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2006-10-06 Oval LEDs target outdoor ESS market
Avago Technologies has announced three new series of high-brightness full color LEDs for the outdoor electronic signs and signals market
2005-10-14 New LEDs from Dominant Semi
Dominant Semiconductors unveiled its Nova-1 Watt LED series that is designed for high current drive with a super high flux output. Housed in a compact package outline of 6-by-6-by-1.5mm, the members of the Nova-1 Watt series, with a 40 and 120 viewing angle, come with the option of accompanying LED lens
2008-10-27 National Semiconductor beefs up analog portfolio
National Semiconductor unveils a series of innovative, energy-efficient automotive products that enable emerging applications in LED lighting, powertrain, safety and infotainment systems
2003-05-09 Lumileds white LEDs mimic fluorescent bulbs
The company's warm white version of its high-brightness Luxeon LEDs is capable of replicating the glow of an incandescent bulb
2005-02-07 Low cost LEDs deliver high quality in radial, SMT versions
A range of LEDs introduced by Dubilier are built to high quality standards and available at a cost effective price.
2005-11-17 LEDs suit outdoor signs, signals
Agilent Technologies introduced what it touts as the industry's brightest 5mm LEDs for outdoor electronic sign and signal applications.
2007-07-09 LEDs feature oval-shaped radiation pattern
Avago Technologies has introduced the HMLP-xx63 series of extra bright LED lamps, which offer oval-shaped radiation pattern, a wide viewing angle and high illumination intensity
2011-08-30 LEDs feature 700mA operating current
Seoul Semiconductor's high-brightness LEDs offer high efficiency across the entire spectrum and operate at 700mA
2007-11-28 Illuminated tactile switch touts 'see-hear-touch' effect
C&K Components has developed a compact top-actuated illuminated tactile switch which features a high-brightness single or bi-color integrated LED for backlight illumination.
2005-12-02 Idemitsu, Sony partner on 'superior' OLED luminous materials
Idemitsu and Sony signed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly develop new superior organic LED (OLED) luminous materials
2005-04-05 ICs illuminate LEDs for small signage
The HV9921/22 family of three-pin constant-current ICs from Supertex is suited to driving low-current LED strings in signage and general lighting apps
2006-10-17 High-power LEDs suit space-constrained apps
Osram Opto Semiconductors has expanded its Dragon series line of high-power LEDs with the Platinum Dragon for applications that call for high brightness in a small space
2010-02-05 HB tricolor LEDs are water-resistant
Avago Technologies has developed the compact high-brightness water-resistant tricolor surface mount LEDs for use in indoor and outdoor full color signs and displays
2004-08-23 Extra-bright white LEDs light up signals and signs
Agilent introduced a series of extra-bright white indium gallium nitride LEDs for electronic signs and signals.
2010-02-17 ESD protection device tailored for HB LEDs
California Micro Devices (CMD) offers the LuxGuard family of turnkey solutions for ESD protection and thermal management for high-power, high-brightness (HB) LED lighting applications.
2007-03-23 Enhanced LEDs deliver warm white indoor lighting
Cree has increased the brightness and efficiency of its XLamp XR-E and XLamp XR-C white LEDs by more than 20 percent, enough to make them suitable for indoor 'warm white' lighting applications.
2002-11-19 Cree, Nichia enter GaN cross patent license agreement
Cree Inc. and Nichia Corp. have entered into a patent cross license agreement concerning gallium nitride-based optoelectronic technology.
2008-06-26 Compact LEDs offer high illumination, easy installation
Avago has added half-watt cool white and warm white devices to its series of Moonstone power LEDs, which provides solid-state lighting application designers with a package that provides high brightness illumination and easy installation
2010-03-29 Color LEDs tailored for 0.5W-1W operation
Cree Inc. offers the XLamp XP-C color LEDs designed for 0.5-watt to 1-watt operation and can provide a cost-effective solution for many color lighting applications.
2009-03-04 Chip LEDs tout brightness, energy efficiency
Sharp Microelectronics Europe is expanding its LED line-up with white and RGB high brightness chip LEDs. Thanks to the light performance of up to 90lm/W depending on the model, the LEDs are among the leading components in terms of brightness and energy efficiency currently available.
2014-02-18 Capacitive touch switches resist wear
Noritake's touch switch features a flat glass surface with a metallic finish, and low impedance.
2007-01-03 Avago touts 'thinnest' high-luminosity SMT LEDs
With an ultrasmall form factor about the size of a pencil tip, Avago's low-power LEDs use high-brightness chips to provide excellent illumination with minimum current consumption
2004-11-26 Agilent develops brighter InGaN LEDs
LED maker Agilent Technologies from Hong Kong SAR announced that it has developed its indium gallium nitride (InGaN) LEDs with brightness equivalent to the leading available LEDs
2009-07-03 3W LEDs light up solid-state apps
Miniature high-brightness LEDs can be driven to 700mA for high flux output performance
2006-07-17 1W lighting system has four white LEDs
JKL Component's PL-0604-02 lighting modules consist of four high-brightness white-LEDs that are spaced 4 inches apart
2009-05-18 1W compact WLED offers low thermal resistance
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. added to its Little Star family a new, automotive-qualified 1W white LED (WLED) that combines high brightness with a compact package outline. The Little Star VLMW711U2U3XV offers a low thermal resistance and high luminous intensity for a wide range of applications.
2015-12-17 1608-sized LEDs claim 75% reduction in brightness variation
The SML-D15 series from ROHM makes it possible to provide a single rank of brightness, significantly lightening design load for applications such as industrial equipment and automotive systems.
2010-12-08 Ultratech opens manufacturing facility in Singapore
Ultratech Inc. officially opened a manufacturing facility in Singapore. The plant is set to be capable of making over 100 lithography steppers yearly for the advanced packaging and the HB-LED markets
2003-11-10 Tireflys licenses Color Kinetics technology
Tireflys has licensed Color Kinetics Inc.'s patented Chromacore technology and IP to offer an under car lighting kit with integrated intelligence to enable millions of colors and color-changing lighting effects.
2008-06-04 Through-hole LEDs promise well-defined radiation pattern
Dominant Semiconductors has released a new series of through-hole LEDs designed specifically to provide a well-defined radiation pattern and a cost-effective lighting solution.
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