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2006-01-09 Toshiba to hike tiny drives to 10GB
Toshiba announced plans last week to boost the capacity of its ultra-small 0.85-inch hard disk drives to 10GB, giving even greater storage space for future small form-factor gadgets.
2005-05-12 TI again eyes read-channel chip market for disk drives
Several years after Texas Instruments Inc. exited the market for read-channel chips used in hard-disk drives, the company is considering the possibility of a return.
2004-03-29 Synnex to deliver Maxtor hard disk drives
Maxtor Corp. Synnex Corp. have entered into a distribution agreement whereby Synnex will market and sell Maxtor's full line of DiamondMax, MaXLine and Atlas drives, and Maxtor OneTouch external drives
2004-12-23 STMicro to define interface standard for portable, disk drives
STMicroelectronics has joined the CE-ATA initiative, a consortium of companies formed in September to define a standard interface for small form-factor disk drives that meets the needs of handheld and consumer electronic products
2005-12-08 Solid-state disk geared for industrial sector
The I25F Entry-Point Flashpak is a 2.5-inch solid-state disk that is being touted as an alternative to CF cards, PCMCIA card or notebook IDE hard disk drives as the storage medium in industrial apps.
2005-10-06 SoC boosts capacity in small form factor disk drives
Agere Systems' SC1200 TrueStore CE storage SoC is directed at improving storage space in Small Form Factor hard disk drives, and supports all of the HDD formats that exist.
2005-08-17 Small hard disk drive market to boom, says analyst
Annual shipments of 1-inch diameter hard disk drives will nearly triple from 8.7 million units in 2004 to 23.2 million in 2005 and move on to 140.0 million units in 2009, according to The Information Network, a market research company.
2004-02-20 Seagate kicks off server shift to 2.5-inch drives
Seagate Technology has kicked off an expected industry transition from 3.5- to 2.5-inch hard disk drives for servers as it roles out its Savvio line.
2007-09-11 SDK tips 1.89-inch hard disk media with 80Gbyte capacity
Showa Denko K.K. has started shipping 1.89-inch hard disk media with storage capacity of 80Gbytes per disk
2004-10-25 Samsung, Marvell develop 3.0Gbps hard drive
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and Marvell have developed hard disk drives (HDD) that utilize the Marvell 88i6525 system-on-chip (SOC).
2005-09-13 Samsung's new hard disk drives
Samsung's four new hard disk drives are equipped with a 7,200rpm spindle speed, 8.9ms average seek time and an 8MB cache buffer.
2005-10-11 Samsung's latest 2.5-inch high-end Serial ATA hard disk drives
Samsung Electronics' new 2.5-inch high-end Serial ATA (SATA) hard disk drives are targeted at today's most demanding notebook and enterprise computing applications.
2008-07-11 Samsung drives to produce more reliable SSDs
Mass production of the 128Gbyte SSDs should help Samsung maintain its position as the leading producer of SSDs, with capacities ranging from 32Gbyte.
2005-05-17 New 100GB 2.5-inch SATA hard disk drive from Fujitsu
Fujitsu Computer Products of America announced its 100GB 2.5-inch SATA hard disk drive that maximizes NCQ performance and offers low power consumption
2005-11-09 NEC teams with hard-disk signal processing expert
NEC Electronics Corp. and Link A Media Devices Corp. have formed a strategic partnership to develop SoCs for next-generation perpendicular recording hard-disk drives. The first product will hit the market next summer
2007-11-30 Micron goes full force on solid-state drives
Micron Technology has entered the emerging solid-state drive (SSD) market with the introduction of its RealSSD family of products.
2005-08-11 M-Systems solid-state flash disk comes in capacities up to 128GB
M-Systems has announced a serial ATA solid-state flash drive. Offering up to 128GB of storage, its FFD 2.5-inch SATA flash drive is the highest capacity solid-state SATA offering available on the market.
2005-11-30 Infineon hard disk drive read channel core implemented in 90nm
Infineon Technologies introduced an advanced hard disk drive read channel core that is implemented in the company's 90nm process technology
2004-06-24 Hitachi to invest $500 million in China disk drives
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, the disk drive manufacturing arm of Hitachi Ltd, plans to invest up to $500 million to create mega-manufacturing center in Shenzhen, China, the company said
2006-02-21 Hitachi opens China disk drive plant
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has opened a massive disk drive plant in Shenzhen the company expects will eventually produce half of its annual drive output
2004-09-17 Hitachi hard drives support SATA
Hitachi announced that it is bringing to market the best combination of notebook hard-drive attributes in its new Travelstar 5K100 and E5K100
2007-10-18 Hitachi claims 'smallest' read-head tech for Tbyte drives
Hitachi and Hitachi GST have developed what they claim as the world's smallest read-head technology for HDDs, which will quadruple current storage capacity limits to 4Tbytes on a desktop hard drive and 1Tbyte on a notebook hard drive
2007-10-10 Hard disk-flash hybrid drives quicken PC boot up
Seagate Technology has launched its first combination disk storage and flash memory hard drive, joining Samsung in offering hybrid drives that speed the boot-up time of PCs and significantly boost battery life.
2006-02-15 Hard disk drives coming for mobile phones
Cornice Inc. and Seagate Technology introduced early this week new high-capacity tiny hard drives aimed at the mobile phone market as the 3GSM Congress underway in Barcelona
2005-05-24 Hard disk drive prices rising, says iSuppli
In a reversal of recent trends, hard disk drive prices rose during the first quarter of 2005, according to iSuppli Corp
2004-03-11 Fujitsu disk drives deliver up to 300GB storage capacity
Fujitsu has introduced two series of 3.5-inch enterprise hard disk drives that deliver high levels of performance and storage capacity.
2006-12-20 EMEA disk storage market tops $2B in Q3
The Q3 performance of the disk storage systems market of Europe, Middle East and Africa exceeded $2.2 billion, up 8.5 percent y-o-y and with capacity consumption up 40 percent to 225.8 petabytes, according to IDC
2004-07-01 Disk drive makers in Singapore feeling the squeeze
Reports that Seagate Technology will eliminate about 3,000 jobs worldwide and trim operating costs by $150 million prompted contract workers to seek work elsewhere.
2004-09-13 BiTMICRO's new patent underscores position in solid-state disk industry
It appears that the moment a storage device boosts capacity; it becomes difficult to perform the I/O functionalities, such as write, read and erase, during an operation.
2004-08-03 BiTMICRO disk with 8.3MBps burst read/write rate
BiTMICRO Networks, a provider of solid state storage solutions, introduced its Ace-Disk IDE/ATA 2.5-inch series of solid-state disks
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