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2002-05-02 Token power resistor has 1.5kW rating
Token Electronics has expanded its ASZ type of high-voltage power resistor with the addition of a version that is capable of handling power up to 1.5kW, making it suitable for use in industrial machinery, electric power distribution, and automated control installations.
2004-12-13 Stackpole adapts new technology process to resistor divider networks
Stackpole Electronics says its series of high-voltage resistor divider networks are superior to any thick-film resistor network technology that exists today.
2002-10-21 PREE cermet resistor rated up to 30kV
The PHR5025 high-voltage cermet resistor is available with resistance values ranging from 10 ohms to 2 gigaohms and are rated between 5KV to 30KV.
2006-02-13 High-voltage resistor replaces multiple devices
The new high-voltage metal glaze axial-leaded resistors from Stackpole Electronics allows designers to replace multiple parts or more expensive solutions with a single component
2002-11-25 High voltage resistors boast low temperature coefficient
The Type USG series of high voltage resistors from Caddock Electronics Inc. features a temperature coefficient of 10ppm/0C over the -400C to 850C temperature range, thereby providing minimal startup drift and improved stability
2004-10-20 Zetex current monitor tolerates high voltage transients
The new high accuracy current monitor from Zetex eliminates any ground plane disruption when sensing a load current
2004-12-15 Zetex current monitor tolerates high voltage transients
Zetex has unveiled a -40C to 125C rated, high accuracy current monitor designed for automotive load measurement and control
2015-03-31 Voltage monitors draw 6?A quiescent current
Linear Technology bared its single/dual channel LTC2965 and LTC2966 low-dropout regulators that feature wide operating range, low power consumption and accurate monitoring.
2014-04-16 Utilise audio amps for voltage splitting (Part 3
Here's a look at voltage splitters based on power audio amplifiers
2002-09-25 Toshiba voltage regulator consumes 955A
The TB9001FN voltage regulator from Toshiba Corp. employs BiCD process technology and internal circuits that enables the IC to consume 955A
2007-05-28 Tiny LED drivers tackle high-power tasks
Operating under a 6-60V input supply and achieving up to 95 percent efficiency, the ZXLD1362 from Zetex Semiconductors can drive up to 16 high power LEDs with an adjustable output current of up to 1A
2014-01-27 TI's op amp boasts high precision aimed at industrial apps
The OPA192 achieves stable offset voltage drift over the full specified temperature range, which eliminates the need for system level calibration
2009-08-04 Switching regulator boasts wide input voltage range
Linear Technology's LT3663 current mode step-down switching regulator offers programmable output current limit.
2013-04-29 Supertex's MEMS driver tooled for high voltage drive apps
Running a base of 4 amplifiers, the HV264 will find use in a variety of MEMS and other High Voltage Drive applications, such as driving optical MEMS and piezoelectric transducers
2008-10-14 Resistors tout 4,000Vac dielectric withstanding voltage
TT electronics IRC has raised the dielectric withstanding voltage of its high density power resistors to 4000Vac
2006-01-20 Resistor dividers deliver
Vishay announced the CDHV, a surface-mount chip resistor divider that is designed for use in high-voltage power supplies, power switching equipment and inverter controls.
2006-03-30 Precision resistor rated up to 20kV
The CGH/CMH high-voltage power resistors from TT electronics IRC Wirewound and Film Technologies Division provide voltage ratings up to 20kV
2011-07-04 Power Tip: Higher-voltage LEDs boost light bulb efficiency
Find out why higher voltage is a better choice, and how to achieve it
2006-10-20 Power supply IC targets high-end car airbag apps
Atmel has announced the availability of an airbag system power supply IC particularly suited for high-end automotive airbag applications
2008-04-29 PLMD chips aim at high-voltage telephony apps
Clare has introduced the CPC5712, a special-purpose PLMD chip aimed at high-voltage telephony applications such as VoIP gateways and IP-PBXs
2003-12-15 ON Semi IC withstands voltage transients up to 30V
ON Semiconductor has introduced the NCP346 overvoltage protection circuit (OVP) designed for applications with an external ac/dc adapter, a car charger accessory and/or a battery recharger.
2005-08-17 New voltage drivers from Supertex
The new HV839 and HV841 from Supertex are high voltage drivers designed for driving two EL lamps with a combined area of 3.5-inches?. The input supply voltage range is from 2V to 5.8V
2010-08-20 New high-voltage ICs target power "vampires
Power Integrations' high-voltage IC line improves energy efficiency, eliminates sense resistor power losses in standby
2011-03-30 Metal film resistors handle high voltage
Stackpole Electronics Inc. introduces the RNV series of axial leaded metal film resistors in 0.25 watt body and can handle voltages up to 1,600VDC and overload voltages of up to 3,200VDC.
2008-11-11 LXI chassis deliver high cooling capacity
Pickering Interfaces has expanded its range of LXI solutions with two new modular LXI chassis.
2008-02-28 Jazz Semi upgrades high-voltage BCD power platform
Jazz Semiconductor has announced enhancements to its advanced bipolar CMOS DMOS process platform including the addition of an ultra-low Rds(on) scalable NLDMOS device.
2007-11-28 High-voltage DC/DCs load 36V input, 10V output
Linear Technology has introduced the LTM8022 and LTM8023, 1A and 2A high voltage DC/DC uModule regulator systems, respectively, with up to 36V (40Vmax) input voltage and up to 10V output voltage
2007-03-08 High-current DC/DC enables 1mm-tall solutions
AnalogicTech's AAT1210 is said to be the first boost converter to supply a high-voltage/high-current source and still allow designers to use small external components, including inductors under 1mm in height, thus achieving a total solution less than or equal to 1mm tall
2013-09-16 Drive high-power LED, charge high-voltage battery
Here's a look at a 60V buck-boost controller that delivers 100W to LED headlights or a battery stack.
2008-08-04 Digipots bring 1% resistor tolerance for industrial apps
Analog Devices Inc. introduced a digital potentiometer family with the best resistor tolerance, allowing designers of industrial and instrumentation equipment to meet tighter resistor matching requirements for improved system accuracy
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