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2004-10-08 Western Digital enters mobile hard drive market
Western Digital Corp. introduced a 2.5-inch hard disk drive for notebook computers and other portable digital devices.
2003-06-12 WDC SATA hard drive features FlexPower technology
Western Digital Corp. has introduced its Caviar Special Edition Serial ATA HD offering, which it claims is the world's largest 7,200rpm SATA hard drive.
2013-07-22 Ultrathin PCs, tablets drive demand for slender HDDs
Thin hard disc drives 5mm and 7mm thick are expected to enjoy fast sales growth in coming years, as mobile computers drive up demand by a factor of more than 25 from 2012 to 2017, predicted IHS.
2003-12-22 Toshiba to show 0.85-inch drive at CES
Toshiba Corp. said it is developing a 0.85-inch diameter hard disk drive with a capacity of between 2GB to 3GB for use in mobile devices.
2005-01-11 Toshiba ships 2GB hard drive for mobile devices
Toshiba said it is about to start shipping its 0.85-inch, 2GB hard drive aimed for use in smartphones and other mobile devices.
2005-01-10 Toshiba ships 2-Gbyte hard drive for mobile devices
Toshiba said Thursday (Jan.6) it is about to start shipping its 0.85-inch, 2GB hard drive aimed at use in smartphones and other mobile devices.
2004-01-12 Tiny Toshiba drive blurs flash/disk boundary
Toshiba's storage device division announced plans for 2GB and 4GB disk drives at the Consumer Electronics Show measuring just 0.85-inches across.
2008-07-18 Terabyte drive sports power-efficient design
Forecasting the dawn of the "Tera Era," Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST) has launched its second-generation 1Tbyte hard drive, the Deskstar 7K1000.B.
2007-02-16 Tbyte drive, notebook flash set HDD milestones
Hitachi's first terabyte drive and SanDisk's 32GByte flash-based solid-state drive both signal long-term transitions that could make or break fortunes in mass storages
2013-04-11 Study: Reduced hard drive tracks boost data capacity
A team at the A*STAR Data Storage Institute has increased data storage capacities by reducing the widths of the narrow tracks of magnetic material that record data inside a hard drive.
2003-05-28 Startup Cornice readies 1-inch hard drive
A startup is close to announcing a 1-inch HDD that could offer 50 percent greater capacity than IBM's Microdrive at less than half the cost.
2003-07-18 SimpleTech notebook hard drive features 60GB capacity
SimpleTech has announced the availability of its line of portable 7,200rpm notebook hard drives that offer desktop replacements for mobile users
2005-01-06 SigmaTel digital audio drives Memorex hard-drive MP3 player
SigmaTel Inc. has revealed that its MP3 audio system-on-chip technology powers the Memorex MHD8015 1.5GB hard-disk drive MP3 player, as well as multiple flash-based Memorex devices.
2008-07-14 Seagate squeezes 1.5Tbyte data in 3.5-inch drive
Seagate Technology hit a new milestone in hard drive capacity with the announcement July 10 of a 3.5-inch desktop PC drive packing 1.5Tbyte.
2006-10-06 Seagate expands Maxtor-branded drive line
Seagate has introduced new Maxtor-branded desktop and notebook PC hard drives to the worldwide distribution channel
2008-03-17 SATA flash solid-state drive toughens up
Samples of the 2.5-inch SATA flash driveFiD 2.5-inch SATA 10000 are available from InnoDisk
2005-04-27 Samsung, Microsoft prototype disk drive with flash buffer
A 1Gb flash memory from Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has been used as a buffer within a prototype rotating disk drive developed with Microsoft Corp., Samsung said
2004-10-25 Samsung, Marvell develop 3.0Gbps hard drive
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and Marvell have developed hard disk drives (HDD) that utilize the Marvell 88i6525 system-on-chip (SOC
2005-10-11 Samsung's latest 2.5-inch high-end Serial ATA hard disk drives
Samsung Electronics' new 2.5-inch high-end Serial ATA (SATA) hard disk drives are targeted at today's most demanding notebook and enterprise computing applications
2007-01-29 Samsung intros 'first' 60Gbyte, 1.8inch single drive
Samsung Electronics Ltd has introduced the industry's 'first' 1.8inch drive that packs 60Gbyte capacity on a single form factor measuring just 5mm tall
2006-06-07 Samsung boosts high-capacity drive offerings with 400Gbyte unit
Samsung's new 400Gbyte SpinPoint T133 hard drives are targeted at small businesses, enterprises and home user market
2007-12-26 Report: Software errors to delay hybrid drive takeoff
A report from market researcher Objective Analysis predicts that only about 13 million of the hard disks that incorporate NAND flash for caching key data will ship in 2008 due to software errors
2004-10-06 Pioneer unveils five hard drive, DVD recorders
Pioneer has disclosed the availability of five new hard drive and DVD recorders.
2003-02-21 Phoenix BIOS carves protected space on hard drive
Phoenix Technologies has introduced extensions to its BIOS software that will help manage and secure PCs and embedded systems.
2006-08-01 Perpendicular media find drive
Seagate Technology LLC rolled out nine new hard disks using perpendicular recording technology, including its first-ever 1.8-inch drive. It also announced its first hybrid flash/hard disk for notebooks and an upgraded approach to drive encryption.
2004-12-20 New Toshiba hard drive uses perpendicular technology
Toshiba Corp. has developed a 1.8-inch hard disk drive that achieves a 40GB capacity by employing perpendicular recording technology for the first time.
2004-12-21 New Toshiba hard drive uses perpendicular technology
Toshiba has developed a 1.8-inch hard disk drive that achieves a 40GB capacity by employing perpendicular recording technology for the first time.
2008-08-08 Micron beefs up solid-state drive line
Micron Technology Inc. is expanding its efforts in the emerging but competitive solid-state drive (SSD) market, by rolling out a pair of products based on its 50nm NAND flash technology
2004-01-07 Micro drive holds 2GB
Hoping to piggyback the market momentum toward portable consumer electronics storage devices, Cornice has unveiled a 1-inch hard drive (HD) capable of storing 2GB of data.
2004-08-27 Maxtor hard drive includes 16MB buffer
The new DiamondMax 10 hard drive from Maxtor features native command queuing, the company's proprietary dual-processor technology.
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