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2014-09-22 XP Power boasts highest power density 60W AC-DC supply
The ECE60 series is available in either PCB mount, chassis mounted with screw terminals, or in a DIN rail mount configuration.
2014-05-14 Wearable supercapacitor chalks up high energy density
The device packs a network of graphene and carbon nanotubes, storing energy comparable to thin-film lithium batteries. It has volumetric energy density of 6.3microwatt-hours per cubic millimetre
2008-04-10 VI bricks feature advanced modular power platform
The VI BRICK, from Vicor's brick business unit, touts an advanced modular power platform incorporating the technical attributes of the company's V?I Chip technology and robust packaging that facilitates enhanced thermal management and through-hole assembly
2010-01-29 Ultracapacitors pack low ESR, high power density
Ioxus Inc. has rolled out a new family of large-cell prismatic electrochemical double-layer capacitors which is targeting transportation and utility applications
2007-05-21 Tiny POL converters deliver up to 780W/inch3 of power
FDK Corp. has added two new high performance DC/DC converters to its Senpai Series of non-isolated point-of-load converters
2008-05-15 TI acquires power management company
Beefing up efforts in power management, TI has acquired Irish power supply reference design provider Commergy Technologies
2005-05-20 Surface-mount power resistor delivers greater thermal cycling performance
Designed to resolve thermal cycling issues with power components in high-temperature environments, IRC has developed a "capped" version of its cylindrical power resistor that is said to deliver superior thermal compliance and thermal isolation
2004-06-14 SunPower launches new solar-power product line
SunPower Corp. disclosed that its new solar-power product line is the first mass-produced photovoltaic modules utilizing its all-back-contact solar cells
2005-09-12 Streamlining power delivery systems for servers
The need for more efficient systems has become paramount especially in servers and main frames.
2012-01-31 SiC MOSFETs target high frequency apps
Rated at 100A/1200V, the QJD1210010 and QJD1210011 feature -175C junction temperature.
2007-05-22 Resonant mode controller enables compact power design
ON Semiconductor has introduced NCP1396, a high performance resonant mode controller featuring built-in high side and low side MOSFET drivers
2004-07-07 Pulse cube inductors pack high power density in small package
The new Pulse PG0200 power cube inductors target desktop PCs with T-socket processors
2007-12-13 Programmable DC power supplies tout high power density
Xantrex Technology says its new programmable DC power supplies provide the highest power density for any 1U, half-rack form factor power supply on the market
2008-02-05 Power-supply optocoupler basics
Here's the basics on today's LED/photodetector isolators and what you need to know to apply them to your system.
2008-09-04 Power supply does away with additional system airflow
Murata Power Solutions has introduced its CEF400-112C series, a 400W, single output AC/DC switching power supply for DPA designs requiring reliable 12V bulk power
2010-10-22 Power MOSFETs offer high performance in compact package
International Rectifier unveils new family of automotive DirectFET2 power MOSFETs
2011-06-17 Power MOSFET supports low power applications
IR has unveiled a PQFN 2x2mm package featuring its latest HEXFET MOSFET silicon that promises an ultra-compact, high density and efficient solution for a wide variety of lower power applications.
2010-08-04 Power manager services LiFePO4 batteries
Linear Technology Corp. unveils a device that functions as an autonomous power manager, diode controller and battery charger for 1-cell Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries
2007-12-21 Power conversion solution eases buck converter design
International Rectifier has introduced the iP1206, a fully optimized solution for synchronous buck applications including telecom and networking equipment.
2006-06-12 Power connectors shrink footprint for VRMs
Tyco Electronics has doubled the density of its standard ELCON Mini CROWN EDGE line of low-profile, high-current power connectors for pluggable 1U and 2U VRM apps.
2004-09-13 Power connectors meet VRM 1U/2U server needs
Tyco Electronics expanded its ELCON Mini CROWN EDGE line of low profile, high-current power connectors for pluggable VRMs used in 1U and 2U server apps
2008-09-25 Murata boosts AC/DC switching power supply lineup
The CF series from Murata Power Solutions is a new range of high density AC/DC switching power supplies.
2010-09-27 MOSFET buck regulators for high power density DC-DC apps
Micrel recently rolled out its SuperSwitcher II family of integrated MOSFET buck regulators for high power density DC-DC applications.
2007-04-11 Linear battery charger delivers 'extremely high' power density
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. has announced the AAT3697, touted to be an extremely high-power-density linear battery charger for Li-ion/polymer batteries.
2007-05-07 LED lighting driver delivers high power density
Providing an adjustable output current of 1A from an SOT23 package, the ZXLD1360 LED lighting driver from Zetex Semiconductors promises high power density for high-power illumination applications.
2014-02-05 JM Energy puts in $60M in high-volume Li-ion capacitor prod'n
The company plans to build a high-volume LIC production plant with a capacity of three million cells per year
2013-01-17 IXYS boasts rectifier diode with record power density
The new 2.2kV rectifier has a current rating of 15,450A and represents a new technology platform for bonded-wafer level construction with a favorable high power density.
2004-02-12 IR releases power blocks in BGA packages
The iP1201 and iP1202 from International Rectifier are touted to be the industry's first dual output, two-phase dc-dc power blocks in BGA packages
2014-12-15 Infineon outs royalty-free power modules for high-voltage IGBT
The company announced a royalty-free license of the design to all providers of IGBT power modules in order to make the benefits of the module widely available
2006-07-24 Inductors offer high power density-to-size ratio
Cooper Bussman's ferrite core inductors with a 3.1-by-3.1-by-1mm footprint are said to offer one of the highest power density-to-size ratios of any surface-mount inductor
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