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2003-06-17 Power inductors provide high current capability
CoEv Magnetics has released their DXM series of lead-free power inductors that is designed for switching power supplies
2004-12-20 Power FET 'revolutionizes switching devices
Matsushita Electric claims its new transistor revolutionizes switching devices.
2012-02-09 Power controller optimized for AC/DC, DC/DC design
TI's UCD3138 combines a 32bit microprocessor, high-speed precision data converters and multiple programmable hardware control loops in a 6 x 6mm package
2008-12-01 Power connectors boost system airflow
Connector makers are developing new power connector designs--they now consider frontal density, comprised not just of the connector but of the space on the power supply the connector takes up
2006-08-02 Power connector saves PCB space
Tyco Electronics has introduced a stacked MINIPAK connector with customized insulator options and a DualBlade contact design to reduce connector length and save PCB real estate.
2012-07-17 Optimizing FPGAs for low power apps
Know the low-power design techniques for the families of 7 series FPGAs
2012-08-15 Optimize dynamic power signature of digital ICs to reduce power noise
At advanced process nodes, the biggest hurdle to achieving power noise integrity lies in handling high frequency power demand
2012-09-26 NXP touts automotive qualified dual power-SO8 MOSFETs
The LFPAK56D portfolio claims to offer best-in-class performance and reliability, while delivering a 77 per cent smaller footprint than the equivalent DPAK solution.
2005-08-09 NEC develops high-power battery using organic compounds
NEC Corp. of Japan has announced it is developing a high-power organic radical battery to protect IT equipment such as desktop PCs from losing data during power supply interruptions
2003-09-16 Neah Power obtains $2M grant from U.S. government
Neah Power Systems Inc. has announced that it is the recipient of a $2 million grant from the Advanced Technology Program (ATP) of the NIST
2015-10-12 Murata rolls hot-pluggable, 1.6kW, 12VDC power supply
The latest device belonging to the D1U3CS series offers a power density of 29W per cubic inch and is aimed at computing, storage, networking, data centres and test and measurement systems
2015-03-06 Murata intros ultra-high density power supplies
The 1.6kW D1U86P series power converters boast high density packaging techniques to deliver 38W per cubic inch to target networking applications, storage, high performance computing and data centres.
2013-11-08 Murata 1.2kW power supply boasts 94% efficiency
The D1U54P series comprises two models, both providing a 12VDC 1.2kW output and an auxiliary 5VDC 15W output.
2003-05-16 Motorola's power IC process runs on 300mm wafers
Motorola launched the newest version of its power semiconductor process technology combining voltage capability with analog functions
2006-05-05 MOSFETs yield increased power density with PowerPAK cooling tech
STMicroelectronics has announced its first power MOSFETs to be assembled in the metal-topped PolarPAK package that provides high thermal efficiency and increased power density.
2010-03-01 MOSFETs handle high-current power switching apps
IXYS' latest MOSFETs promote device consolidation through the reduction or elimination of multiple paralleled lower current-rated MOSFET devices in high-power switching applications
2006-04-06 MOSFET drivers load speed, power in 2-by-2mm package
Micrel launched a new line of 6A devices designed for power supplies and synchronous rectification applications operating at frequencies up to 2MHz
2008-10-03 Modular power supply delivers 90% efficiency
Excelsys Technologies has launched the XCE 1450W modular power supply, providing 1340W continuous/1450W peak power with efficiencies up to 90 percent
2003-10-16 Mixed-signal integration key to future power management in portables
IC integration is simplifying the design of portable power electronics--maximizing battery life in the smallest board area and lowering cost
2014-08-14 MIT blazes power electronics trail
Several of its work on ultra high-frequency conversion and ultraminiaturized converters feature size reductions and efficiency improvements for applications including giant server farms, lamps, and handheld devices
2006-02-27 Miniature bipolar package increases power supply efficiency
The ZXTC2045E6 from Zetex Semiconductors produces the drive requirement needed to switch high power MOSFETs and IGBTs in power supply designs
2006-07-31 Mid-voltage transistors raise circuit power density
With the 3-by-2.5mm footprint, Zetex said its new bipolar transistors help increase circuit power density by replacing the much larger DPAK, SOT89 and SOT223 packaged parts
2013-01-17 Microsemi expands SiC power module line
The devices are geared for high power switch mode power supplies, motor drives, uninterruptible power supplies, solar inverters, oil exploration applications
2006-03-01 Manage power in next-gen handsets
System engineers are "stuck" with power source options, forcing digital to drive developments in ultra-efficient battery usage
2010-02-05 Low-profile card connector trims power loss
FCI is offering the High Power Card Edge (HPCE) connector targeting applications demanding low power loss and high linear current density.
2010-05-11 Low-power modules pack controllers, IGBT switches
From STMicroelectronics come intelligent power modules that provide simple and compact solution for AC motor drive applications
2008-08-13 Low cost range power supplies hit market
The new cost efficient, smaller size 5W and 10W RAC-SB series from Recom Electronic GmbH is available in either encapsulated PCB mount or panel mount (screw terminal) formats.
2008-03-17 LM1771 and LM3880 based FPGA power supply reference design
This application note discusses the Virtex-5 FPGA power supply prerequisites in terms of the multiple voltage rail and current level requirements, output sequencing, and startup characteristics
2016-03-02 LED Engin rolls out double flux density emitters
The LZ4-04MDPB emitter includes a thinner flat glass lens, moving the secondary optics closer to the surface for greater illumination from fixtures with tightly controlled beam widths.
2008-11-26 LDMOS transistor delivers 500W RF output power
NXP Semiconductors has released its latest LDMOS transistor for L-band radar applications that delivers RF output power of 500W at frequencies between 1.2GHz and 1.4GHz
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