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2008-04-03 Chips monitor hardware temperature
Winbond's new series of hardware monitoring ICs features an on-die temperature sensor as standard, and allows the user to set critical temperature limits.
2014-01-22 Wideband systems for RF signal monitoring
Find out how we can fulfil the requirement for equipment that can capture wideband signals, and can deal with the large amount of data created.
2013-12-27 Tektronix Comms buys wireless network monitoring firm
Tektronix acquired Newfield Wireless, which develops wireless network monitoring software used by network engineering, customer service, and marketing, depending on the data acquired
2012-10-10 ST to provide sensor tech for remote monitoring system
The BodyGuardian Remote Monitoring System is enabled by ST hardware and software technology that includes MEMS, STM32 microcontrollers, and analogue components with advanced ST-proprietary algorithms.
2015-04-22 SSL inspection sol'n for network monitoring, security apps
The Transparent SSL Proxy solution from EZchip claims to deliver 20Gb/s of SSL Proxy throughput and more than 30,000 new connection set-ups per second on a single TILE-Gx processor.
2009-05-08 Sensor hardware kit rolls for RFID, security apps
STMicroelectronics has released the a comprehensive hardware developer kit for building active RFID tags and readers that comply with the global standard for 433MHz active RFID technology, ISO 18000-7
2013-09-12 Power analyser for USB 2.0 current, voltage monitoring
The Beagle USB 480 from Total Phase claims to offer high performance real-time analysis with current and voltage monitoring and advanced state-based triggering
2016-04-13 NI enhances asset monitoring with new IIoT platform
NI unveiled a software solution for online condition monitoring that acquires and analyses sensory information, allows maintenance specialists to visualise data, and simplify the deployment of large of monitoring systems
2004-11-30 Monitoring video synchronization signals on ST7FLCD1 MCU
This app note provides all the technical details on both the hardware and software sides of how to implement such a sync monitoring technique.
2014-01-06 Monitoring heart rates with PSoC
Here's the design of a heart rate monitor using programmable system-on-a-chip.
2004-04-23 Media processors offer MPEG-4, JPEG hardware encoding, decoding
Fujitsu's two Mobile Media Processors for mobile phones and other handheld devices boast MPEG-4 and JPEG hardware encoding and decoding functionality
2011-09-09 MCU platform implements safeguards in hardware
TI has released its platform of Hercules ARM Cortex-based microcontroller families C the RM4x, TMS570, and TMS470M C geared toward medical, industrial and transportation applications.
2016-05-18 IoT gets industry's first sensor-to-cloud hardware platform
The mangOHTM Green Open Hardware IoT Platform is the industry's first complete sensor-to-cloud platform, allowing developers to test and prototype ideas and take IoT solutions to market within weeks
2009-03-16 High Definition (HD) Video Monitoring Reference Design (M5
The Altera High Definition (HD) Video Monitoring Reference Designs demonstrate the application of Altera tools and devices to broadcast and video surveillance applications
2011-10-13 Hardware enables high-performance inspection apps
NI has introduced a new hardware that helps create more convenient applications for inspection and embedded imaging
2014-01-30 Guide to hardware troubleshooting (Part 1
Here are the steps needed to bring a systems approach to troubleshooting hardware in product development
2012-05-10 Guide to 78M6618 PDU1 hardware design
Here are some examples and relevant tips for different implementations of a PDU design.
2012-08-13 Equip hardware engineers with right tools, processes
Find out why the hardware engineer should be empowered with the right tools and processes for a critical design phasethe arrival of the prototype
2015-05-29 Enable smarter power monitoring using Microchip's 16bit MCUs
The MCP39F511 single-phase power-monitoring IC targets commercial and industrial products such as lighting and heating systems, smart plugs, power meters and AC/DC power supplies
2003-12-23 Eltec frame grabber targets monitoring apps
American Eltec has expanded its family of p3i frame grabbers for PCI buses or as PMC mezzanine cards with the release of p3i_SEC frame grabber.
2008-05-15 DriveCam's monitoring systems reduce driving risks
DriveCam's pattern recognition systems detect risks in driving, reduce vehicle damage, workers' compensation and personal injury costs.
2003-01-16 CSI hardware enables Directed tracking system
Directed Electronics Inc. has signed CSI Wireless Inc. as its exclusive telematics hardware supplier
2003-10-16 CPU-monitoring loop eyes system power
National unveiled a solution called PowerWise, while ARM unveiled its Intelligent Energy Manager technology, designed to reduce power consumption for ARM-powered SoC devices.
2006-08-10 Chipset suit IP telephony, modem, line monitoring apps
The new chipset from Integration Associates is voice and V.92 capable and is suitable for telephone line interface requirements and standards.
2008-03-27 10 solution enables wireless health monitoring
Researchers at Cambridge Consultants have developed a $10 single-chip solution that allows medical devices to transmit data wirelessly.
2008-04-25 Energy meters handle next-gen monitoring apps
ADI has expanded its portfolio of energy metering solutions with the ADE51xx and ADE55xx metering devices, designed for the increasingly sophisticated communications networks.
1999-11-09 A chip you can use to monitor environmental conditions on PC motherboard designs
This application note focuses on accurate voltage and temperature monitoring as well as serving other hardware monitoring requirements of microprocessor based systems. It also considers the techniques for making accurate measurements and offer solutions for the range of hardware monitoring tasks in Pentium II-based systems as seen in the ADM9240 IC.
2003-02-17 Vendors look for more 'utility' in optical nets
Vendors claim that all-optical nets can cut operational expenses drastically, in part by allowing long-haul connections to travel like an express train, zipping past intermediate nodes without stopping.
2006-01-24 TI introduces tool for evaluating C55x DSP devices
Texas Instruments announced the availability of the TMS320C55x Power Optimization DSP Starter Kit (DSK) for evaluating C55x DSP devices.
2008-02-07 Startup adds wireless monitor to band-aids
Sometime next year nurses may put active band-aids on hospital patients to wirelessly monitor as many as three vital signs, thanks to Toumaz Technology custom chip.
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