China mulls future of wearables market
Chinese vendors see the nascent wearable market, despite its uncertainties, as their chance to seize the initiative, compared to their catch-up/copycat status in smartphones
2008-06-05 China handset suppliers prefer MediaTek mobile solutions
Taiwan's MediaTek Inc. reports that total shipment of mobile solutions chipsets reached over 150 million in volume in 2007, securing a significant market share in China
2007-06-12 Cellphones continue to drive IC market
IC Insights forecasts that, for the first time, cellphone unit volume shipments will total to more than 1 billion in 2007.
2008-07-23 CCID: Steady growth seen for China mobile market
A new report from CCID Consulting on China's handset and mobile chip market stated that mobile phone output continued to grow in 2007, reaching 554 million sets, with a growth rate of 25.4 percent, driven by export and domestic demands.
2004-08-04 Camera phone sales drive handset shipments
Sales of camera phones, which are heavily subsidized by cellular carriers, fueled a 38 percent surge in handset shipments in the second quarter, a market research firm said Friday (July 30, 2004).
2014-03-12 Bosch dominates MEMS market in 2013
IHS revealed that ARM mobile phone and iPad design wins helped Bosch to become the top manufacturer of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensors and actuators last year.
2007-10-16 Booming comms segment drives analog market
According to Databeans Inc., communications analog is an $11.5 billion market, and thanks to the increasing demand for communications equipment worldwide, it is expected to reach nearly $22 billion by 2012, with most of the new revenue growth coming from the Asia-Pacific region
2012-07-16 Bluetooth solution for non-handset applications from RDA Microelectronics
Single-chip product offers high integration of any non-handset Bluetooth host device
2010-04-13 Bluetooth low energy finds market in fitness monitors
IMS Research found that many industry experts expect Bluetooth low energy to help change consumers' attitudes towards using a performance monitor and make it a part of their fitness routine.
2005-10-04 Bird mulls handset manufacture in India
China's largest mobile handset manufacturer, Bird, is considering setting up a handset manufacturing plant in India but will decide after talks with supplier and software developers back in China
2005-10-05 Battle brews in Korea mobile TV market
A possible standards battle is brewing between rival operators in Korea's fledging but advanced mobile TV market
2010-06-18 Baseband vendors find growing market in TD-SCDMA
The Strategy Analytics forecasted that the China TD-SCDMA market will be one of the key growth opportunities for cellular baseband players this year
2010-02-23 Barclays: Apple, software drive mobile market
Apple and software are in the driver's seat in the mobile market but platform fragmentation may be ahead, according to analysts from Barclays Capital who shared their observations from the Mobile World Congress
2006-09-19 Azimuth Systems announces Vo-Wi-Fi handset test suite
Azimuth Systems has announced a VoWi-Fi test suite that enables service providers, handset providers and semiconductor vendors to streamline the testing of VoWi-Fi phones and converged wireless devices
2004-10-04 August chip market average to hit $18 billion, says analyst
Handelsbanken Capital Markets predicted Tuesday (Sept. 28) that the worldwide chip sales figures for August 2004, due to be published in early October as a three-month average by World Semiconductor Trade Statistics, would be $18 billion.
2008-02-08 Atmel enters touch sensing market with Quantum acquisition
Atmel has signed an agreement to acquire Quantum Research Group, an independent developer of capacitive sensing IP and solutions for user interfaces.
2010-03-23 Asia to nab 39% of smart phone market by 2015
Annual smart phone shipments to Asia are expected to more than quadruple between now and 2015, giving Asia 39 percent of smart phone shipments during 2015.
2008-02-19 Apple, Google, Nokia spark shift in carrier market
Apple's iPhone, Google's Android OS platform and Nokia's Maps 2.0 GPS technology may have just taken the reigns out of the hands of cellular network operators on services, applications, device definitions and most of allprices.
2012-12-04 Apple gives South Korea's display market much needed push
A report by iSuppli found that South Korea's panel suppliers were able to defy a projected September decline in the overall small and medium-sized display market thanks to smartphone and tablet OEMs
2009-05-13 Android phone market to enjoy 900% boom in '09
Shipments of smart phones running on the Android OS is expected to grow 900 percent in 2009, with strong support from operators, vendors and developers driving the uptake, according to Strategy Analytics.
2010-06-04 Android drives Linux-based smart phone market
Led by the success of Google's Android, Linux-enabled smart phones are expected to comprise 33 percent of the worldwide smart phone market by 2012, according to ABI Research
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