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2007-04-18 Using MSCAN on the HCS12 family
Basic knowledge of the functional description and configuration options will give the user a better understanding on how the MSCAN12 module works.
2007-04-18 PWM generation using HCS12 timer channels
The generation of a PWM signal using the dedicated HCS12 PWM module is based on hardware comparisons between register values and free running hardware counters. The timer module offers similar hardware comparison in the form of output compare circuitry.
2007-07-31 How to use IIC module on M68HC08, HCS08 and HCS12 MCUs
This application note by Freescale's Stanislav Arendarik shows how to use the IIC module on Freescale MCUs.
2007-04-18 HCS12 and S12X family compatibility
Existing S12 users can take advantage of the increased speed of operation of the S12X family almost immediately due to its very high level of backwards compatibility.
2002-04-15 Motorola unveils 16-bit flash MCU duo
Motorola Inc.'s Semiconductor Products Sector has introduced two 16-bit flash microcontrollers, bringing to 10 the number of such devices spun from its HCS12 architecture, which is especially popular among automakers.
2002-06-11 Motorola adopts Cadence AMS Designer for next-gen SoC designs
Cadence Design Systems Inc. has signed an agreement with Motorola to provide the latter's Semiconductor Products Sector division with the Cadence AMS Designer simulation tool suite, which will be used for next-generation SoC designs.
2006-10-05 MCU for car instrumentation cluster has TFT display drive
Freescale's MC9S12XHZ512 MCU is said to be the industry's first car instrumentation cluster MCU featuring an integrated TFT display drive.
2005-07-08 Freescale MCU boosts performance for interrupt-intensive apps
Freescale's HCS12X family of 16bit microcontrollers is now available to the general market. The units offer an easy performance upgrade (up to 40MHz) for current HCS12 MCU customers.
2006-05-11 Enhanced 16-bit MCU line targets next-gen vehicle electronics
Freescale's enhanced S12X 16-bit MCU line provides the functionality required by next-generation vehicle electronic systems.
2004-06-07 Freescale MCU improves PC peripheral functionality
Freescale Semiconductor rolled out a 16-bit, flash-based MCU that promises to help designers bring an improved level of peripheral functionality to the PC.
2005-10-12 ARM7-based MCU offers features specifically for industrial apps
ST's ARM-based MCU called the STR730F series is aimed specifically at industrial apps such as factory automation, appliances, test and measurement equipment, point-of-sale terminals and security systems.
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