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2007-12-05 Bright LED lamps come in small packages
Avago Technologies has introduced a new series of high-brightness red, green, blue and amber subminiature LED lamps for use in industrial and consumer applications.
2005-06-07 Backlights use one LED to illuminate LCDs
Global Lighting Technologies offers a range of custom LED backlights that use only one white LED to backlight color and monochrome LCD modules for a variety of apps
2006-11-23 Avago intros 'smallest' 0.5W high-brightness LEDs
Avago has introduced a series of half-watt (0.5W), high-brightness red-orange and amber LEDs in an automotive-industry-standard PLCC-4 SMT package
2009-09-16 Automobile LED delivers more than 850 lumens
Philips Lumileds releases Luxeon Altilon power LEDs that are suited for vehicle forward lighting.
2005-12-20 Auto LED touts high brightness, rugged design
Osram Opto Semiconductors launched the newest addition to its Golden DRAGON family of LEDs specifically for automotive daytime running lights.
2002-08-27 Agilent ships 3.3V LED displays
Agilent Technologies Inc. has announced the release of what it claims to be the industry's first 3.3V LED dot-matrix, alphanumeric "smart" device for use in medical and test equipment
2012-10-24 Advances in wireless bonding LED technology
Know how this LED technology provides greater brightness, superior heat dissipation and enhanced durability, while maintaining small footprints
2008-01-31 350mA buck boost LED driver using bipolar junction transistors, high side current sensing and a NCP3063 controller
This application note and associated demo board will focus on driving multiple LEDs, at a regulated 350mA, from low voltage DC or AC sources commonly used in lighting applications.
2006-06-14 1W LEDs offer high brightness, wide viewing angle
Optek's new single-packaged LEDs, part of its Lednium Series of solid state lighting devices, offer up to 38 lumens and a full 120 viewing angle.
2010-06-04 18W single-stage offline LED driver
There is a large potential market for residential application of solid-state lighting (SSL), and compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) retro-fit is one of them.
2013-08-13 13.5mm solderless LED flashes 1500lm of brightness
The Soleriq S 13 from Osram Opto can be installed in LED luminaires as a so-called retrofit, replacing halogen spotlights with high wattage
2005-08-25 Supertex LED driver with PFC simplifies street lighting
Supertex' HV9931, an off-line driver for single high-brightness LEDs, includes a power factor correction stage that suits the chip to traffic signal, street lamp and decorative lighting applications
2008-03-27 Powering and dimming high-brightness LEDs with the LM3405 constant-current buck regulator
This article describes a few of the many application solutions for the LM3405 LED driver
2003-11-03 Lumileds LED offers incandescent-style illumination
Lumileds Lighting LLC has released a warm white version of its high-brightness Luxeon LEDs that are designed for use as solid-state illumination in interior and task lighting apps
2007-07-06 LED series features 50 viewing angle
Avago has delivered a fresh lineup of SMT LEDs that provide a narrow 50-degree viewing angle and a matched radiation pattern.
2008-04-25 LED driving with NCP/V3063
This application note describes how the NCP3063/NCV3063 can be configured in a boost topology to drive strings of LEDs.
2003-07-22 Durel combination drivers power EL, LED sources
Durel Corp. has expanded its family of combination EL and HBLED drivers with the release of the D388 chip.
2007-03-14 Cree buys Hong Kong LED maker for $200M
Cree Inc. has acquired privately-held Cotco Luminant Device Ltd of Hong Kong for $200 million in cash and stock.
2007-06-20 Tool provides complete design for bright LEDs
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. introduces a complete design solution for high-brightness (HB) LED intelligent lighting systems that offers high ease-of-use and performance.
2004-05-18 Supertex rolls out HB driver IC
Supertex has disclosed that its HV9910 is the industry's first universal, high brightness LED driver IC.
2013-03-20 Semtech expands automotive-qualified products platform
The firm released the SC5012Q 4-channel, high-brightness LED driver for infotainment and navigation display backlighting and the SC220Q 20MHz buck regulator with X-EMI inductor technology.
2007-04-03 RGB LEDs operate in extreme outdoor conditions
Avago Technologies developed a series of high-brightness SMT tri-color LEDs that have been designed to operate in extreme outdoor conditions
2009-05-21 PWM controllers up design flexibility of HB LEDs
Fairchild Semiconductor is offering primary side regulation PWM controllers that simplify design, reduce board space and provide important performance advantages for HB LEDs.
2013-03-15 Opto-sensor-discrete products hit record sales in 2012
IC Insights said that with sales in overall IC segment falling four per cent in 2012, O-S-D's share of total semiconductor revenues grew to 19 per cent, wherein total sales was the highest since 1991.
2009-12-17 ON Semi takes over CMD
ON Semiconductor's acquisition of California Micro Devices will strengthen its offering of application specific integrated passive devices.
2010-11-05 New step down HBLED driver IC allows ultra wide contrast ratios
Micrel Inc. has just rolled the MIC3202, a new Step-Down HBLED driver with high-side current sense targeting MR-16 lamps and other general illumination applications.
2005-08-23 Maxim's linear current regulator delivers 350mA to HB LEDs
Maxim Integrated Products released an adjustable linear current regulator that can provide up to 350mA of current to one or more strings of high-brightness LEDs
2012-02-09 Mask alignment system boasts throughput up to 220 wafers/h
The EVG620HBL claims to deliver high yield that optimizes the manufacture of high-brightness LEDs
2007-07-26 Low-profile, warm-white LEDs are easy to install
Available in one of the industry's thinnest packages, the ASMT-MY00 LEDs from Avago offer designers of solid-state lighting applications with a robust and reliable package that provides high brightness illumination and easy installation
2007-02-27 LM3404/LM3404HV Evaluation Board
The LM3404/04HV is a buck regulator derived controlled current source designed to drive a series string of high power, high-brightness LEDs such as the Luxeon K2 Emitter at forward currents of up to 1A
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