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2014-09-16 How to catch elusive bugs without using debugger
Sometimes alternative debugging techniques must be utilised for tracking software bugs so elusive that they do not get caught by a hardware debugger.
2012-07-12 Employ emulation to debug software and hardware at the same time
Here's a guide to using an emulator to ensure the system is truly ready to be committed to silicon.
2012-10-11 Verification debugger cuts op'n time by 40
The Incisive Debug Analyser allows users to step forward or backward through their hardware verification language (HVL) and hardware description language (HDL
2004-06-01 Synplicity spins Xilinx-specific version of RTL debugger
Synplicity released a version of its Identify RTL debugging software with features targeting users of Xilinx's FPGAs.
2003-06-27 Synplicity debugger supports latest FPGAs
Version 1.2 of Synplicity Inc.'s Identify RTL debugging software features increased functionality and support for the latest field-programmable gate arrays from Actel, Altera and Xilinx.
2010-06-16 In-circuit debugger supports Android
Lauterbach GmbH has included support for debugging and profiling of the Android platform to its TRACE32 in-circuit debugger
2008-10-31 High-speed debugger rolls for MCUs, DSCs
Microchip Technology has launched a cost-effective, high-speed development tool that supports in-circuit programming and debugging of its flash-based 8bit PIC MCUs, its entire line of 16- and 32bit MCUs and 1bit dsPIC DSCs.
2012-02-06 Hardware/software co-dev't with emphasis on software
Read about the problems of hardware/software co-development from the point of view of the software designer
2006-02-17 Hardware debug tracer targets ARM processors
IAR announced an addition to its Advanced RISC Machines debug probe product line. This J-Trace hardware debug trace device supports all ARM7 and ARM9 devices with ETM
2016-03-24 Explore model-based testing for production hardware
Here is a look at Time Partition Testing, a model-based testing technique, which is based on hybrid, hierarchical, parallel running automatons with continuous behaviour.
2015-09-08 Examining performance in hardware emulators
Emulation performanceor the speed of its executiondepends on the architecture of the emulation system and the type of deployment.
2004-02-05 Dolphin MCU includes Hardware Wait States
Dolphin Integration has expanded its Flip8051 family with the release of a 16-bit microcontroller.
2008-07-08 Debugging a shared memory problem in multicore with virtual hardware
Over the past few years, the virtual hardware platform concept has emerged as a key new capability for software developers to improve their ability to debug software applications
2007-07-27 Debugger supports Infineon's car safety MCUs
A German tool vendor has developed a new debugger that supports the safety-critical features of Infineon's new XC2300 car MCU family
2005-10-12 Debugger improves FPGA power, speed and size tradeoffs
Impulse Accelerated Technologies has released its CoDeveloper Pro optimization and debugging software to complement its CoDeveloper C-to-FPGA compiler.
2007-08-03 Debugger detects hardware problems 'on the floor'
Wind River has released its On-Chip Debugging for Manufacturing and Test, a standards-based offering that allows engineers to diagnose hardware problems on the manufacturing floor
2012-07-11 Bridge software and hardware to speed up SoC validation
Understand how the integration of hardware and software debug views can lead to faster and more efficient debug of the entire system
2007-06-26 ARM debugger adds flash memory breakpoints
Embedded software tool developer Crossware has added software flash memory breakpoints to its ARM Development Suite.
2005-07-06 ARM core emulator packs compiler, debugger, flash programmer
Ronetix's PEEDI JTAG emulator features GNU tools, specifically a GCC compiler and GCB debugger; built-in flash memory programmer; hardware and software breakpoints; and target reset control and remote reset detection capability.
2012-01-11 Address hardware/software integration issues with combined prototyping solutions
Find out how to reap the individual advantages of prototypes in combination with other prototyping techniques.
2004-06-29 Accelerated software debugger supports FS2 tools
Accelerated Tech announced that its code|lab Debug software debugger now provides support for the ISA-Nios II and ISA-Nios II/T system analysis tools from FS2
2000-11-29 Programming the Siemens C167CR CAN interface: A real life case (Constructing the hardware
This application note provides a set of procedures on how to connect two Keil single-board computers together to construct a working two-node CAN network. It discusses the instructions on loading and using the Keil monitor and debugger to operate and evaluate the entire system
2011-05-12 Interactive debugger boasts rapid validation, debugging
Kozio launches a structured, language-based environment that enables rapid and thorough validation and debugging at target-hardware speeds
2012-12-19 Virtual prototype for Android HW-SW dev't (Part 3)
Know how to combine the use of the Synopsys VDK with Android's Hardware Abstraction Layer to aid in integrating the sensor further up the device software stack
2010-06-11 Virtual debug interface enables faster software dev't
ARM's VSTREAM virtual debug interface connects software debuggers to hardware-assisted verification systems to enable more efficient software development
2004-11-16 Truths, lies and FPGA prototypes
Traditional FPGA prototyping tools need improvement, and the industry needs a standard metric to help evaluate those solutions.
2005-07-01 Survey says: Software sells the processor
Software-development tools are the most important thing when evaluating a new embedded processor.
2004-02-05 Startup to speed co-verification
A small EDA startup based in Eindhoven, Netherlands, has big plans to speed up hardware/software co-verification
2003-09-15 Silicon 'debug' product serves Synopsys DFT users
Claiming to dramatically speed test vector debug time for users of Synopsys' DFT products, Intellitech Corp. has announced the Nebula silicon debugger
2003-05-02 Selecting DSP development tools
Choosing the right DSP development tools can make the difference between success in the marketplace and a missed opportunity.
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