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2006-01-02 Using lead-free PCB finishes in circuit test
Know your options for lead-free PCB finishesHASL, OSP, ENIG, immersion silver and immersion tin.
2003-01-22 SynQor to produce lead-free dc/dc converters
SynQor Inc. has announced its plans to totally eliminate the use of lead from its PowerQor, BusQor, DualQor, and NiQor products and manufacturing processes.
2001-04-15 SERA tin evaluation for surface finish
Technical, economic, and environmental factors are providing the impetus to find hot air solder level (HASL) alternatives for solder finishes. SERA tin evaluation provides insights into the performance of these finishes.
2001-05-01 HAL levels the playing field
A case study shows that the hot air leveling (HAL) process is more robust and capable than what everyone thought. This article discusses some of the advantages HAL has to offer.
2001-10-16 Breaking the CAM bottleneck
This technical article describe open-road techniques for streamlining the front-end PCB process to remove CAM bottleneck issues.
2004-08-16 Tongxin four-layer PCB measures 150-by-200mm
Shenzhen Tongxin Circuit Electronic has disclosed the availability of its 4B6371 four-layer PCBs that come in dimensions of 150-by-200mm.
2004-04-02 Three Sun boards have 0.25mm hole diameter
Three Sun Ent. has released its four-layer PCBs that feature a thickness of 0.4mm and come with a line width and spacing of 0.1mm.
2004-03-25 Shenzhen Tongxin boards have 1.6mm thickness
Tongxin Circuit Electronic has announced the availability of its 3B4006 four-layer PCB that features a line space and width of 0.15mm.
2004-06-30 Fast-print PCBs offer 0.9mm thickness
Shenzhen Fast-print Circuit Technology has released double-sided PCBs that feature a thickness of 0.9mm.
2003-05-12 Eiso six-layer PCB suits remote controls
The ML09 six-layer PCB from Eiso Ent. Co. Ltd has a maximum thickness of 1.6mm and is designed for use in remote control apps.
2004-11-16 Double-sided PCBs offer 0.2mm hole diameter
Sindeway announced the availability of its new double-sided PCB that features a board thickness of 0.4mm (min.), and line width and spacing of 75?m (min.).
2008-08-01 Developing a green product development strategy
One of the most difficult steps in the initiation of a green product development strategy is where to get started. The green knowledge base for product development is widely distributed and not readily available within the organization, in the design or process teams.
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