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2005-06-24 Lambda AC/DC power supply meets both medical, emission specs
Lambda's NV180, a single-output AC/DC power supply in a 3-by-5-by-1.25-inch chassis that delivers up to 180W, is particularly suited to high-density medical, process-control and test-and-measurement equipment.
2005-10-11 IR's DirectFET power MOSFETs reduce system-level power loss
IR unveiled two DirectFET power MOSFETs promise to reduce system-level power loss as much as 10% versus "enhanced SO-8" devices in medium power 200W DC/DC bus converter apps commonly found in networking and communications systems
2002-12-11 IR MOSFETs target ZVS power supplies
The L-Series of 500V HEXFET power MOSFETs feature fast recovery body diodes for the reliable operation of ZVS power supplies
2014-03-20 Intersil ramps up power-focused design centres
Necip Sayiner, CEO of Intersil, said the company will be discontinuing its analog line of business and instead will focus on its core strengths around power management
2005-04-04 Infineon claims major power efficiency for ADSL2+ chipset
Infineon introduced an ADSL2+ chipset targeted at DSLAMs and digital loop carriers that incorporate Class D line drivers.
2007-09-20 Ignition IGBT cuts power dissipation by 30 percent
Fairchild Semiconductor says the FGB3040C is the industry's first standard current sense ignition IGBT.
2006-05-03 IGBTs reduce power dissipation up to 60
International Rectifier introduced four 600V insulated-gate bipolar transistors that are said to reduce power dissipation in inverters by up to 60 percent
2006-04-26 IBC delivers 475W/inch3 power density
Designed for absolute maximum power density and high efficiency, Ericsson Power Modules' PKM4402NG is an intermediate bus converter useable with a narrow input range.
2015-04-22 How to manage power in single-cell battery system
In this article, we examine a reference design that provides charging, protection and monitoring for a single coin-cell battery to supply mobile devices.
2009-05-21 Highly-integrated power module simplifies design
Intersil Corp. has released the ISL8201M, a highly integrated power conversion module that saves space, reduces cost and simplifies design
2007-12-03 High-speed gate drivers come in compact form
Fairchild has introduced the FAN31xx and FAN32xx high-speed low-side gate drivers that offer maximum flexibility for power supply designs
2009-08-24 High-power SPDT switches fit WiMAX apps
NEC has released two new high-power RF switches, the ?PG2409T6X and ?PG2409TB, available through California Eastern Laboratories (CEL
2009-03-02 High-efficiency power supplies flaunt slim form
XP Power has released the DRS series of DIN rail-mounted AC/DC power supplies comprising of 80-, 120- and 240W single output models, with efficiency levels of 89 to 92 percent
2007-07-24 High-brightness CW diode lasers fit industrial apps
Intense Ltd's HPD Series 1110-1064 are high power, continuous wave (CW) lasers that simulate the Nd:YAG wavelength of 1,064nm
2006-02-07 HEXFET power MOSFETs deliver higher light-load efficiency
IR's new pair of 30V HEXFET power MOSFETs deliver up to 2% higher light-load efficiency over solutions using 30V MOSFETs in 45A, two phase synchronous buck converters
2006-05-12 HEXFET MOSFETs meet small size, high efficiency requirements
International Rectifier introduced the IRF7835PbF and IRF7836PbF, 30V synchronous buck HEXFET MOSFETs for DC/DC synchronous point-of-load converters.
2014-03-10 Global revenue for digital power devices to reach $3.3B
The global market for digital power is undergoing explosive growth, with revenues for digital power supplies and digital power ICs each projected to jump almost 65 per cent in 2014, stated IHS
2011-03-30 Front-end power supply ideal for network systems
Emerson Network Power's DS1200DC-3 is a high-efficiency DC-input 1,200W bulk front-end power supply for systems that use distributed power architectures
2008-05-19 Front-end power supplies come in compact form
Emerson Network Power's UFE series of programmable AC/DC front-end power supplies are offered in a compact 5.5 x 10.7-inch footprint with a height of 1.6 inches, enabling up to three supplies to be contained in a single 1U high 19-inch rack-mount chassis
2004-03-01 Fairchild MOSFETs reduce system power loss
Fairchild Semiconductor has developed two high-voltage MOSFETs that utilize the company's SuperFET technology to reduce system power loss
2015-07-16 EPC eGaN half bridge power ICs with integrated bootstrap FET
Geared for resonant wireless power transfer applications, the EPC2107 and EPC2108 promise to eliminate gate driver induced reverse recovery loses as well as the need for a high side clamp
2012-04-26 Enhancing production test of high-speed RF components
Know how to ease the testing of a VHF RF receiver in a production environment.
2012-02-09 Efficient power electronics is key to widespread HEV adoption
Learn about the factors that contribute to the achievement of maximum power density in automotive power electronics
2013-06-10 Diodes debuts chip scale Schottky with doubled power density
The SDM0230CSP Schottky diode uses 70 per cent less board space than the industry-standard DFN1006 and SOD923 packaged Schottkys and has a typical thermal resistance of just 261C/W.
2009-03-06 Digital power solution saves energy, cuts CO2 emission
Ericsson Power Modules offers a complete range of board-mounted-products based on digital control and monitoring, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions
2007-01-16 Design a smaller, more efficient AC/DC power supply
The possibilities for improvements in AC/DC power supply design will continue to be driven largely by improvements in semiconductor performance and functionality
2013-07-24 Delta Elektronika's power supplies spec in Cree's MOSFETS
Using Cree's SiC MOSFETS, Delta Elektronika demonstrated a 21 per cent decrease in overall power supply losses and a reduction in component count by up to 45 per cent
2009-04-30 DC/DC converters fit power-hungry apps
TDK-Lambda has broadened its DC/DC converter line-up with the introduction of the new iQG Series, providing high true useable power in an industry standard quarter-brick footprint
2007-01-30 DC/DC converters deliver full-rated output current at high ambient temp
FDK Corp. unveiled its Sensei series of isolated DC/DC converters with the announcement of the FPQN48T9R632, a 330W bus converter in the industry-standard quarter brick format.
2012-05-30 DC/DC converters claim double density
Enpirion's EN2300 family of fully integrated 12V DC/DC converters integrates the controller, power MOSFETs, high frequency input capacitors, compenzation network and inductor to offer up to 95 percent efficiency
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