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2003-08-18 Wolfson stereo DAC with headphone driver
Wolfson Microelectronics plc has released the WM8759, a low-power 24-bit stereo DAC with an integrated headphone driver that is suitable for use in next-gen portable home music players.
2007-07-04 Ultramini stereo codec integrates headphone amp
Asahi Kasei EMD Corp. unveils the AK4645, an ultra-mini stereo codec with integrated 70mW high-power headphone amplifier, four stereo analog input selector and PLL for cellphone, smart phone and PMP applications.
2007-12-11 Tiny 24bit audio DAC integrates high-output headphone amp
Asahi Kasei EMD has announced the AK4372 ultrasmall 24bit DAC with integrated high-output headphone amplifier.
2007-01-10 TI intros charge pump-based headphone amp
Texas Instruments' TPA6130A2 is the first product in the company's DirectPath line of charge pump-based headphone amps.
2004-06-23 TI headphone driver allows sustained dynamic range of >120dB
TI introduced the TPA6120A2, a high-fidelity headphone driver that completes an entire audio signal chain for SACD and DVD audio players.
2002-07-23 STMicro headphone amplifier has 110dB SNR
The TS482 stereo headphone amplifier from STMicroelectronics delivers 110dB SNR and a power supply ripple rejection of 85dB (5V).
2010-08-25 Stereo headphone amps adjust supply rails
The 30mW headphone amplifiers continuously adjust the supply rails in response to the input signal and minimize power consumption compared to traditional Class AB amplifiers.
2005-11-04 Stereo headphone amplifier delivers high RF noise rejection
Maxim Integrated's new 60mW DirectDrive stereo headphone amplifier delivers audiophile audio quality with 0.02 percent THD+N
2007-11-20 Stereo codec touts TSC, mic, headphone amp
A low-power audio codec with a built-in microphone amplifier, touch-screen controller (TSC) and stereo headphone amplifier has been introduced by AKM Semiconductor Inc.
2006-12-01 Reduce RF noise effects in headphone amplifier
Audio amps are being increasingly exposed to strong RF electric fields. Many are not designed with high-frequency RF interference in mind and thus can inadvertently demodulate information from an RF carrier into the audio band. There are several ways to minimize RF noise effects.
2006-02-02 Receiver IC allows use of standard headphone jacks
Maxim Integrated Products Inc. introduced the MAX11041 wired, remote-controller receiver IC for portable media players.
2004-08-10 NJR headphone amplifier comes with EVR
New Japan Radio released a headphone amplifier that comes with an electronic variable resistor.
2002-06-05 National IC integrates speaker, headphone amplifiers
National Semiconductor Corp. has announced the release of the LM4854 IC that integrates the company's Boomer stereo headphone amplifier with a mono speaker amplifier to form a single-chip solution for portable electronic devices.
2002-04-05 National headphone amplifiers eliminate output capacitors
National Semiconductor Corp. has released two Boomer stereo headphone amplifiers that eliminate output coupling capacitors needed for headphone applications, thereby making the amplifiers suited for use in portable devices such as cellphones, PDAs, and MP3 players.
2003-05-15 Maxim headphone amplifier prevents battery drain
The MAX9720 headphone amplifier combines the company's patented DirectDrive architecture and SmartSense feature.
2002-07-08 Maxim headphone amplifier eliminates dc-blocking capacitors
Employing an architecture that produces a ground-referenced output from a single supply, the MAX4410 DirectDrive stereo headphone amplifier eliminates the need for two bulky dc-blocking capacitors.
2004-12-01 Maxim audio DAC with built-in DirectDrive headphone amplifiers
Maxim Integrated Products expanded its line of audio integrated circuits with the release of the MAX9850 stereo audio DAC.
2008-04-29 Leadis debuts standalone Class-G headphone amps
Leadis Technology is offering samples of what it claims as the world's first standalone Class-G headphone amplifiers, the LDS9505 and LDS9504, which are tailored for various power-sensitive applications.
2002-05-02 JVC licenses SRS's Headphone, WOW technologies
Victor Co. of Japan Ltd. (JVC) has licensed SRS Labs Inc.'s SRS Headphone and SRS WOW technologies for use in its home theater headphone products.
2003-06-13 ICs for headphone stereos (with volume limiting circuit): Monolithic IC MM1336
This application note discusses the MM1336 device, which is developed for use in 3V headphone and stereo applications.
2003-06-16 IC for headphone stereos: Monolithic IC MM1376
This application note discusses the MM1376 IC, which is designed for use in 3V headphone stereo and basic audio circuit applications.
2003-06-10 IC for headphone stereos using the Monolithic LAG673
This application note discusses the LAG673 multimedia IC that is targeted for 3V headphone stereo applications.
2003-06-10 IC for headphone stereos using the Monolithic LAG668
This application notes discusses Mitsumi's LAG668 IC, which provides bass boost functions for headphone stereos without deviating from the basic design concept of the LAG665.
2003-06-10 IC for headphone stereos using the MM1006 monolithic IC
This application note discusses theMM1006, which is developed for use in headphone stereos.
2003-06-18 IC for headphone stereos - Monolithic IC LAG 665
The Mitsumi LAG 665 IC was developed for use in headphone stereos and features dual preamp, power amp, and motor control functions.
2003-06-11 IC for headphone stereo: Monolithic IC MM1104
This application note discusses the MM1104 IC, which is designed for 3V headphone stereo systems with compander applications.
2007-08-08 Hi-Fi headphone amp consumes very low power
Rohm's BU7839GVW digital input Hi-Fi class-D headphone amplifier LSI for portable audio devices is said to feature the lowest power consumption in the industry.
2005-10-03 Headphone driver IC designed for space-constraint portable apps
ST introduced a compact stereo headphone driver chip with an I�C bus control interface intended for portable apps such as mobile phones equipped with FM radio that need quality audio output and minimum additional components.
2006-06-05 Headphone attenuator includes microphone monitor
This headphone attenuator/amplifier with microphone monitor allows easy conversation while wearing ear buds.
2009-05-05 Headphone amps pack built-in protection circuitry
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX13330/MAX13331 stereo headphone amplifiers that protect outputs against shorts to battery/ground and load dump up to 45V.
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