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2007-12-11 LEDs support local-dimming LCD backlights
austriamicrosystems has launched high-precision LED drivers with optimal support for local-dimming LCD backlight technology
2007-02-14 LEDs suit portable, solar-powered outdoor signs
Avago has announced a new series of low-power, high-performance, extra-bright round through-hole LEDs for portable and solar-powered outdoor electronic signs and signal applications.
2006-11-30 LEDs on IRC's Anotherm replace conventional lighting
TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division's Anotherm technology is being specified for a variety of high-brightness LED illumination and display applications, providing lighting system design engineers a cost-effective replacement for conventional lighting sources.
2007-09-16 High-power video projection with liquid-cooled HB LEDs
High-power/brightness LEDs are an increasingly attractive solution for projection applications due to their enhanced color range, high performance over the life of the end product and lower cost of ownership than current arc lamp technology.
2010-05-17 HBLED driver integrates PWM dithering
Micrel Inc. is rolling out the MIC3203 step-down high-brightness LED (HBLED) driver controller IC with high-side current sense and PWM dithering feature for EMI control.
2010-01-29 ESD protectors deliver 8kV HBM for HB LEDs
California Micro Devices has extended its LuxGuard family of turnkey solutions for ESD protection and thermal management for high-power, high-brightness LED (HB LED) lighting applications.
2008-05-16 Design lighting systems with tunable WLEDs
Tunable lighting is a feature offered by solid-state lighting that is beyond the tactical economic benefits of energy reduction and extended service life that are already driving LED adoption in the lighting market. Discover how tunable white LEDs could enhance your lighting designs
2012-04-24 DC/DC controller touts 6-100V input voltage
The LT3796 is a high-side current sense DC/DC controller designed to regulate a constant-current or constant-voltage geared for driving high brightness LEDs
2012-07-04 Converter drives LEDs in low voltage apps
ZMDI's ZSLS7025 boost LED driver for high-brightness LEDs is suited for driving multiple white LEDs connected in series from a low voltage supply.
2003-06-26 China poised to lead optoelectronic component market
According to Intex Management Services Ltd's latest research analysis of the world markets for optoelectronic components, the market in the Greater China region is forecast to overtake Europe by mid-2005 and to reach North America by 2007.
2011-12-26 Boost converters tout 1MHz switching frequency
The ZLED7015 can drive devices that require a constant voltage and the wide input voltage range of 6-30V supports applications.
2008-01-04 Boost converter drives multiple ultrabright LEDs
Texas Instruments Inc. has developed a high-brightness LED driver with an integrated 40V, 1.2A switch that can drive up to three 1W LEDs in series.
2003-05-20 AXT provisionally ceases optoelectronics production in U.S.
AXT Inc. has announced that it will temporarily stop production of optoelectronic devices at its U.S. facilities for two weeks this month as a cost reduction measure after which it will determine at what pace production will be resumed.
2008-10-09 'Green' energy emerging from two lighting systems
Despite the attention drawn on other sources of energy to increase available power, some measures are targeted to the conservation of energy. Along with "making more," the energy challenge is also aimed at "using less."
2003-01-27 WAMCO to distribute Microsemi aviation white LEDs
Microsemi Corp. has signed WAMCO Inc. to distribute its latest line of "aviation white" high brightness white LEDs
2004-04-30 Veeco receives an order for MOCVD
Veeco Instruments Inc. has received an order for multiple MOCVD (metal organic chemical vapor deposition) production systems from Fujian Quanzhou Sanan Group Ltd, a manufacturer of high brightness light-emitting diodes (HB-LEDs) based in Fujian province, China
2015-02-13 Utilising LEDs for LCD backlighting (Part 2)
In Part 2, we will begin with a look at the market trends that have driven the evolution of LED LCDs. This will be followed by an exploration of the optical design techniques used in today's displays
2015-02-09 Utilising LEDs for LCD backlighting (Part 1)
Learn about the types of LED LCD backlight units, the market trends and technological developments, the advantages of LED LCD televisions, and the key points in the optical design of LED backlights
2007-05-04 Tri-color SMT LEDs operate in extreme outdoors
Avago Technologies announced a new series of high-brightness SMT tri-color LEDs that will enable designers to develop large indoor and outdoor electronic displays that provide sharper and more vivid images and graphics
2007-07-30 Tiny buck converter powers up to seven LEDs
Catalyst Semiconductor Inc. the CAT4201 buck converter in a TSOT-23 package optimized for driving up to seven high-brightness LEDs
2010-01-07 Through-hole LEDs help improve readability in sunlight
Avago Technologies debuts a series of 5mm green and blue high brightness, high performance through-hole LEDs for use in electronic sign and signal applications
2002-11-05 Thinner, brighter LEDs shine for PDAs
Two LED lines from Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas tout advances in package sizes, luminosity, and color reproducibility
2007-10-09 Switching regulator efficiently drives HB-LEDs
ON Semiconductor has introduced the NCP3065 switching regulator designed to efficiently drive HB-LEDs typically used in low-voltage lighting, landscape path and solar lighting, halogen bulb replacements and automotive and marine lighting.
2011-04-28 SSL driver IC offers 90% efficiency
Power Integrations unveils a new reference design based on its single-stage LED-driver IC which the company claims achieves more than 90 percent energy efficiency and exceeds 0.9 power factor
2004-03-30 South Epitaxy orders Veeco GaNzilla MOCVD Tools
Veeco Instruments Inc. announced that South Epitaxy Corp. (SEC) of Taiwan has ordered five E300 GaNzilla MOCVD (metallorganic chemical vapor deposition) tools to produce high-brightness blue and green LEDs
2003-05-05 Shanghai LanBao signs Air Products as supplier
Shanghai LanBao Photoelectric Materials Co. Ltd has inked an exclusive multi-year agreement with Air Products and Chemicals Inc.
2010-12-03 SAFC Hitech expands Kaohsiung production facility
New facility meant for transfilling, technical service and production of LED and silicon semiconductor precursors
2013-12-23 Pushing white light efficiency through GaN-on-GaN
A startup company is betting on GaN-on-GaN for high efficiency white LEDs that could usher in a generation of devices using purely white LEDs and not blue LEDs covered with a mixture of phosphors.
2013-04-25 Prevent colour from becoming a problem in LEDs
Modern solutions nowadays are the application of colour sensors to achieve the feedback control loop.
2014-08-07 Perovskite makes its way into lighting business
The perovskites containing a mixture of lead, carbon-based ions and halogen ions known as halides were used to make LEDs through a process that bypasses high temperature heating steps.
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