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2009-04-30 LED array reference design board
This application note describes a simple design solution to drive an array of high brightness LEDs, using the STP16CP05 and the STP16CPS05 LED drivers.
2006-08-04 IRC makes LED assemblies with Anotherm substrate tech
IRC Advanced Film Division offers populated LED assemblies using its Anotherm substrate technology, which can be used in a variety of high-brightness LED display applications.
2012-01-06 High-brightness LEDs for outdoor videos
The C4SMD offers the brightest performance at zero degree intensity and the C4SMT offers the brightest peak intensity performance at a -20 degree angle.
2009-01-14 High-brightness LED touts low thermal resistance
Optek Technology has developed a star-shaped red/green/blue/amber LED assembly by integrating four 1W LED die into a single assembly for solid-state lighting applications
2007-10-30 High-brightness LED driver powers 15W systems
National Semiconductor's two new high-brightness LED drivers in its PowerWise product family are suited to industrial and automotive tasks and general lighting/signage.
2008-04-18 High intensity LED drivers using NCP3065/NCV3065
This application note describes a DC/DC converter circuits that can easily be configured to drive LEDs at several different output currents and can be configured for either AC or DC input.
2005-03-08 High brightness LED platform targets all types of auto apps
Agilent and Lumileds rolled out the first three products in their new Envisium mid-power family of LEDs for exterior and interior automotive apps.
2007-02-15 HB-LED drivers suit automotive lighting apps
Maxim has introduced a high-voltage, 3-channel, linear high-brightness LED driver with open-LED detection for automotive exterior and interior lighting applications.
2008-03-31 HB LED solution eases intelligent lighting design
Cypress Semiconductor's EZ-Color solution includes preconfigured drivers for the DMX512 protocol, enabling easier and faster designs of entire intelligent lighting networks with no coding required.
2005-07-28 HB LED market growth slowing but still healthy
The high-brightness LED (HB LED) industry had a remarkable history of growth. Much of this growth has been driven by the increasing use of HB LEDs in mobile appliances. In a recent report, titled "High-Brightness LED Market Review and Forecast - 2005", conducted by market research firm Strategies Unlimited, the mobile appliance segment accounted for 57 percent of the high-brightness LED market in 2004.
2008-03-26 HB LED drivers handle long LED strings
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced high-voltage, linear HB LED drivers capable of driving a long string of HB LEDs from a 6.5V to 40V input supply
2008-08-25 HB LED drivers deliver green lighting
Maxim Integrated Products has developed the MAX16822A/B and MAX16832A/C family of 2MHz, high-brightness (HB) LED drivers with an integrated MOSFET and high-side current-sense circuitry.
2010-05-21 HB LED driver tailored for outdoor LCDs
Semtech Corp. has released the SC446 three-channel high-brightness LED (HB LED) driver with an integrated 2.5A boost power switch.
2008-12-22 HB LED driver simplifies green lighting designs
Maxim Integrated Products has developed the MAX16834, a current-mode, high-brightness (HB) LED driver for boost, buck-boost, SEPIC and high-side buck topologies.
2007-08-28 HB LED driver powers common-anode LEDs
Maxim Integrated Products claims that it has introduced the MAX16821 synchronous HB LED driver with rapid current pulsing, said to be the first to drive common-anode LEDs
2008-10-24 HB LED driver enables green lighting for automotive apps
Maxim Integrated Products has released the MAX16826 programmable, four-string high-brightness (HB) LED driver for white, RGB, and RGB-plus-amber LED configurations.
2003-05-14 Durel IC drives EL lamp, HB LED devices
Durel Corp.'s D368 EL lamp and HB LED driver is available in a leadless PLLP-16 package
2010-12-20 Driving HB-LED at high forward current
Learn about the evaluation board designed to provide a constant current in the range of 10A to 60A.
2008-07-11 Compact RGB LED driver manages 24 outputs
STMicroelectronics' STP24DP05 provides 24 constant-current outputs capable of driving RGB LEDs at up to 80mA, performing the work of three conventional 8-output drivers within a compact TQFP48, 7mm x 7mm footprint.
2007-02-19 Camera-phone flash LED driver promises improved visual experience
NXP's news camera-phone LED flash driver promises increased flash performance that enhances picture quality in poor lighting conditions, enabling an improved visual experience
2007-04-02 Boost LED performance via current source
For optimum performance, high-brightness LEDs should be driven by a current source rather than by a voltage source
2010-05-21 Automotive high brightness LED control based on the MC9S08MP16 microcontroller
This application note describes the implementation of a lighting control for high-brightness LED strings based on the MC9S08MP16 family of microcontrollers and a low-cost discrete solution.
2005-11-15 Auto-focus LED touts high brightness in small package
The new high-brightness LED from Agilent claims to offer the brightest auto-focus LED with a typical light output of 18 candela (at 20mA).
2004-07-20 Agilent, Lumileds to codevelop on new LED series
Agilent Technologies Inc. and Lumileds Lighting have signed an agreement to collaborate on a new series of LEDs.
2011-07-21 40V LED driver IC operates at 98% efficiency
ZMDI has announced the release of ZLED7320, a 40V LED Driver IC which operates at up to 98 percent efficiency
2007-05-09 3.5-inch LCD has high-brightness LED backlight
OSD Displays has introduced a 3.5-inch TFT-LCD with a high-brightness LED backlight and TMR film enhancement, which adds functionality in sunlight to standard transmissive panels.
2011-06-14 2A RGB LED driver for portable projectors unveiled
National Semiconductor has introduced the LM3435, a 2A RGB LED driver for portable projectors that drives three common anode RGB high-brightness LEDs sequentially with a single inductor.
2006-03-28 White LED touts high brightness, small size
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. offers a small and bright white MiniLED in a low-profile 2.3-by-1.3-by-1.4mm package.
2005-12-30 White LED driver tailored for portable CE apps
ON Semiconductor unveiled a white LED driver designed to drive high brightness LEDs in torch or flash applications for camera phones and other portable consumer electronic devices.
2005-12-20 White LED delivers 12,000mcd at 350mA
The new high brightness warm white LED from Dominant Semiconductors provides an incandescent-grade illumination.
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