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2008-10-27 Nokia's dream: Innovation beyond handsets
In his keynote speech at the Smartphone show in London, Kai Oistamo, Nokia's executive VP, revised the title of his speech from "The Future of Smartphones" to "The Future of Computing."
2007-07-23 Nokia to equip future handsets with A-GPS service
Nokia is equipping all its future GPS-enabled devices with A-GPS, which could reduce the time a connected mobile device needs to find its current position, known as time to first fix.
2008-02-28 Nokia taps nanotech for next-gen handsets
Nokia has offered the first glimpses of the research it is doing in collaboration with the University of Cambridge when it unveiled a shape changing mobile device concept based on nanotechnology.
2007-01-16 Noise canceler IC suits DVB-H, cellular handsets
Quellan brings noise cancellation to consumer platforms with Q:Active, extremely small noise-source emulation chips intended for handsets designed for mobile broadcast video.
2007-04-16 Next-gen handsets call for balance
The one constant in cellphone design is change. This article discusses the latest handset design trends and their implications.
2006-07-31 NEC, Panasonic, TI establish JV for 3G/3.5G handsets
NEC, NEC Electronics, Matsushita, Panasonic and Texas Instruments have signed an agreement to establish a new joint venture company.
2006-06-05 NAND spreads to mid-range wireless handsets
iSuppli's latest set of mobile phone teardowns reveals that NAND-type flash memory is seeing more widespread use in wireless handsets outside of the highest-end models.
2012-07-19 Multi-mode front-end module designed for GSM/EDGE/TD-SCDMA handsets
The integrated transmit module from RDA Microelectronics simplifies the handset and datacard design.
2010-03-05 MTM antenna handles multiple bands for handsets
From Rayspan Corp. comes a single-antenna solution for mobile devices said to tune-in multiple frequency bands without requiring multiple elements, costly switches and bulky matching networks.
2005-11-18 Motorola to assemble wireless handsets in India
Motorola Inc. will assemble its C115 wireless handset in India and begin marketing them as early as mid-December.
2010-06-11 More handsets to pack MEMS gyroscopes
Already shipping in millions of units per month for image stabilization in digcams, gaming controllers and for 3D mice, the cellphone gyroscope market is predicted become even larger in just a few years.
2010-02-05 More handsets to embrace MEMS mics
Google's Nexus One and Motorola's Droid marked the arrival of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology in the cellphone market, which is expected to boost the market for MEMS microphones.
2006-07-18 Monolithic GSM phone IC rolls for low-cost handsets
Silicon Laboratories Inc. has developed a single-chip GSM phone aimed at the ultralow-cost handset market.
2007-06-05 Module brings GPS functionality in handsets
The highly integrated and compact ACFM-7102 quintplexer from Avago delivers a significant improvement in insertion loss while delivering high GPS to cell band, and GPS to PCS band isolation.
2006-03-16 Mobile TV may outpace 3D offerings in handsets
In the race to pack advanced media features into handsets, 3D graphics for gaming is lagging, while mobile TV is gaining, according to ATI Technologies.
2006-07-01 Mobile TV is coming to handsets
Various broadcast technologies are available, each with its own set of tradeoffs. Choose the one that best meets your needs.
2005-08-16 Mobile handsets are dialing up Linux
Manufacturers are beginning to view Linux as a universal solution that can be leveraged across a broad range of devices.
2004-11-23 Misconceptions stall adoption of fuel gauging in wireless handsets
This app note shows how wireless handsets and other products can benefit from accurate battery monitoring.
2009-07-14 Miniature PCS duplexer suits UMTS handsets
Avago Technologies is offering a miniature PCS duplexer that has been specifically designed for use in UMTS Band 2 handsets.
2008-07-28 microSDHC card adds 8GB memory to handsets
Kingston Technology Co. Inc. has added an 8Gbyte microSD High-Capacity (SDHC) flash memory card (SDC4/8GB) to its mobile memory storage line.
2010-05-21 MicroSD to drive NFC adoption in mobile handsets
Mobile contactless payments and other NFC-enabled applications are coming to mobile handsets over the next 12 months through microSD slots.
2009-11-17 MicroSD card brings extreme gaming into handsets
When embedded in a microSD card, the FXI die can turn slot-enabled, hand-held devices into high-end console gaming platforms.
2006-06-07 Micron offers Managed NAND flash pack for mobile handsets
The newest offering in Micron Technology's embedded product line is its Managed NAND flash unit for feature-rich mobile handsets and other portable devices.
2004-02-12 Micron 1.3Mpixel sensor targets mobile handsets
Micron Technology launched a 1.3MP image sensor for the mid- to high-end mobile market, including smart phones and 3G phone platforms.
2002-11-21 Microcell to supply 2.5G handsets to Siemens
Microcell will design and build 2.5G mobile handsets for Siemens based on Ericsson Mobile Platforms' technology, with shipments to Siemens expected to begin next year.
2007-06-28 Meeting T3R4 requirements in TD-SCDMA handsets using the MAX2392
This application note provides techniques and guidelines for timing the MAX2392 setting changes to meet T3R4 requirements in the TD-SCDMA standard.
2005-11-17 Measurement bits test WLAN, GSM/EDGE RFIC, mobile handsets
Designed for use with Aeroflex's PXI-based modular RF platform, these software suites help speed up testing during the development and manufacture of WLAN and cellular devices.
2002-12-05 Maxim power ICs target WCDMA, NCDMA handsets
The MAX1958/MAX1959 power management ICs from Maxim Integrated Products Inc. is capable of powering HBT amps in WCDMA and NCDMA cellular handsets.
2002-07-15 Matsushita licenses Nokia platform for multimedia handsets
In an effort to bring interoperable handsets and applications to the 2.5G and 3G mobile phone markets, Nokia has licensed its Series 60 cell phone platform to Matsushita Communication Industrial.
2008-01-09 Mapping GPS' path to handsets
While personal navigation devices (PNDs) and location-based services in cellphones make it easier for consumers to find their ways, the path to integrating GPS capability to handsets is not that clear.
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