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2009-03-20 Using the DLL Phase Offset Feature in Stratix II and HardCopy II Devices
This application note describes how to implement the delay-locked loop (DLL) phase offset feature with Altera's Stratix II and HardCopy II devices.
2004-06-11 Synopsys supports Altera HardCopy design center
Synopsys Inc. and Altera Corp. have agreed to establish Synopsys professional services resources to support Altera's HardCopy design center.
2009-01-13 HardCopy II ASIC fitting techniques
This application note describes some possible design considerations and solutions for fitting a Stratix II FPGA design into a HardCopy II ASIC.
2014-12-09 Global hardcopy peripherals shipments climbed in Q3
IDC revealed that global HCP shipment value rose 3.5 per cent YoY to $14.9 billion in 3Q14 while unit shipments dropped 2.3 per cent YoY to 27.5 million units during the same period.
2009-02-26 Design guidelines for preparing HardCopy II ASICs
This document provides design guidelines and factors to consider during the HardCopy II development flow.
2009-03-17 Design Guidelines and Timing Closure Techniques for HardCopy ASICs
This application note covers topics from a timing closure perspective, for the successful migration to HardCopy ASICs from Altera's FPGAs
2002-10-28 CMUCopy - transferring CMU hardcopy to PC using the IEEE bus or the serial interface
This application note describes a program for transferring hardcopies of the screen from a CMU Radiocommunication Tester to a PC, connected via the IEEE bus or the serial interface.
2002-02-15 Altera extends HardCopy program to APEX II devices
The HardCopy program will be extended to the APEX II PLDs allowing designers to have an option of hard and masked reproduction of their original high-density PLD designs.
2005-05-19 TI picks Altera devices for DLP TV products
Altera Corp. announced that Texas Instruments (TI) leveraged Altera solutions to bring its Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology to the TV products market.
2003-10-31 LG 3G line to be powered by Altera Stratix
LG Electronics Inc. has selected Altera Corp.'s HardCopy Stratix devices for its 3G mobile comms infrastructure products.
2011-05-17 IDC sees high demand for mobile printing
An IDC study shows that moderate travel is the most associated with increasing print volume, and smartphone users want to print from their devices.
2004-03-04 Cost-effective advantage makes Altera Cyclone a favorite
Altera Corp. is exhibiting its latest line of FPGAs - Stratix, Apex, Cyclone, and MAX - at the IIC-China Event.
2005-02-15 Altera, PMC-Sierra extend options for FPGAs, structured ASICs
Altera Corp. and PMC-Sierra Inc. have partnered to deliver a full suite of interoperable high-speed serial I/O solutions based on Altera's programmable logic and PMC-Sierra's transceiver technologies.
2005-01-25 Altera bares industry's 'compelling structured ASIC solution'
Developed as an alternative to the standard cell, Altera's HardCopy II is a non-reprogrammable device seamlessly migrated from a Stratix II FPGA prototype.
2009-01-13 USB printer class on an embedded host
The USB Printer Class, used on one of Microchip's microcontrollers with the USB OTG peripheral, allows an embedded application to utilize a USB printer to provide hardcopy output for quick review and possible archival.
2008-11-05 Quartus II software version 8.1 rolls
Altera have unveiled their Quartus II software version 8.1 for CPLD, FPGA, and HardCopy ASIC designs.
2008-08-27 New design integrates ARM processors to multiple platforms
The North American Components business of Arrow Electronics has released a new design services and IP access model integrating ARM industry-standard processors in Altera Stratix FPGAs and HardCopy Structured ASIC series devices.
2008-08-21 Mentor, Altera propel avionics design with DO-254 IP
Altera Corp. and Mentor Graphics Corp. announced the companies are working together to develop tools and methodologies for use in creating DO-254-certifiable intellectual property that targets Altera's FPGA and HardCopy ASIC solutions.
2008-08-01 FPGAs are all set for next process nodes
Altera Corp. today is expected to become the first FPGA vendor to launch a family of 40nm FPGAs. In addition, Altera will announce the 40nm HardCopy IV structured ASICs, as well as corresponding software tools for both device types. The families promise to enable a new class of single-chip, multicore and related complex devices.
2011-01-28 Altera unveils 28nm device portfolio
Altera Corp. has unveiled its portfolio of 28nm devices: the Cyclone V and Arria V FPGA families, the recently expanded Stratix V FPGA and previously announced HardCopy V ASIC families.
2008-05-22 Altera rolls Quartus II Software Version 8.0
Altera has announced its Quartus II software version 8.0, supporting the company's 40nm Stratix IV FPGAs and HardCopy ASICs.
2008-05-20 Altera claims industry's first 40nm FPGAs, ASICs
Enabling designers to achieve new levels of integration and innovation, Altera introduces what it claims to be the industry's first 40nm FPGAs and HardCopy ASICs.
2006-03-10 Xilinx, Altera reaffirm guidance
Rival programmable logic vendors Xilinx and Altera each reaffirmed previous financial guidance for the current quarter.
2005-05-06 Version 5 of Quartus II available
Altera announced that it is shipping v5.0 of its Quartus II design software, featuring the FPGA industry's first incremental compilation feature.
2006-07-01 Tool suite handles design complexity
Altera Corp. recently launched its Quartus 6.0 tool suite, which includes a timing analyzer that's said to pave the way for next-generation 65nm FPGAs.
2005-01-27 Synplicity upgrades FPGA synthesis
Synplicity released a new version of its Synplify Pro FPGA synthesis tool boasting major run time and quality of results improvements.
2008-05-28 Synopsys lends support for Altera Stratix IV FPGAs
Synopsys says that the FPGA synthesis solutions from its Synplicity Business Group, Synplify Pro and Synplify Premier, support the recently announced 40nm Stratix IV FPGAs from Altera.
2007-12-12 Standalone equivalence checker tailored for FPGA market
OneSpin Solutions says its 360 EC-FPGA equivalence checker is the industry's first sequential equivalence checking solution dedicated toand priced forthe FPGA market.
2008-06-19 Radiocomp, Altera deliver OBSAI solution for WiMAX/LTE
Denmark-based Radiocomp and Altera Corp. have partnered to develop an integrated, rapid development solution for developers of WiMAX and 3GPP LTE base station equipment.
2010-03-15 Process tech simplifies ASIC migration
Tier Logic Inc. offers the first details about a technology that employs a novel processing change to build FPGA and ASIC products on a single die.
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