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2001-04-09 Using the high-speed microcontroller as a bootstrap loader
This application note provides examples of how a designer can use an external Flash or NVRAM to add in-system reprogrammability to a High-Speed Microcontroller-based design.
2001-04-11 Using the high-speed Micro's serial ports
This application note describes the setup and operation of the most commonly encountered operating modes of the serial interfaces of Dallas Semiconductor's High-Speed Microcontroller family.
2004-11-24 Ultra-high-speed Microcontroller software SPI
This app note uses a full-featured software SPI master for ultra-high-speed microcontrollers and a simple application that makes use of it to control a Crystalfontz LCD
2004-06-21 Ultra-high-speed microcontroller software SPI
This app note presents a full-featured software SPI master for ultra-high-speed microcontrollers and a simple application that makes use of it to control a crystalfontz LCD
2009-04-27 MCU boasts high speed communication
Atmel Corp. has introduced a new AVR32 microcontroller with high speed communication targeted to the rapidly growing digital media solutions and audio player docking station markets.
2005-09-19 Wireless IC combines high speed, ultra-low power and cost
The latest addition to Nordic Semiconductors' portfolio of 2.4GHz wireless ICs promises to merge high speed with ultra-low power and cost
2002-07-29 TI microcontroller draws 0.75A
The MSP430C1101 MCU from Texas Instruments Inc. is claimed by the company to be the world's lowest power MCU, drawing 1.35A during operation and 0.75A during standby mode.
2009-07-06 RSA key generation using the MAXQ1103 microcontroller
This application note demonstrates the generation of RSA key-pair sets using the MAXQ1103 secure RISC microcontroller
2003-04-29 R2 Controls board touts high-speed relay control
R2 Controls' R102 Bongo controller, based on the Cygnal C8051F230 MCU running at 22.1MHz, targets programmable high-speed relay control apps
2009-10-07 Optocouplers pack high gain photo detector
IC design and insulation material let the optocouplers offer up to 90 percent less operating power.
2009-05-25 Modulo exponentiation timing with the DS5250 microcontroller
This application note describes how modulo exponentiation is done on the DS5250 high-speed, secure microcontroller. It lists typical times to run various expressions, and describes the code flow to obtain the timings.
2010-03-19 MCUs promise high energy savings at low cost
Infineon extends its XC800 microcontroller line with two new devices designed to further reduce system cost and improve energy efficiency in a wide range of industrial applications
2003-05-12 Interfacing the 400kHz X24129 Serial EEPROM to the Motorola 68HC11 Microcontroller
This application note demonstrates how the X24129 serial EEPROM can be interfaced to the 68HC11 microcontroller family
1999-04-08 Implementing a digital answering machine with a high speed 8bit microcontroller
This paper presents a design that replaces DSP chips with a general-purpose high-speed 8bit microcontroller. Telephone functions such as caller ID, DTMF detection, Bell 202 detection, and Ring detection are implemented in software on the microcontroller.
2010-04-12 How to configure the STM8A microcontroller clocks
This application note provides practical examples of how to program the STM8A CLK registers. The source code of the examples is included in the STM8 firmware library.
2002-08-16 Holtek microcontroller suits multiple LCD apps
The HT49C70-1 8-bit, single-chip microcontroller features a single-cycle, two-stage pipeline architecture and is suited for use in multiple, low-power LCD applications
2009-11-24 High-speed optocoupler tips 3mA drive current
Avago's ACPL-M50L single-channel optocoupler claims to operate on approximately 80 percent less drive current than today's standard 1MBd digital optocouplers.
2013-04-05 High-speed measurements for hybrid vehicles
Enable measurement data rates of 30 MB/s without CPU loading.
2004-11-23 Finding the middle ground: Developing applications with high-speed 8bit microcontroller
This app note shows how to develop applications with high-speed 8bit microcontroller.
2003-05-12 Design Issues In High Speed SPI (HSPI) Serial EEPROM
This application note discusses the implementation of Serial EEPROMs on various microcontrollers which are capable of 5MHz sustained throughput on the SPI bus.
2002-08-08 Cygnal microcontroller offers CAN connectivity
Cygnal Integrated Products Inc.'s C8051F040 mixed-signal Flash microcontroller features CAN bus connectivity suitable for industrial control and data acquisition applications
2009-06-03 Cortex-M3 MCU packs high speed USB
Atmel Corp. has released its first Cortex-M3 microcontroller that aims to differentiate from the rest by offering high speed USB functionality, firmware protection, differential input ADC, and 1.62V core voltage.
2003-04-04 AVR325: High-speed Interface to Host EPP Parallel Port
This application note describes a method for high-speed bidirectional data transfer between AVR microcontroller and an off-the-shelf IBM PC-Compatible desktop computer.
2007-09-25 ARM9 MCU series suits high-performance apps
NXP Semiconductors has expanded its portfolio of ARM7 and ARM9 microcontroller space with the introduction of the LPC2900 series
2011-06-08 32bit MCU powers high-res display
Renesas Electronics will release a 32bit MCU that offers improved graphics and network functionality for automotive, industrial and consumer apps.
2010-04-13 32bit MCU delivers high performance at low power
Extending its range of ARM Cortex-M3 32bit microcontrollers, Toshiba Electronics Europe has released a miniature device that combines high-performance processing with ultralow-power operation
2011-01-19 The future is high-performance mixed signal
NXP Semiconductor's Rick Clemmer sees mixed-signal semiconductors as the main growth area enabling four major trends that are driving growth: energy efficiency, personalized healthcare, mobility and security.
2006-04-25 PWM fan speed controller IC with wide input voltage range
Supertex's new PWM fan speed controller has a wide input voltage range of 16V to 90V, making its suitable for use in 24V and 48V systems
2011-04-13 Microcontroller targets low-cost analog front ends
Texas Instruments Inc. introduces the MSP430AFE2xx series of metrology AFE ultra-low-power 16bit microcontrollers.
2009-07-27 MCU packs embedded full-speed USB
Texas Instruments Inc. has rolled out a new microcontroller family that incorporates an embedded full-speed 12Mbit/s USB
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