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2008-02-21 White multichip LEDs dissipate heat efficiently
Allegro has announced a new series of white multichip LEDs that achieve enhanced thermal dissipation through the incorporated heat sink on the bottom of the package.
2007-09-17 Weigh power, heat factors in new resistors
Resistor manufacturers are now addressing demanding requirements by beefing up their power lines to offer more power and better heat dissipation in same-size or smaller packages
2001-03-22 Using heat sinks with larger CPLDs
This application note illustrates the steps taken in choosing a heat sink and provides information on different types, costs and mounting methods of various heat sinks.
2006-10-10 Thin heat spreaders cool all types of systems
Celsia Technologies has announced the availability of its MicroSpreader line of thermal management products equipped with an optimal cooling design for all types of systems and devices.
2008-05-09 Thermal management kit offers 100 heat sink options
ATS has introduced the Thermal Management Design Kit that contains 96 of its maxiFLOW heat sinks and maxiGRIP sink attachment systems.
2007-07-16 Techniques to beat the heat problem
In spite of living in the age of superspecialization, a good engineer should know how to work across thermal and mechanical engineering, as every good design relies on these fields. This article discusses the different ways to solve thermal problems.
2007-07-20 Switching regulator eliminates heat sink, boost diode
Linear Technology's LTC3813 is a synchronous No RSENSE step-up switching regulator controller that eliminates the boost diode and the heat sink
2015-04-13 Rubidium miniature atomic clock cuts need for heat sinks
The Quantum MAC SA.3X family from Microsemi is geared for wireless base stations, wire line network infrastructure, defence systems, and test and measurement instruments.
2013-05-02 Quad-MOSFET solution eliminates need for heat sinking
Fairchild Semiconductor's FDMQ86530L, a 60v quad-MOSFET improves the conduction loss and efficiency of the conventional diode bridge providing a ten-fold improvement in power dissipation.
2006-11-20 Power resistor dissipates heat three ways
The new non-molded power resistor from BI Technologies SMT Division uses three methods of heat dissipationconduction through the heat sink tab, radiation from the resistor surface, and convection through the venturi element.
2012-05-30 Polyphase synchronous boost controller cuts out heat sink
The H- and MP-grade versions of Linear Technology's LTC3787 high power two-phase single output synchronous step-up DC/DC controller can produce 24V at 10A output from 12V input at up to 97 percent efficiency.
2006-03-23 New software calculates heat sink performance
Mechanical Solutions has released Heat Sink Designer, a software tool that focuses exclusively on heat sinks.
2006-05-16 New power resistor packaging eases heat management
A molded SOIC-style package for surface mount power resistors features a metal lead frame with an integral heat sink directly under the resistor element.
2007-01-15 Liquid cooling tech anticipates heat production
CoolIT Systems has debuted its predictive cooling technology that allows computers to anticipate heat production from the CPU and adjust cooling power accordingly
2010-07-08 LEDs promise improved heat dissipation, ESD protection
Lumex is rolling out new devices from its TitanBrite line of high-power LED technology in 2-, 3- and 5W capacities.
2014-04-03 Interface polymer material conducts heat at 4.4W/mK
The interface material is produced from a conjugated polymer, and can operate up to 200.
2006-12-18 IBM tech quintuples heat dissipation power of chips
IBM Zurich Research Laboratory said it has found a way to double or even quintuple the capacity of chips for heat dissipation
2012-10-08 How to turn waste heat into electrical energy
Here's a look at a device designed to generate multiple watts of power by turning waste heat from industrial piping into electrical energy
2008-01-18 Heat sinks keep high-power LEDs cool
Advanced Thermal Solutions has introduced the Star series of heat sinks designed specifically for cooling higher power, surface-mount power LED packages
2007-01-17 Heat sinks cool high-output LEDs
ATS has introduced three heat sinks that mitigate the intensity of heat generated by high-output LEDs, thereby reducing temperature and extending product life
2005-04-27 Heat sinks cool components in low airflow conditions
ATS has introduced a line of low profile, high performance heat sinks designed for cooling components in low airflow velocity conditions
2006-07-25 Heat sinks cool BGA components
Advanced Thermal Solutions has introduced a low-profile, high-performance heat sink designed for cooling BGA components in low airflow velocity conditions.
2008-12-18 Heat sink characteristics
Switching and conduction losses can heat up the silicon of the device above its maximum Junction Temperature (Tjmax) and cause performance failure, breakdown and worst case, fire. To design a good thermal management solution, the Tj should always be kept at the lowest operating temperature
2008-07-18 Fan/heat sink mix chills low-profile ICs
Jaro Thermal has introduced a 52mm x 52mm x 12mm Neon series fan/heat sink combination that delivers high performance with a low profile.
2005-04-18 Efficiently extract heat from heat sinks
Find out how much heat can be extracted from a heat sink to examine parameters that impact thermal performance
2007-07-02 Efficient boost controller does away with heat sink
Linear has rolled out a synchronous step-up controller that eliminates the boost diode and heat sink normally required in medium- to high-power non-synchronous boost converters.
2013-10-28 Do high power LEDs emit IR heat in forward manner
Is it true that a high power LED emits no UV or IR and that any heat is generated only in the PN junction and then transferred to a heat sink?
2015-12-18 DMOS FET transistor arrays pack 1.5A sink-output driver
The TBD62064A series and TBD62308A series from Toshiba are equipped with four channels of 50V/1.5A rated output, suitable for driving constant voltage unipolar stepping motors.
2007-07-25 DDR2 SO-DIMM has thermal heat-spreader
To improve convection cooling, Virtium Technology Inc. announced a thermal heat-spreader for its DDR2 SO-DIMM, SO-RDIMM and SO-CDIMM
2006-05-18 Converter eliminates heat sinks
TT electronics BI Technologies Electronic Components Division has developed a fixed output DC/DC converter with a wide input voltage range.
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