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2013-04-04 Improving digital signage with LED drivers
As digital signage projects become ever more sophisticated, equipment designers must rely on LED driver ICs capable of satisfying the unique demands of this application space
2009-05-07 Implementing a modular High Brightness RGB LED network
The popularity of using high-power LEDs for lighting applications is increasing constantly. To efficiently drive these LEDs, a switched power supply is required. This application note describes a simple application in which a digital signal controller network is used to drive a high-power RGB LED matrix
2008-07-16 Hysteretic converters for multiple LED lighting
Hysteretic converters are used to drive LEDs in lamp replacement and emerging lighting applications. The ease of use and inherent stability of the topology make it a first choice for efficient inductive switching regulator solutions. The simple topology can be used in different configurations or other unintended external applications.
2014-01-02 How to drive LED with fluorescent ballast (Part 1
Here's a look at an AC/DC converter without active LED current control
2015-07-01 High-efficiency LED drivers target any-colour chips
The AS1111x devices from Ams can drive up to four high-current LEDs and feature up to four channels of 40mA drive (for high brightness LEDs); 150mV headroom to operate
2005-08-22 High-brightness white LEDs fit automotive interior lighting apps
Agilent launched a new family of high-brightness, white LEDs in PLCC-2 and Power PLCC-4 surface-mount packages
2006-10-18 High-brightness LEDs in tiny package offer 18 lumens
American Bright Optoelectronics has introduced the BL-PPW series of high brightness LEDs in PLCC-6 package capable of producing up to 18 lumens of cool white light though a combination of three individually addressable LED die.
2007-07-12 Headlamp LED delivers 620 lumens at 700mA
Osram's new super-bright Ostar headlamp LED has a peak performance of 620 lumens at 700mA, twich the brightness of its predecessor
2007-02-13 HB LED drivers deliver 94 percent efficiency
Maxim has introduced high-efficiency LED drivers, each capable of delivering from 1W to over 25W of output power with up to 94 percent efficiency, while driving as many as six white LEDs connected in series
2009-09-09 HB LED driver cuts LCD TV backlighting costs
The highly-integrated driver implements a high-performance backlight driver for LCD TVs, monitors, car displays.
2007-02-09 Green-LED flash aids auto-focus digicams in the dark
Avago has introduced a green, high-brightness auto focus auxiliary flash LED to assist the auto focusing function in digicams used in low ambient light conditions.
2012-02-10 GaN-on-Si tech cuts HB-LED cost by 80
Plessey acquired CamGaN in order to use its proprietary 6in GaN-on-silicon technology that claims to cut scrap rate and batch time.
2007-10-05 Flash LED driver suits cellphones with video recording
AnalogicTech has announced a new LED driver designed for use with high-current/high-brightness flash LEDs in mobile phones with video recording.
2007-08-23 Firm supplies InGaN substrates for LED production
Technology and Devices International has started supplying wafers with a top layer of InGaN for use in LED production
2006-03-15 EZBright LED chip platform combines high brightness, die attach
Cree Inc. announced the release of its new EZBright LED chip platform. According to the press release, the EZBright LEDs feature Cree's highest brightness levels in a new, easy-to-die attach chip
2010-04-13 Expanding apps boost China LED market
Makers hurdle cost, chip supply and patent barriers to take advantage of rising demand from the backlight and general lighting sectors.
2010-07-06 Energy-efficient LED enables flicker-free brightness
ZMD AG is entering the LED market with the release of its first energy-efficient LED driver ICs that can achieve up to 95% efficiency
2013-05-30 Employ SSL2101, SSL2102 dimmable mains LED driver
Know how to design a mains dimmable LED driver using the NXP SSL2101/2102 LED Driver IC in flyback mode
2012-01-09 Drop in MOCVD spending drags LED equipment buy
Following a 36 percent increase in equipment spending last year, worldwide LED manufacturing equipment spending is seen to decline 18 percent this year
2007-12-14 Drivers load up to 150mA to three HB LED strings
Maxim has introduced 3-channel HB-LED drivers that feature three 36V rated, open-drain, constant-current sink outputs capable of delivering up to 150mA to three separate strings of HB LEDs
2006-10-02 Dominant Semi adds 0.5W white LED to SPNovaLED line
Dominant Semiconductors has added a new high-brightness surface mount LED in its SPNovaLED product family.
2009-03-04 Display backlighting using high-brightness LEDs and SEPIC power modules
This article discusses the use of SEPIC power modules and the MAX16807/MAX16808 HB LED drivers to deliver a wide-dimming-ratio backlight solution
2004-04-23 Dalian Lumei kicks off LED chips mass production
Dalian Lumei Optoelectronics Corp. has begun mass producing high-brightness blue and green LED chips.
2005-06-24 Cree LED chips mix high brightness, low power consumption
Cree announced the availability of its two new LED chipsthe MegaBright 290 Gen 2 and the RazerThin 230
2011-05-04 Cree launches first water-resistant, high-contrast SMD LED
The CLX6A-FKB PLCC6-type LED is the industry's first water-resistant, tall LED package for outdoor use, while the CLVBA-FKA is Cree's first black-body RGB surface-mount LED for indoor video screens
2008-04-09 Controller drives high-brightness LEDs in series
Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced a 4.5-52V wide-input voltage, non-synchronous boost controller, intended for applications where the output is a regulated current instead of a regulated voltage.
2007-08-13 Compact white LED shines up to 2,000mcd
Toshiba America Electronic Components TAEC has introduced compact high-efficiency white LEDs that delivers luminous intensity levels of 1,500mcd from a drive current of only 20mA.
2008-05-12 CAT4238EVAL1 evaluation board for CAT4238 10-LED boost converter
This document describes the CAT4238EVAL1 evaluation board for Catalyst's CAT4238 high efficiency 10-LED boost converter
2008-05-13 CAT4201 LED driver evaluation board
This document describes the CAT4201EVAL2 evaluation board for Catalyst's CAT4201 high-efficiency step-down LED driver
2008-05-28 CAT32EVAL1 evaluation board for CAT32 white LED driver
This document by Denisa Stefan describes the CAT32EVAL1 evaluation board for the Catalyst Semiconductor CAT32 white LED driver
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